Card Apprentice Daily Log

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Date- 4 April 2321

Time- 00:46

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters

The reason I stop taking immediate action after seeing a single-bone dragon clone leave the clone army and head towards the small worm monster was because of the blood dyed on its skeleton tail. The bone dragon clone’s on the edge of the clone army encircling us have not even been given the chance to attack either of us so it was impossible for the bone dragon clones at the edge of the clone army to have blood on their tail this meant that the bone dragon clone that left the clone army to head towards the small monster worm was a bone dragon clone which had fought in the front lines against the battle formation set up by the extermination team. This told me that Mike was up to something.

If Mike wanted a bone dragon clone, he could have summoned one from the edge of the clone army but why did he call back this particular bone dragon clone? This seemed impractical without a reason. Therefore Mike must have had a reason as to why he called this particular bone dragon clone from the front lines instead of the one at the edge, and I had a feeling that the blood on this bone dragon clone’s skeleton tail was the reason.

I say this because the blood on its tail was the only thing that differentiated it from other bone dragon clones. I reached this assumption after having checked its soul pathway arrangements, vibration, and signature, nothing was out of place. By every means it was the same as the other bone dragon clone in the clone army, so the blood covering its skeleton tail was the only thing that set it apart from other clones. Hence my conclusion was that Mike was after the blood covering the bone dragon clone’s skeleton tail, that sounded like a valid reason for him to call a bone dragon clone from the frontlines instead of the edge of the clone army that was closer to him.

I continued to monitor the worm monster and the bone dragon clone that left the clone army. Pretty soon the bone dragon clone made its way to the worm monster and then present its tail to it. The worm monster was not afraid of the appearance of the bone dragon clone and instead began to scrape some blood samples from the bone dragon clone’s skeleton tail proving my conclusion earlier that Mike was after the blood covering the bone dragon’s skeleton tail.

At this point it was already too late for me to stop Mike from doing whatever he was planning, I could only continue to watch what he was up to. After a few breaths, I noticed the monster worm’s body suddenly grow and started to mold into a humanoid shape. Next movement the humanoid shape became gained more details of a feminine figure, these details become more defined, and then the end result resembled Diana. From head to toe and to the clothes she wore, she looked exactly like Diana.

Seeing this I could not help but marvel at what I just saw. I have seen a fruit turn into a fairy so this should be nothing new to me but still, it was marvelous to know that Mike was comfortable with it. I wanted to continue monitoring Mike but had to leave that to my floating heads and check on the disturbance I felt next to me.

When I withdrew my vision from the floating head’s vision back to my own I saw that the battle array formation had broken and the extermination team was having a hard time trapping and incinerating the bone dragon clone army so they could only resort to killing bone dragon clone even if it meant adding more clones to the bone dragon clone army. All this happened because Diana, one of the pillars of the battle array formation, had suddenly morphed into a cat monster.

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Being unfamiliar with the new body, Diana, who was scared by the sudden changes, was having a hard time controlling and moving her body around. If not for her spirituality being strong she would have lost her soul’s individuality like Ji Feng and acted like a cat monster believing that she was a cat monster. Thankfully Diana had a firm will but still, she was barely holding on to her individuality.

To make things worse the two wind rule ego elementals that Daina summoned and her phantom fleet had been recalled to their cards after she morphed into a cat monster. With the battle array formation broken and a powerful card lord such as Diana gone, the pressure on the extermination team increases considerably. Though the bone dragon clones were not strong they had large numbers and their number kept increasing with time. They were starting to overwhelm the extermination team if this continued extermination team could no longer hold down the fort. Thinking of this I decided to bring the battle to Mike. Only by killing him could I put a quick end to this bone dragon clone army.

Before that, I summoned my five stone viltronian monsters and sent them to protect Diana and help the extermination team. I was saving them for the summon armament card but it seems circumstances will not allow it. Even without them, I could make do with the Eight-handle energy saber card to make up for their absence.

With the addition of the stone viltronians and the stone troll minions the extermination then finally had room for a breather. And once again they resumed trapping and incinerating the bone dragon clones. But all the progress so far was lost as within seconds, the bone dragon clones multiplied back to their original numbers.

Then I instructed the stone viltronian to access the second form of the calamity daughter gem. This way they could buy more than enough time for the extermination team to create a new battle formation without Diana.

“Summon Beezalbub’s wings,” Chanting that I immediately head towards Mike who had transformed back to his original appearance.

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