Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 901 Pelt Family

Pelt Family

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 16:56

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, VIP Venue

Due to the restriction on the size of the summons during the city tournament, summons armament cards played a crucial role in most of my fights during the tournament. Though I don’t expect to face such restriction in the future ever again, the armament made from my summons looked awesome and felt good to use. Therefore asides from their killing power, I wanted to have these cards for their killer style, it was too showy but these summon armaments were still way better than most of the item cards I have come across so far.

“Wyatt, you interested in this card? Are you planning to bid for this card? I remember you using such a card in your tournament matches,” Eliza asked finding me go through the summons armament card info.

“I do,” answering Eliza I was about to place my bid for the card but was interrupted by a stranger dressed like a butler, “Excuse me, gentleman, before you place your bid may I have word with you for a second.”

“What?” I asked glimpsing at the old man dressed in a black tux with a family crest sewed on his lapel and imprinted on his cufflinks.

“Gentleman, let me introduce myself to you, I am Joe Pelt the butler of the Pelt family from Azura blossom city,” The old man narassitically introduced himself to me as if his name, his family, and his city’s name were supposed to impress me in some way.

“Pelt family of the Azura blossom city? You mean the top family from one of the few second-rate cities in the blossom district. No wonder a mere servant dares to be so haughty in a social gathering, what is it that you want?” Cheng has held many half-yearly auctions over the past decades and depending upon the timing of Joe Pelt’s arrival and lengthy but self-important introduction it was clear to him that this old butler was up to no good following the orders of his master.

“Association head, I am sorry if this humble servant’s word has offended you,” Joe Pelt apologized but there wasn’t a trace of sincerity on his face. Making it clear that he didn’t care for Cheng’s impression of him and turning to look at me, he said, “My family young master has taken a liking for this card and would appreciate it if you were not to bid for this card.”

Hearing Joe the butler say those words with a straight face and a demanding tone I, Cheng, Rami, and Eliza couldn’t help but look at him in surprise wondering, ‘Is he for real?’

And his next sentence answered our doubts, “My family young master will thank you for your cooperation.” Having said that to our dumbfounded faces Joe left with an elegant stride as if he had achieved everything he was set out to achieve.

Looking at the weirdo butler’s back I shook my head in amusement and placed my bid for the summon armament card not taking the lunatic from the pelt family seriously.

“Bastard, his servants, and juniors are also as arrogant as he is,” Rami suddenly burst into curses. Eliza and I looked at Rami in confusion not understanding what he was talking about. Feeling my gaze, Rami explained, “3rd elder of the Pelt family has been aiming for my position as the chief of the medical association of the blossom district for a decade now. Though he has not been successful so far, he has always been the second choice for my current position. That bastard and his young ones consider themselves above others just because their family is from a second-grade city.”

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Hearing Rami, I had enough understanding of the pelt family of the Azura blossom city but it also made me find a little respect in me for Rami who was able to defeat opponents with bigger backgrounds than his and stably occupy his position as the blossom district medical card association for decades.

“My father has also warned me about the pelt family, they have a reputation for being a tyrant in the Azura Blossom city. After suffering a loss at their hands my family had stopped trading liquid spirit gold with them for the time being. My father described that family as the greedy blood sucking lich that never lets go once it latches on to you,” Eliza and the Whiteburn family seemed to have had their version of experience with the Pelt family.

“Master Wyatt, you do not have anything to worry about, every half-yearly card auction there are clowns like these who think that they can exploit the auction for their benefit using their background to intimidate the competition. And we have rules set in place to teach these fools a lesson,” Cheng spoke awe-inspiring but then undermined what he just said by adding, “Though corporal punishment is not possible to impose on them out of consideration their families we can impose a ban on them and their family members from participating in the auction for next few years.”

“A ban?” I asked Cheng and added, “You can do that? Though it is not much it will save me some competition for this card. I will testify, so go ahead and ban this Pelt family from participating in any of the hear-yearly auctions held by the card creationist association of the Sun blossom city.”

Following my suggestion, Cheng called an attendee to make it clear that all the bids made in the name of the Pelt family were invalid due to the violation of the association rules. This was good for me as the only competition for the summons armament card was banned from bidding on any of the items in the auction. Now I could bid for the summons armament card with just one median soul jades more than the base price set for the card by the card creationist association of the sun blossom city.

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