Card Apprentice Daily Log

988 Psycho Twins

Date- 4 April 2321

Time- 00:36

Location- Sky Blossom City, Guild Association  Mall, Warehouse No. 234, Asong’s Dream Space

‘Ssssh, don’t fight it, you know it is bound to happen one or the other day, why not let it happen sooner and enjoy it while we are at it?’ Ann said with great confidence. She believed that if the boy could fall in love with Anna then he could develop feelings for her too. Unfortunately for Ann love did not work that way.

‘Watch it, Ann. Believe it or not, I will stuff you back in the origin card for the rest of my life,” Anna said, warning Ann not to test her boundaries.

‘I believe you, what if Wyatt asks for me?’ Ann said knowing Anna could hardly say no to the boy. As someone who shared an origin card with Anna, Ann was confident about Anna’s feelings.

‘Hahaha, and why would he ask for you?’ Anna found Ann’s words hilarious. She did not understand what gave Ann the idea that the boy would ask for her. Anna was throwing herself at the boy but he reject her time and time again, so why did Ann feel that he would ask for her?

‘You will see,” Ann said mysteriously.

‘Seeing how you are being so helpful, I was planning to let you stay out longer and see how it works out but you had to be you and ruin it. Three months, then you are going back in the card,’ Anna found Ann’s thoughts crazy. There was a popular stereotype about twins with regard to threesomes out there and now Anna knew why. It was because of crazy bitch’s like Ann but Anna never planned to share the love with Ann no matter what.

‘Three months are enough for me to get what I want,’ Ann replied confidently.

‘You are crazy. Mom was right, I should not have locked you in the card for so long, you have lost your damn mind,’ Anna was starting to feel more worried about Ann than Susan because, if Ann were to force herself on her crush then, he could not defend himself. Thinking of this Anna could not help but feel an impulse to lock Ann back in her card.

While the twins were having a mental conversation, Anna suddenly got a notification. Using it as a reason, Anna chose to ignore Ann and read the notification,

[You were attacked by a curse and Dummy ring has resisted the curse in your place.]

Feeling the sudden rise in Anna’s thoughts, Ann accessed them and soon added, ‘You sure, we do not have to be on standby?’

‘Don’t worry I have given Agatha that card, even if she is not able to defeat them she will bring him back in one piece,’ Anna said so but her dynamic emotions said otherwise.

‘Out of all the time you had to choose now to follow mom’s orders,’ Ann complained knowing that Anna was only in the dream space while the boy risked his life for vengeance because their mother had ordered them not to be a part of the fight.

‘I am not doing this because mother ordered it. I am doing this because if we are seen helping local forces subdue one foreign embassy the other forces will start doubting Heatsend Family and its word. So I have no choice but to do this,’ Anna explained, she was not saying to help Ann understand why she was doing this but to help herself remember what was at stake and to stop herself from doing something impulsive.

‘For Aba’s and their sake, I hope Agatha and the other two semi-demigods can ensure that no harm befalls Wyatt,’ Ann said knowing that if anything were to happen to the boy, Anna would go crazy and go on a rampage. She will not only kill Aba but also everybody involved in it. Therefore, she hoped that the boy would be brought back alive. She could stop rampaging Anna but she did not know if she would want to do that if the boy were to be harmed, or worse, killed.

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Date- 4 April 2321

Time- 00:39

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters

Calamity daughter gem cannot be considered an individual entity. It has always been a part of the calamity soul gem. Therefore as its host Ji Feng on a technicality cannot be considered an individual, he was part of a hive.

Myriad Devil’s Transformation ability prides itself as the ability for complete transformation. Using Ji Feng’s blood as the medium the Myriad Devil Transformation could have transformed pebble Mike into Ji Feng as an individual but not as a part of the hive, which would not be considered a complete transformation as the current Ji Feng was a part of the hive and not an individual. Since it could not achieve complete transformation, it kept trying to achieve it, leading to its ultimate failure.

Why was the Myriad Devil Transformation ability not able to transform pebble Mike into Ji Feng as part of the hive when it was able to turn Ji Feng who was a part of the hive into a pebble using the Myriad Devil’s hex with Ji Feng’s blood as a medium?

When Mike used Myriad Devil’s hex on Ji Feng using Ji Feng’s blood as a medium, the ability did aim at Ji Feng and the hive he was part of. But after transforming Ji Feng into a pebble when the hex made its way to the Calamity soul gem through the calamity daughter gem, it was redirected toward the Dummy ring worn by the host of the calamity soul gem. The Dummy ring resisted the curse in place of the host and in a way the hex was completed.

The Hex did not spread to other calamity daughter gems because the calamity daughter gems were connected through the calamity soul gem. This meant if the Hex were to try and spread to the other calamity daughter gems it would have to first go through the calamity soul gem. This was not possible because the Dummy ring had replaced the host of the calamity soul gem to face the hex.

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