Card Apprentice Daily Log

989 Series Of Coincidences

Date- 4 April 2321

Time- 00:44

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters

While Mike kept repeatedly using Myriad Devil Transformation with Ji Feng’s blood as a medium only to fail and obsess over the reason why only one of his origin card’s abilities failed when it came to Ji Feng and not both of them, he suddenly felt a disturbance in the surrounding through his spirituality.

Reluctantly stopping his thought process for a second Mike used his spirituality to check on the source of the disturbance. When his spirituality spread, Mike was dumbfounded by what he discovered. He saw a naked Ji Feng standing in his original body. He had transformed Ji Feng into a pebble using his Myriad devil’s hex ability but now Ji Feng was using his original body to reach out and grab his pebble body.

Seeing this Mike was spooked, he was not sure if Ji Feng was trying to grab his pebble body so he was a little hesitant to take the necessary actions at first but soon thinking about the series of events that did not work in his favor Mike decisively made a split second decision to burrow his pebble into the mud.

This way if Ji Feng was not reaching to grab his pebble body but something else then Mike can escape into the mud without Ji Feng noticing his actions, as a pebble sinking into the mud can be considered natural and was too insignificant to take notice of. But, if Ji Feng’s hand were to still try and reach for his burrowing pebble body then Mike can prepare to tackle it.

Mike made use of his limited spirituality to monitor Ji Feng’s actions, only to find out that Ji Feng was indeed reaching out for his pebble body. Having figured out that Ji Feng was indeed aiming for him, many thoughts ran through Mike’s head but now was not the time for him to spare thoughts to contemplate this matter so he put these thoughts at the back of his mind and immediately increased the speed of burrowing in the mud.

But feeling that the speed of his pebble body burrowing was not enough, Mike immediately decided to use the Myriad devil transformation to morph into an E-rank steel back worm. And soon his tiny pebble body morphed into a  1.4 cm long worm body that burrowed into the world’s crust like a fish diving in the water. Closely escaping Ji Feng’s grasp.

After escaping from Ji Feng’s reach, Mike did not stop instead he continued to burrow deep into the earth’s crust until he felt safe. The reason’s why Mike chose to escape instead of confronting Ji Feng were obvious.

Reaching a safe place, Mike began to contemplate what just happened. He had never seen a Card Lord break his ability as Ji Feng did. Until now he was under the impression that it was impossible for the card apprentices in the lower or the same realm as him to resist or undo his Myriad Devil’s Hex. He was not wrong to think so because it was indeed impossible for the regular card apprentices in the lower or same realm as him to be able to negate his ability. After all, even if its level was reduced, Myriad Devil was an existence that even the demigods tremble in front of, so an origin card created using its body as an ingredient was not something to be judged by the regular rules.

First, the Myriad Devil Transformation failed and now the Myriad Devil Hex too, Mike was shocked, he used to believe his origin card was invincible in the same rank but he was proved wrong in the worst possible situation.

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Now, the first order of matter for Mike was his survival, now that his survival was achieved temporarily, he planned to contemplate why his origin card betrayed him. Was it because the enemy had figured out about his origin card? That was highly unlikely because except for the supreme leader who helped him create his origin card nobody that he knew of knew about it, not even the other branch leaders.

As much as Mike would want to put all these questions aside and focus on the other two of his priorities, that was to kidnap Ji Feng and kill the boy, he could not run at them blindly not knowing what the enemy knew about him and how they planned to deal with him. The enemy has performed beyond his expectations time and again. This time he barely escaped being captured, next time he may not, or worse he may be not alive to regret it. So even if it meant him doing nothing but hiding and contemplating his losses while licking his wounds, he preferred it because this battle was not something he could win with the strongest fist he had to be smart about this.

This was not just about him anymore, he had to capture Ji Feng to figure out the real culprit that was backing Ji Feng’s betrayal and kill the boy who showed promise enough to become big trouble for the Circle.

Therefore even if it meant waiting while his bone dragon’s clone army was getting annihilated by his enemies Mike’s thoughts ran wondering if the enemy had really figured out his origin card and if they did then how did they figure it out? Mike felt the answer to this question will help him more than understanding how was the enemy defending against his origin card. The latter was also important for the fight but the former played a greater significance not just to him but to the entire circle. As the information on his origin cards’ ability was highly confidential even in the core of the Main branch of the circle if the enemy were able to get their hands on such information, the enemy’s means may become a problem to the entire Circle.

But after a while Mike did not find any concrete evidence pointing that the enemy knew the ability of his origin card, everything felt like a series of coincidences. This scared Mike even more.

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