Card Apprentice Daily Log

993 Fight!

Date- 4 April 2321

Time- 00:51

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters

“Summon, six handle energy sabers,” I chanted since six energy sabers were enough for my six arms.

“Boy, aren’t you gutsy? I thought you will hide behind your minions until each of them died,” Mike said looking at the boy who looked more like a demon than a card apprentice with his monster ears, feline fur covering his body, a pair of identical floating heads adjacent to his head, a couple of pair of floating hands each holding an energy sword behind him, feline tail, and a pair of demon wings.

“Say the old man hiding behind an army of clones,” I retorted. I did plan on hiding behind my subordinates until Mike was drawing his last breath, but in life, not everything goes according to one’s plan.

“Boy, I am really impressed by your bravery. I didn’t think that you would choose to fight me when I displayed my platinum grimoire. It seems I had underestimated your stupidity,” Mike mocked.

“I am here knowing that I am more than enough to deal with the likes of you,” I was planning to launch a sneak attack on Mike using the hop additional skill of the Beezalbub’s wings but something told me that Mike wanted me to do just that. So I held back and continued to watch his actions.

“I would be impressed or even deterred by your confidence if I had not known about the semi-demigod hiding in your shadow. What is she? Your nanny, if you are to lose then she will help you kill me. Is that where your confidence comes from? When I see you, all I see is a rich spoiled kid trying to act like an avenger with help of the powerful force backing you, people like you sicken me,” Mike said pointing at my shadow.

“Think what you want, but the semi-demigod is here for my protection, she will not interfere unless people from your side provoke her,” I said to Mike searching for an opening to sneak attack him.

“Oh, really? But I don’t hear you saying that she will not act when you are desperate,” Mike scoffed.

“Stop the stalling, Mike,” seeing Mike argue instead of attacking me despite him feeling that he was stronger than I made me believe that he was stalling.

“If you are that eager for a fight then feel free to come at me, I am standing right here,” Mike no longer pretended, his words made it clear that there was a trap waiting for me.

“Good,” I glared at Mike and then chanted, “Blood rule powered saber, active.”

The neon blue sword blades of the six saber handle’s in my had vanished and were soon replaced by neon red sword blades that let out a daunting aura.

“Rule Item,” Mike blurted in surprise, seeing me use a rule item but his expression continued to remain playful. As if rule energy did not raise alarms in his mind, he seemed confident in his defense or whatever he had prepared.

“Hexa Blood rule slash,” I used the used energy slash additional skill of the Eight handle energy saber to send six consecutive blood rule slashes at Mike.

In face of the six blood rule slashes, Mike’s expression remained unchanged. He looked eager to be attacked by them and Just as he was about to be hit by the blood rule slashes, I heard him chant, “Myriad Devil Tansfrormation –  Echo Slime.”

Mike suddenly morphed into a transparent slime creature which was soon bombarded with six consecutive blood rule slashes. I was expecting to see the slime creature blow up into a small rain shower of slime but contrary to my expectation, the slime creature did not explode instead when the six consecutive blood rule slashes came in contact with the transparent slime creature they were absorbed into its body.

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After absorbing the six consecutive blood rule slashes the slime creature was no longer transparent instead its body had turned red and glowed with a neon-red hue. Seeing this I was shocked because I do not know of any slime monster that was able to absorb rule energy. But reconsidering it for the second time Bloodette came to my mind, though I knew she was a supreme being, the form I had seen her closely resembled that of a slime taking a humanoid shape.

I had Hive AI bring up the information on Echo Slime I heard Mike chant before morphing. Yep, the information on Echo slime on the grimoire network also agreed with me that Echo slime or any other slime known to the card apprentices was able to absorb rule power. So I believe this change must be the doing of one of Mike’s cards.

“Is that all you got,” Seeing me not continue to attack the Slime monster morphed Mike suddenly spoke up showing confidence that he could handle whatever I had to throw at him.

“So you can take a good beating that proves nothing,” I said looking down at Mike.

“Could you repeat that?” while yelling, the slime creature suddenly changed its shape to that of a cannon and then fired a red beam of blood rule power aiming at me. To my surprise, the blood rule power contained in the reb beam shot at me was exactly twice the amount of blood rule I poured in the six consecutive blood rule slashes I attacked Mike with.

“Hop,” using the hop additional skill of the Beezalbub’s wing card I immediately dodged the incoming blood rule beam by hopping behind the Slime creature. Having already located the core of the slime creature using my soul pupils I used my blood rule sabers to sneak attack and destroy its core.

Just as my blood rule sabers were to come in contact with the slime creature, I suddenly heard Mike chant, “Minor Duo Array mirror activate.” With that, the figure of the slime creature vanished and was replaced by my reflection.

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