Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 814 - Gong Jue, Do You Know How It Feels To Be In Love?

Chapter 814 Gong Jue, Do You Know How It Feels To Be In Love?

Realizing that Bai Lang was watching her, Gu Qiqi thought that Bai Lang recognized her.

In order to prevent herself from being exposed, she quickly stopped joking and stuffed the white rose in her hand into the front pocket of her white Lang suit. “Thanks!” With that, he turned around and left without hesitation.

“Young Master Ye!” Bai Lang shouted from behind.

He chased after her.

Who would have thought that this Young Master Ye’s footsteps were simply abnormally


It was as if he had stepped on a wheel of fire. He had run so fast that he could fly, but he still could not catch up.


He was blocked by the tightly shut elevator door.

Bai Lang pounded on the door in frustration. “I didn’t even get a number… What a failure!”

This was simply the darkest failure in his history of flirting with girls!

Perhaps… was it because the other party wasn’t a girl?

So his old methods weren’t effective? Bai Lang lowered his eyes in thought.

He regretted his poor performance just now.

Suddenly, the fragrance of the white rose entered his nose.

He carefully picked up that flower and dug out his precious velvet handkerchief that was worth tens of thousands of dollars. He gently wrapped the flower up. This flower was given to him by Young Master Ye. Its meaning was unusual. He had to store it well.

Wait a minute!

He suddenly realized something at the bottom of the flower.

It was cold and green…

When he took it off, he saw that it was actually an emerald jade ring! Such a heavy and perfect piece of emerald was at least worth a few million dollars.

Bai Lang’s heart skipped a beat.

Suddenly, he laughed out loud. “Hahahaha, Young Master Ye really treats me differently. He gave me such a precious emerald. Does that mean that he’s willing to be my friend…”

Although he didn’t get his phone number, he had successfully conquered him!

Young Master Ye must have seen him act bravely for a just cause and felt that he was especially handsome and kind!

Bai Lang was so happy that he spun around on the spot.

Unable to contain the excitement and joy in his heart, he courted death and called Gong Jue again. “Little Jue, can you tell me what it’s like to be in love?”

Gong Jue was in the middle of a serious research conference.

Anger surged from her heart at his unreasonable question.

Before he could speak, Bai Lang answered his own question slyly. “I think that the feeling of being in love is like being drunk. It feels extremely good! Also, you won’t be able to help but drink more…”

Gong Jue took a deep breath.

He wanted this bastard to taste the taste of being beaten up…

On second thought.

Gu Qiqi had already begged for mercy for this bastard. He would give his wife face and not argue with this bastard anymore. This guy was also pitiful. There wasn’t even a woman in the African base. He might have been holding it in too much.

“You’re not completely right. I think that dating feels like shooting at a target. In the beginning, you could only wander around outside the tenth ring. You couldn’t experience that exquisite feeling. When you really hit the center of the tenth ring one day, you’ll know how satisfying it is. From then on, you’ll want to hit that spot ruthlessly every day… Every day that you don’t hit it, you’ll feel unhappy all over again! Also, you’ll want to take that target for yourself and won’t allow any other man to hit it…!”

As Gong Jue spoke, his lips curved up slightly.

He seemed to be very proud of his comparison. Who knew that Bai Lang did not hear a word and instead smiled like a fool!

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