Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 900


Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 16:38

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, VIP Venue

“Is that true, am I only allowed to bid for one energy sword card?” hearing Eliza I turned to look at Cheng and questioned him.

“Let me check with my staff, master Wyatt,” Cheng said as he summoned his grimoire to call the vice head of the card creationist association who was in charge of the matters regarding the half-yearly auction held by the sun blossom city’s card association.

After the call, Cheng looked at me with a sour apologetic expression and said, “Master Wyatt, I’m sorry, Miss Eliza is right. According to my vice-head, the energy sword cards have attracted a lot of foreign adventure guilds who want to procure as many energy sword cards as possible. So we had to come up with such rules to make the auction fair for card apprentices of all backgrounds.”

“I see, I understand,” I decided to follow the rules and not ask Cheng to use his authority to bend the rules for me. Because there were other underhanded methods to go around the rules placed by the card creationist association.

“Thank you, master Wyatt,” Cheng hurriedly thanked me for understanding his dilemma to which I shook my head saying, “Don’t mention it.”

Then I looked at the bid placed by Lucy for one of the energy swords, 301 median soul jades. Lucy eagerly stood right next to the energy sword card after placing her bid for it. It seemed like she was not going to move from that place until her bid was the last bid for the card. Got to give it to Lucy, despite her shortcomings in social skills she went all out for what she wanted without second thoughts. How many of us can do that? How many of us can say that we fought for what we wanted with a one-track mind? Not many of us. This was one of the things Lucy was better at than the average card apprentice.

Seeing me look at Lucy’s bid Eliza gave me a piece of friendly advice, “Wyatt, 500 median soul jades for the energy sword card is too much. I know it is your money but 300 median soul is the max anyone be willing to bid for this card so be smart about it,”

“Master Wyatt, Miss Eliza is right, 500 median soul jades for this card is indeed too much. With that amount of money, you can go to the central region to buy one of these cards and return to the city. Considering all the variables 300 median soul jades should be the best bid for these cards,” Cheng who procured these nine energy sword cards from his last visit to the central region honestly advised me not to be wasteful with my money.

“Okay, I will listen to your words then,” saying that I placed 301 median soul jades bid for one of the energy sword cards. Just then I received a message notification from my grimoire. It was from Roy, informing me that he and the sin squad have entered the VIP venue and were waiting for me in the restroom.

As soon as I determined the half-yearly auction as the perfect spot to conduct an exchange with Roy and my Sin Squad, I immediately contacted them and asked them to meet me at the auction house. Since the identity of the sin squad was a bit complicated it was going to be difficult for them to enter the VIP venue of the auction house. So I asked Roy and the Sin squad to meet up so that the sin squad could use Roy’s help to enter the auction house’s VIP venue without many complications. Making it possible for all my boys to enter the VIP venue to carry out my plan.

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After going through the message I did not immediately excuse myself to meet with Roy and the Sin Squad, instead, I asked the Sin squad to pass the calamity daughter gem given to them by Van to Roy, so that Roy can leave to complete his mission. As for the Sin Squad, I planned to bring Cheng, the target of their mission to them, and then after they subdue him, I, myself, would plant the calamity soul gem inside him.

Therefore, at present, Roy was on his way back to the circle headquarters with the calamity daughter gem given to him by the Sin squad to complete his mission as soon as possible. As for the Sin Squad, it was on standby in the restroom awaiting my orders.

Keeping my plans in mind, I joined Eliza, Rami, and Cheng to look around the auction hall and explore the other cards prepared for the auction.

“Lucy, you sure you will be okay on your own?” Before leaving to look at the cards on display, Eliza asked Lucy in concern. In response, Lucy nodded but her eyes were locked to the bidding log of the energy sword card that she bid on. As if she was worried that by looking away for one second she would lose the bid. Asides from a lack of social skills, Lucky also showed obsessive-compulsive disorder. This made me wonder how was this girl able to survive so far in this world governed by unspoken jungle rules. Though I thought of this, I did not plan on finding the answer because I felt it was not going to be a story with a happy ending.

While we went around watching the different cards on the display for the auction I found many good cards with excellent effects for their rank but non met my current needs. Until I found a card that I was very familiar with, having used it a lot in the city tournament, the summon armament card. I had planned to buy this card if I got an opportunity to. Not to mention this summon armament card was not a one-time use card like the armament cards given to me back in the city tournament but regular skill cards. Not many bids were placed for this card and the highest bid was only 179 median soul jades. Considering that it was a rare A-rank card, this price was a steal.

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