Card Apprentice Daily Log

987 Susan's Vacation

Date- 4 April 2321

Time- 00:30

Location- Sky Blossom City, Guild Association  Mall, Warehouse No. 234, Asong’s Dream Space

It was past midnight but at a beach, the sun was at its peak and five beauties were sunbathing under it leisurely. These beauties were none other than, Asong, Aba, Anna, Ann, and Susan.

Susan who originally came to attend to the guests was now resting on a beach alongside them. Being surrounded by important figures, Susan, despite her years of experience as a sales executive, could not help but feel nervous around them. They were very welcoming, so she could loosen up fast and relax to enjoy the bliss. Susun lay on her chest under the shade of the parasol listening to the sound of the waves and could not help but wonder how long has it been since she went on a vacation.

“Big sis Asong your origin card is so much fun. I want a card like this one,” Aba said looking at the sunny beach in front of her, “Can I be in here until you leave for the capital?”

If not for Asong’s multi-purpose dream space Aba would never chummily refer to Asong as big sis. She was bored and hated being cooped up in the warehouse. compared to the warehouse preferred the dream space where she could spend time bathing under the sun at the beach, even though all this was just an illusion.

“Sure,” Asong answered without giving it much thought as she was busy exploring the possibilities of her new and only origin card Life Core.

After sending two of her guards to protect the boy Asong did not leave under the guise of waiting for the boy’s safe return she planned to stay at the warehouse to learn about her origin card. As back home there were too many eyes watching and she did not want to reveal too much about her origin card to the preying eyes. Asong was being this cautious because the circumstances surrounding her have changed. Her illness was cured, and she would no longer die early because of it. This news must have already spread in the capital like wildfire. This meant the various powers in the office who left her alone thinking that she would be leaving the office soon now know that she would be in the office for a long time. Asong who has been neutral for a long time now would have to choose a side among the various powers in the office or will be forced to give up her position in the office. So right now Asong was preparing to fight, and the best way to prepare for a fight was to know oneself.

“You can always ask Wyatt to create a similar card. He may be able to make one for you if you provide the rare ingredients,” Susan advised Aba,  even on vacation she did not forget about networking with customers for her exclusive client.

“Wyatt and Cole did plan to start a business based on similar cards but will the card he make as good as this one?” Aba questioned. It seems she was also considering the same.

“When it comes to card creation, I guarantee you that Wyatt will not only meet your expectation but go beyond that,” Susan got up and turned to face Aba. Looking into her eyes she resolutely spoke with firm eyes.

“You have to say that. After all, you work for him. But do hope that he can,” seeing the belief in Susan’s eyes for the boy’s capability Aba shook her head. It was not that she did not want to believe Susan’s words or she underestimated the boy’s capability, normal cards can never be as good as origin cards, that was the universal truth.

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“He will,” Susan was not bothered by Aba’s words because she knew her crush would prove her right.

“…” Seeing Susan’s faith in the boy’s capability as a card creationist Aba was not surprised as she knew that boy’s unique charm was capable of doing that. She too had experienced it.

Susan’s words were heard loud and clear by Anna who was resting on the beach lounger. In her years of experience, she was never the one to worry about someone stealing her crush, it was always the other way around. But nowadays she had started to worry about it, was it because she found an unfathomable enemy in Susan? No, Anna thought otherwise, according to her, her feelings were so venerable when it came to the boy because she never felt that way about any other person in her life. The only word she could think of to describe her feeling for the boy was ‘true.’ Just the thought of him made her long more time, time with him. As someone who has broken the mortal lifespan by miles never felt this way. She felt that even if she were to spend eternity with him it would not enough to satisfy her.

While Anna was contemplating her feelings for the boy and how much he meant to her she heard her Ann in her mind, ‘How do you plan to take care of that problem?’

Anna turned to look at Ann, she knew what- whom she referred to by the word problem. And replied to Ann, ‘He cares for her. If you can find a friend in her befriend her, if not stay away from her unless she plans to harm him.’

‘I know he cares for her, that is the way I called her a problem. Are we going to just sit by and watch her steal him from us,’ Ann did not seem to like Anna’s reply one bit.

‘First, I don’t plan on doing or being part of anything that could hurt him or his feelings. Second, What do you mean by We and Us? Know your place,’ Anna glared at Ann, she did not like how Ann just assumed that she will be sharing her love with her.

‘Ssssh, don’t fight it, you know it is bound to happen one or the other day, why not let it happen sooner and enjoy it while we are at it?’

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