Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 898: Lucy Robert

Chapter 898: Lucy Robert

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 16:11

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, VIP Venue

In a spacious and luxurious hall, filled with a crowd of self-important people with deep pockets, one teenager with an elegant appearance wearing a bright red overcoat attracted the attention of everyone attending the event not because of his elegant looks or his fashionable yet event inappropriate red overcoat but because of the two old men following behind him in complete submission. Many who did not know the identity of the old men would misunderstand them as the subordinates of the teenager but the interesting thing to notice was that the old men were dressed more lavishly and appropriately for the event than the teenager they were following. Which raised the question, since when did servants start to dress more grandly than their masters?

Not caring for the thought of the numerous gazes that kept checking him out from time to time the teenager walked straight towards the main item to be auctioned at the event placed at the center of the hall, the nine energy sword cards. The teenager’s eager stride easily gave away his intentions that he wanted to bid for the energy sword cards. Arriving at his destination he saw nine glass columns, in each of the glass columns an energy sword card hovered for display. Just when the teenager was about to place his bid he was greeted by an acquaintance, “Hi, there Wyatt. It is unexpected meeting you here.”

“Eliza? Hi, it is indeed unexpected meeting you here,” I was surprised to be greeted by an acquaintance, Elizabeth Whiteburn, the heir of the Whiteburn family. And next to her stood a petite young lady who had left a deep impression on me during the sky blossom city tournament, Lucy Robert, the most promising candidate to be the Robert family heir. Though Lucy did not greet me, I took the opportunity to greet her instead, “Hello, Miss Lucy”

Hearing my greeting Lucy returned it with a nod, seeing the exchange Eliza let out an embarrassed smile and gave an explanation, “Lucy’s communication skills are lacking, she meant no disrespect.”

Then she noticed the two old men behind me, who appeared to be my bodyguards, but then the two old men were too influential to be mistaken as bodyguards and were immediately recognized by Eliza who hurriedly greeted them, “Chief Rami Kaga, Master James Cheng, it is a pleasure meeting you together. I am Elizabeth Whiteburn, hire to the Whiteburn family of sky blossom city.”

“No, young lady. The pleasure is all ours. Don’t stand at a ceremony in front of us, Master Wyatt’s friends are our friends,” James Cheng returned Eliza’s greetings and asked her not to be so formal with them.

“Yes, young lady, my friend is right. You don’t have to be so formal around us. We hope you are comfortable and are enjoying the party,” Since it was an open auction house, an open bar and buffet were available for the people to indulge themselves and enjoy. Therefore Rami asked Eliza to make herself comfortable and enjoy the auction.

As for Lucy, she still stood next to Eliza and was unresponsive until she was addressed. She did not even bother to copy Eliza’s actions to greet the two of the most important individuals in the sun blossom city. I was starting to understand why despite her powerful origin card and excellent performance in the tournament, Lucy Robert was still just the most promising heir candidate for the Robert family and not the heir of the Robert family. Despite her exceptional skills as a card apprentice, Lucy lacked basic people skills, such as communication. Come to think of it, back in the city tournament, Lucy never taunted her opponents and always immediately went on offense after the match started.

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Having heard Eliza give me an explanation for Lucy already, Rami and James Cheng did not bother with Lucy not to mention being offended for her not greeting them.

“So, what brings you here, Wyatt?” Eliza asked the teenager. The reason Eliza was so friendly to the boy was that he helped her siblings in their time of need and as her sibling’s friend she viewed him as her little brother.

“I want to bid for the energy sword cards,” I replied glancing at the glass column encasing the energy sword cards.

“You too, huh. Lucy is here for the same reason,” Eliza replied.

“Energy sword cards are good weapons for card apprentices at your realm but there are not enough for everyone.” James cheng chimed in.

“…” hearing James Eliza did not understand what he meant by that. According to her nine energy sword cards were already a lot considering that the ingredients used to create these cards were very rare.

“Sis Eliza, I want to place a bid,” Lucy announced to Elizabeth in a childish and immature voice. Hearing Lucy’s voice for the first time, I understood what Elizabeth meant by Lucy was lacking in people skills earlier. Lucy seemed to be mentally challenged. But now I was confused as to why the Robert family even considered Lucy as an heir candidate. Lucy as a card apprentice was strong, capable, and not to be underestimated. But those qualities weren’t enough to be a leader, especially a family head.

“Just wait a little longer, sweetie. When big sister is done talking with these good people, I will help you to bid for an Energy sword card,” Eliza spoke slowly and sweetly as if she was speaking to a child when speaking to Lucy Robert, then feeling our gaze she turned to us saying, “no matter how lacking her communication skills are she is a good card apprentice.”

“Yeah, no judgment on here. I am a stronger believer in the saying, ‘people can be anything they want to be.’ I have seen her in action during the tournament, I got nothing but respect for her. And now my respect for her grew stronger,” I replied in response to Eliza’s glare, implying that I would not disregard Lucy as an individual, person just because of her mental condition.

“What master Wyatt said,” James Cheng spoke hurriedly finding a little disgust in Eliza’s glare. He did hear of the Robert family head’s daughter who was facing difficulties to become the next heir of the family despite her extraordinary strength as a card creationist just because she was female. Now that he had finally seen the person in question in person he realized the rumors could not be further from the truth. James Cheng applauded for what Lucy was able to achieve so far despite her challenges but he did not think that she was capable of leading a family and understood the voice of opposition in the Robert family that opposed Lucy as the heir of the Robert family.

As for Rami, he just shook his head feeling pity for Lucy’s condition. As he felt that Lucy couldn’t survive on her own despite her strong strength as a card apprentice. She would always require someone to help her fill the gap she has communicating with society. That was a lot of trouble for one person.

“So, Eliza what brings you here?” I knew Lucy was the one who wanted to bid for the energy sword card, I had yet to know why Eliza was here.

“I am here on business, to talk deals about Liquid spirit gold with the sun blossom city’s card creation association. And since I am here I decided to accompany Lucy to the half-yearly auction,” Eliza replied.

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“I hope all the discussions about the deal are going fine,” As the head of the sun blossom city’s card creation association James did not participate in such deals personally, there were other staff that attend to this matter. Still, James was within the rights to know about the details of the deals. Even if Eliza did not share the details with him James could find out about it later from the card association staff representing the association in the deal. Therefore in order not to sore the relationship with the association head, Eliza politely answered James’s question regarding the deal and then added, “Master Cheng the deal is progressing smoothly, my family is looking forward to continuing its relationship with the sun blossom city’s card creation association for another century.”

“Good,” James Cheng was pleased to hear Eliza’s words.

“Big sis, let’s go, I have to bid for the energy sword card,” Lucy reminded Eliza about bidding for the energy sword card again with her childish immature voice.

“Lucy, honey, let big sis finish here then we can go, there is still a lot of time before the last bid,” in face of Lucy’s impatience, Eliza patiently answered Lucy trying to convince her to wait.

“But, I want to bid now,” Lucy said impatiently and did not seem to want to continue waiting any longer.

“…” Faced with Lucy who would not listen to her reason Eliza did not lose her patience but the gentle smile on her face was no longer there. With her previous experience with Lucy, she understood when Lucy acts like this it will be difficult to change her mind. Nothing Eliza could say or do would help in this situation but do what Lucy was asking.

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