Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 812 - What Was This?!

Chapter 812: What Was This?!

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CEO Liu concluded smugly that Gu Qiqi wouldn’t be able to escape calamity tonight!

It had to be known that the soundproofing effect of this room was very good. No one would respond to her cries!

‘The men were itching from CEO Liu’s words. They finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and rushed forward!

He watched as Gu Qiqi was about to be drowned in a pile of greasy men


For some reason, the lights suddenly went out!

Then, a series of wails sounded mournfully!

In the darkness and chaos, before the men could react, they were stabbed in all their vital spots one after another.

Everyone’s necks and chests had been slashed!

Blood spurted everywhere.

They couldn’t see in the darkness, but they could smell the strong smell of blood.

“It’s him! It’s Ye…!” Everyone reacted in fear.

The seemingly weak little boy just now actually had such a terrifying explosive force.

Before anyone could figure out how he moved, he had already stabbed everyone!

If his knife had been a millimeter deeper, they would have been dead!

In an instant, everyone felt their blood run cold.

Why didn’t Young Master Ye kill them? Would he keep them for an even more terrifying torture?

“You’re right. There’s naturally a use for keeping you alive.” Gu Qiqi said coldly in the darkness.

‘That voice was so cold that it made people tremble.

“Hero, have mercy! Have mercy!” This group of arrogant men had to lower themselves to beg for mercy.

Who asked them to lock the door and even leave their bodyguards outside in order to have fun?

‘They thought that it would be easy for more than ten people to deal with a little boy.

Who would have thought that this little boy was so vicious!

Gu Qiqi snapped her fingers. Immediately, the little dirty turtle controlled the switch of the crystal lamp. With a loud bang, the entire room lit up!

Everyone in the room was injured and looked extremely miserable. Only Gu Qiqi was unscathed.

She walked to the camera and placed her hand on the recording button. She said indifferently, “It’s not difficult to live either. Do what you wanted to do to me just now to that person surnamed Liu, and I’ll spare your lives!”


Everyone was petrified.

‘What they wanted to do to him just now.

Wouldn’t that make them take turns against President Liu?!

“No, don’t listen to him!” CEO Liu howled.

He had played with countless little boys in his life, but he never expected that one day, he would become the one lying down and being raped!

Everyone naturally could not bring themselves to say anything to President Liu. He was too fat and greasy. They were very worried that they could not lift him.


The threat of life was in front of them. Even if they could not raise him, they had to do their best!

“Everyone, don’t be rash. We can definitely deal with this little bastard if we work together…” President Liu roared in despair.

Gu Qiqi sneered. “Sure, let’s try it then?”

The lights went out again!

Gu Qiqi’s cold voice was terrifying. “Every time the lights are turned off, I’ll harvest an dishonest and dirty hand. How about that?”

“Ah!” CEO Liu’s scream rang.

The lights lit up again.

CEO Liu’s left hand was really gone!

No one dared to take chances anymore. This boy was too savage!

Everyone rushed forward and pressed President Liu under them.

‘The button on the camera was turned on with a bang and the recording started.

Gu Qiqi curved her lips and wiped her hands with a disinfectant tissue.

‘When Bai Lang finally pried open the door with great difficulty

What he saw was such an indescribable scene.

A group of men was bullying a man to his death, and that person wasn’t Young Master Ye!

Young Master Ye wiped his hands leisurely and prepared to leave!

“Holy shit, what is this!” Bai Lang was dumbfounded.

Could this Ye person be more handsome and charming!

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