Card Apprentice Daily Log

991 Expanding Search Parameter

Date- 4 April 2321

Time- 00:44

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters

Taking control over pebble Ji Feng through Hive AI, I used the calamity daughter gem’s restructure skill to restore his outer appearance to his original body. Then I controlled him to pick up the suspicious pebble I believed to be Mike in disguise.

When Ji Feng’s hand reached out to pick up the fishy pebble, it suddenly began to sink into the mud. To an unattentive eye, it would look like the pebble was indeed sinking into the mud but if you were to pay attention to the pebble and its surroundings you would realize that the pebble was not sinking instead it was burrowing into the mud like a living creature. Seeing this I was certain that this pebble was Mike in disguise.

So, I controlled Ji Feng to move at the fastest speed possible to catch the pebble before it escapes into this world’s crust. And Just as I was about to grab hold of the pebble, it suddenly morphed into a tiny worm monster. Then burrowed and escaped into the mud at an incredible speed before I could even process what I just saw.

Seeing Mike escape deeper into the world’s crust, I had no choice but to give up on capturing him. Then I let my salve consciousness, also known as Clone 1, take control of Ji Feng’s body and resume fighting the bone dragon clone army. And I returned to searching for Mike knowing that he could completely transform into anything with a thought.

I say this base on what I have gathered about Mike’s ability while his escape. When disguised as pebbles, the soul pathway arrangements, vibrations, and signatures of Mike and Ji Feng had completely transformed into that of a pebble. A similar case was witnessed when Mike transformed into E-rank Steel back Worm in under a second as he escaped into the world’s crust. If not for me having seen that the pebble had transformed into a worm monster, I would still have doubts about my approach to this but now I was certain that Mike had a card that allowed anyone he wishes or him to completely transform into anything or any being at his will.

If this were true then Mike had one dreadfully overpowered card in his possession. But I believe that this card like other cards too has limitations to what it can do, I say this because if Mike could really transform anyone he wishes into anything he desires then we would not be having this fight right now. Instead, we all would have been turned into pebbles by Mike as he did to Ji Feng. Since we weren’t then it was safe for us to assume that Mike’s card had limitations to using it. This was good news.

As time passed the new method to incinerate the skeleton remains of the bone dragon to not live any remains for the creation of new bone dragon clones, the extermination team slowly managed to bring down the number of bone dragon clones to half of its original size.

Though the new method was effective in stopping the bone dragon’s remains for creating more clones to add to the clone army, the number of fire rule ego elements at the disposal of the extermination team was too little, therefore during the fight, sometimes the extermination team got overwhelmed by the number of attacks focused on each of them which resulted in them killing the bone dragon clones instead of trapping them for the Fire rule ego elements to incinerate them. This led to the formation of new clones that added to the existing clone army. For the exterminating team, it was like taking two steps forward and then taking one step back. Hence it was taking them longer than expected to annihilate the entire bone dragon clone army.

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Unable to find Mike, I partially activated the Gigamite physique to summon two floating heads. I could summon a total of three floating heads but clone 1’s consciousness was busy controlling Ji Feng’s body to keep up the act, I could only summon two floating heads of the Gigamite physique at the movement.

The reason I summoned these two floating heads was that I planned to use them similar to the network tower back on earth to extend the coverage range of the search for Mike.

I instructed both the floating heads to fan out to the ends of the area my spirituality could cover at a 60-degree angle, this way I and the floating heads were positioned to form an equilateral triangle. Then I used the Hive AI to connect my spirituality to the spirituality of the two floating heads. This way I increased my range of search by half of the original range. Then I instructed the two floating heads to move around me at the same speed maintaining the same distance between each of us. This way I could cover an extra search range of half of my original search range in every direction for a regular interval of time.

In order to make sure that I did not miss anything, I order the floating heads to increase the speed of them revolving around me. Thanks to the presence of the Hive AI, which helped the floating heads do the math and kept recording the surrounding data collected I did not have to worry about missing anything.

Having increased my search range by half or the original range, I began to go through the data processed by Hive AI and so I found an E-rank Steel Back Worm with the same variation in its soul pathway vibration that I record in the pebble form Mike and Ji Feng. Then I Instructed the floating heads to stop revolving around me and just focus on the direction where the anomaly was noted.

Pretty soon I was able to confirm that the steel back worm monster that Hive AI recorded was indeed Mike in disguise by double checking the variation in its soul pathway vibration and wanted to act immediately but stopped seeing one of the bone dragon clones separate from the bone dragon clone army and head towards the worm monster.

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