Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 813 - A Gentleman’s Smile

Chapter 813 A Gentleman’s Smile

Gu Qiqi’s coldness and calmness formed a stark contrast to the filthy and crazy middle-aged men behind her.

Bai Lang was stunned.

The flower pot in his hand swayed and shattered on the ground!

How did this Young Master Ye escape the crisis of being bullied by so many men alone?

It was simply incredible!

After a while.

When Gu Qiqi leisurely used a disinfectant paper to wipe her long and slender fingers, she walked past him. “Excuse me! I’m going out for a while. You can slowly watch the fun.”

Her clear voice was like the sound of nature and struck Bai Lang in an instant.

Only then did Bai Lang wake up from his daze. “Wait! Young Master Ye—”. “Young Master Bai, is anything the matter?” Gu Qiqi stretched out her hand slightly and picked up a white rose that had bloomed beautifully from the broken flower pot.

She didn’t expect to bump into Bai Lang here.

From the looks of it, he was planning to save someone with a flower pot?

Why didn’t she realize that Bai Lang had such a brave side?

Furthermore, it was so funny. Was he sure that he could beat those men inside with a broken flower pot?

Gu Qiqi picked up the flower and smiled.

She only felt that Bai Lang’s actions were too funny and couldn’t help but laugh.

Little did she know that this playful smile was simply a fatal blow in Bai Lang’s eyes!

Bai Lang seemed to have been struck by lightning and froze on the spot. His voice trembled slightly as he muttered, “You, you, you know my surname is Bai?”

Gu Qiqi raised her eyebrows. Oh, no. She had forgotten that she was in a male outfit now. The male version of Gu Qiqi shouldn’t know Bai Lang.

However, this was a good joke.

Couldn’t he just say a few lines casually?

“Young Master Bai is handsome and elegant. He’s famous. Who wouldn’t know that he often comes to Dige?”

She realized that ever since she found out that Bai Lang was not Little Lemon’s “uncle’, she could still find some strengths from this unreliable young master. Occasionally, he would look a little cute.

In fact, when she thought back to the times when she and Bai Lang had argued with each other, many of Bai Lang’s performances were very cute. For example, he had been tricked by Gong Jue into jumping off a plane and thinking that he was going to die. He had also gritted his teeth and looked helpless when he had been tricked by the medicinal herbs in the entire pharmacy. When she had disguised herself as Granny Ye to trick him, he had looked so sincere and respectful as he fawned over her. When he had instigated the young boy to provoke the old man and failed, he had looked so angry and helpless…

Heh heh, she should praise him now as compensation for mistreating him back then.

When Bai Lang heard these words of praise, his expression froze.

Then, he waved his hand desperately. “No, no, no. Actually, I’m not a playboy at all. It’s all their nonsense! I’m especially honest. Yes, I’m shy. Yes, I’m especially embarrassed when I see strangers. I even blush when I greet them. How can I have a reputation outside? Don’t believe their nonsense, Young Master Ye! They’re all jealous of my innocence and deliberately slandering me!”

His explanation was so convincing! He was flustered!

Gu Qiqi was speechless. Little Lang Lang, I was just joking. Can you not be so serious? However, when she thought about how Bai Lang praised himself for being pure, shy, and honest, she really couldn’t help but laugh.

If these words had a soul, they would cry, right? Gu Qiqi’s smile was as bright and pure as the spring breeze, stunning Bai Lang.

He had never seen such a good-looking man in his life!

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