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Chapter 896: Backup Plan

Chapter 896: Backup Plan

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 15:28

Location- Sun Blossom City, Outskirts, Unknown.

“Kathy Duskborn, she is the aunt of the priority target S.O.B and your next mission. She is currently living in sky blossom city. Find her, gather as much information on her as possible and bring her to me today by evening,” Sansa ordered Cole.

“Yes, your highness,” Cole had no choice but to agree to Matron’s orders no matter how unreasonable they sounded. Matron was back in the central capital and he was way down in the south of the southern region, he had to somehow complete the mission by the end of the evening and it was already past 3 in the afternoon. Even if he uses a teleportation card considering the time constraints completion of this mission was near impossible.

“Good, I will send you the coordinates to deliver the target by the end of the evening, you can teleport her to the specified coordinates. And if you need any help. Don’t hesitate to ask Gray fur for help,” Sansa was a very meticulous person and she got what she wanted. Right now she did not want her husband to adopt the son of her bitch friend and was willing to do anything to get her way. Though she had already made plans to assassinate the boy tonight, Sansa had cooked up another plan in case her people fail to kill the boy once again. It is not that she did not trust her subordinates or that she was overestimating the boy but she wanted to be fully prepared for all the possible situations and one of those situations was the failure of the attempt of assassination on the boy. If that situation were to take place then she had to be prepared for it too.

The reason Sansa wanted Cole to bring Kathy to her was that Kathy was her plan to stop her husband from adopting the orphaned son of her bitch friend. This plan only worked if Cole was able to get Kathy to her unnoticed before her husband hears of the second assassination attempt on the boy. That was why Sansa insisted Cole bring Kathy to her before the end of the evening.

Sansa did not plan to kill Kathy or hold her hostage. She planned to turn Kathy into one of her brainwashed minions when Cole brings her to her. And once she has brainwashed Kathy into one of her minions she will send her back to the sky blossom city immediately along with Cole. This way when her husband asks Kathy permission to adopt Kathy’s nephew, Kathy will resolutely reject demig

od Baylor and in the process make it clear that they did not want to have anything to do with him. This was Sansa’s backup plan in case the assassination attempt on the son of the bitch failed.

There were other reasons why Sansa wanted to brainwash Kathy instead of killing her. Obviously, one of those reasons was the fact that Kathy would soon be joining the MorningStar university. Followed by her theory on dungeons which was gaining approval and popularity in the central academic city. Sansa felt like it would be a waste to kill someone as capable as Kathy instead of making use of her to benefit from the best she has to offer. Hence Sansa decided to spare Kathy and make use of her.

The same thought came to Sansa’s mind with regards to the orphaned son of her bitch friend. In terms of raw talent, he showed more potential than his aunt. Not to mention his physical prowess indicating that he had a physique or traits that could compare to the top 20 physiques or traits known. All in all, the nephew was a full package with brains and brawns. He would be a more valuable asset to Sansa’s organization than his aunt but still, Sansa preferred the aunt over the nephew because of his connections with the Southern royal family, questionable relationship with the Southern emperor, and the fact that his very existence reminded her of her late bitch friend.

When Her husband declared that he wanted to adopt her bitch friend’s orphaned son, She did think of controlling the boy instead of sending him to meet his parents. But then she realized that even if her husband was able to adopt her late bitch friend’s only child by opposing the southern royal family and the southern emperor, she did not believe that she would be able to let go of her resentment for her bitch friend in face of the benefits. She was willing to let go of everything she and her organization stood to gain by turning the boy into her minion. That was how much Sansa hated her late friend.

Sansa who knew herself the best did not have to struggle long on the decision on whether to use the boy or kill him for a moment of satisfaction. Though killing the boy would only bring Sansa a moment of satisfaction, she felt that it was the best option over controlling the boy for the benefit and having to see his face for years to come which would be a constant reminder to her reminding her of her late bitch friend, that would be constant torture for her. Therefore, Sansa was willing to overlook the ben

efits in face of momentary satisfaction.

Not to mention that with her card she could enslave as many talents as she wanted, why go out of her way to enslave someone that would make her relive her complex just by his presence? The presence of the boy would be a constant alarm to Sansa of what she wanted to bury by burying her friend and everything her friend held dear. No amount of benefits could justify her mental torture, so Sansa decisively decided to assassinate the boy before he makes an entry into her life. Even if it meant that she would be acting against her beloved husband’s wishes. She blamed the bitch Ellen for this, if not for that bitch she would not have to hurt her loving husband time and time again.

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