Card Apprentice Daily Log

994 Pointing Fingers

Date- 4 April 2321

Time- 00:55

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters

Echo Slime monsters were popular for absorbing physical and soul energy attacks and using the energy gathered from them to attack their predators with twice the power. This ability of theirs made them one of the strongest slime monsters known to card apprentices. But like any other slime monster out there, Echo Slime also had one common weakness: its core. Though its slimy body was difficult to deal with, once its monster core was located killing it would become a simple feat.

Therefore having located Mike morphed Echo slime’s core, I did not hesitate to target it, but it seems Mike’s transformation to Echo slime was not the trap that Mike prepared for me, it was a field card minor duo mirror array. The smaller version of the due mirror array. Since the field card was not activated before my soul pupils did not pick it up. I guess Mike too was being cautious knowing that I had mama Wyatt’s origin card, Aura sight, which could discern any trap or field with a single glance. So he waited till I choose to attack him to deploy the minor duo mirror array.

​ After attacking me with the blood rule that it had absorbed from my attack the Echo slime returned to its original transparent color. One would think with Echo slime’s transparent body it would be easier to locate its core but that was not the case as its monster core too was transparent, blending with its transparent body making it very hard to locate it even in broad daylight.

So I focused my attack on the transparent monster core but soon I noticed that the figure of the slime creature vanished and was replaced by my reflection. Then my blood rule saber clashed with the blood rule saber and I was forced to take a step back because it seems the attack of my reflection even though the copy of my attack seemed to have more power to it. Using this opportunity I decided to get a distance between myself and the Mike morphed Eco Slime but it was too late, as I was pushed back by my reflection’s attack, Mike immediately rushed out of his field card having transformed into a Flame Wyvern and aiming at me he launched a flame breath.

I did not panic seeing Mike morphed Flame Wyvern attack me with flame breath as I believed the defense of the elusive spirit would gather the wind and negate the flame breath. But I had underestimated Mike, the flame breath was made using the fire rule. As shocked as I was to see a Flame Wyvern use the fire rule, I immediately covered myself with the blood rule and made full use of the elusive spirits’ evasion ability and Beezalbub’s wings to escape the flame breath.

Thanks to the blood rule power covering me, I could escape unscathed despite coming in contact with the flame breath for a few seconds. But I was not out of the bind yet, Flame Wyvern continued to follow me no matter how much I tried to get rid of it. If not for the exceptional evasion ability of the elusive spirit possessing me, I could not have been able to escape the fire rule fireballs it kept shooting at me from behind.

“Hastex2,” I chanted twice, activating the haste additional ability of the elusive spirit and the Beezalbub’s wings. With the two haste stacked enhancements to my agility, I easily threw the flame Wyvern off my back and then used hop additional ability to get behind it and they once again attacked it with Hexa Blood Rule Slash.

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Seeing the target in front of it vanish the flame Wyvern was at loss but it suddenly felt immense danger from behind it. Feeling the imminent danger behind him Mike did not hesitate and decisively morphed into a flame harrier and used its flicker skill to appear 100 meters away successfully evading whatever managed to ring his danger sense.

Mike finally managed to see what was it made him feel immense danger, it was the boy who had suddenly vanished from his field of vision. The boy seemed to have a card that allowed him consecutively disappeared and sneak behind their target. Mike knew this was not possible with a teleportation card but whatever it was, it was proving to be troublesome to get rid of the boy so yelled, “Your Majesty, please do not interfere, this between us juniors.”

“Hey, watch what you say,” I said.

“Boy, be honest this is the second time your semi-demigod bodyguard helped you escape my attacks, I know you are shameless but don’t force a respected semi-demigod into doing your shameless bidding,” Mike was not worried that his words would anger the semi-demigod protecting boy because if they openly took action against him then this would no longer be considered as a fight for vengeance but a pre-planned act of terrorism toward one of the circle’s embassies in the southern region.

“Mike, aren’t you the shameless one here? You just want to know the card info the card I am using to evade your attacks right,” deducing the ability of the opponent’s card played an important part in any card fight to not fall for the same trick again and again.

“Now you are pointing your fingers at me to cover your shameful and immoral practice in a war,” Mike did not show even an iota of shame with his real intentions being uncovered by the boy.

“You-” Just as I was about retort to Mike he interrupted me saying, “This fight is being recorded by my grimoire so even if I were to die here today the main branch of the Circle will know what transpired here. So I advise you if what you claim about you being able to evade my attacks because of the abilities of your card is true then just name that card to avoid any misunderstanding.”

Telling the name of your card to the enemy was no different than telling them the info of the card. If one were to know the name of the card it would not be difficult for them to get the card info unless it was a custom card. Therefore many card apprentices practice haste chanting or whisper chanting to activate their card without revealing their card name to the enemy. But haste chanting or whisper chanting was not easy to master.

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