Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 808 - Breathtaking By The Little Fairy!

Chapter 808: Breathtaking By The Little Fairy!

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Bai Lang: “Damn, you’re so heartless. Brother, I just came out of Africa and missed you so much. You only gave me ten seconds! You must have been on the phone with the little demon for more than ten seconds!”

Gong Jue said, “There are seven seconds left.”

Bai Lang was going crazy. “I just want to ask you, what’s with the news? Is the reporter talking nonsense? How could Master Gong give that island to the little demon? He doesn’t have Alzheimer’s!”

Gong Jue said coldly, “This is the only thing he has done recently that shows he has some IQ and not dementia.”

Bai Lang was speechless. Damn it. Little Jue, is it really good for you to have such a vicious tongue? Does Old Master Gong know that you think so “highly” of him?!

Gong Jue was about to hang up the phone.

Bai Lang hurriedly said, “Are you really sure about the little vixen? She’s still so young. You’re already an uncle. The difference in your age, life experience, and family background is so big. What if she stabs you in the back one day or takes your money and runs away? What if she finds a fresh meat and

doesn’t care about you anymore?”

The call was silent for three seconds.

Just as Bai Lang thought that Gong Jue had finally listened to him.

Gong Jue said coldly, “The ungrateful little vixen that you’re talking about is the little vixen that persuaded me to call you back from Africa. Ten seconds are over!”

With that, he hung up the phone!

“Damn, do you have to be so punctual…” Bai Lang was furious.

However, he was in disbelief over and over again in his heart. He recalled what Gong Jue said just now. He knew it. Why did Master Jue let him back so quickly? Could it be that the little demon really persuaded him?

He wanted to mess with the little demon, but the little demon became his benefactor.

What was going on?

More importantly, the little demon had always been at odds with him. Why was she suddenly so good to him?

‘Was there some other conspiracy!

Bai Lang was unsettled by the sudden reversal of the plot.

Suddenly, there was a series of cheers in the hall!

“Look, look! That rich Young Master Ye is out! According to the manager, every time Young Master Ye comes to gamble stones, the scene is always so explosive. It’s definitely not wrong to follow Young Master Ye to buy!”

“Yes, yes, we will buy the same batch of stones as long as he asks for them. Even if the quality is inferior to his, we will definitely earn and not lose anything!”

“Lreally admire him! It’s fine if you say that his gambling skills are so awesome, but he’s actually so handsome too. He simply leaves us mediocre people with no way out. The women only care about looking at him. He’s simply an expert at flirting…”

“You’re wrong. It’s not just women. All the men present are staring at him, okay!”

Bai Lang looked over in disdain.

What handsome man could be compared to the Divine Physician Bai?

A young man walked out of the VIP room on the second floor.

‘The man’s figure was light and agile. Just revealing a mysterious side profile was enough to make one’s heart flutter for a second!

Not to mention that his every move and unrestrained elegance was too charming!

The man walked up the stairs and left without looking at him.

No matter how passionate everyone’s praise and gossip were, he turned a blind eye to them. He looked completely cold!

It truly explained the highest realm of beauty without knowing it.

Bai Lang was stunned.

His phone had unknowingly fallen to the ground.

He didn’t have the time to worry about Gong Jue and Gu Qiqi either.

Damn, damn, there was really a man who was better looking than him!

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