Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 825 - The Female Fox Is About to Conquer My Family

Chapter 825: The Female Fox Is About to Conquer My Family

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Although Gu Qiqi was joking

Yang Xiaolan blushed when she heard this!

‘That was because she was indeed… thinking about men just now.

Gu Qiqi and Iron Fist Yang had been talking about Young Master Ye’s medical expertise. As she listened, she thought of that gentle, handsome, and talented man.

She thought about how he held her hand and nearly got married to her in front of her father’s hospital bed.

Her small face flushed red. “No, I… I was thinking about the school tournament… Qiqi, I didn’t participate in the preliminary round. Did I disqualify myself?”

Gu Qiqi smiled. “No, I’ve reserved a spot for you. You must come to the finals! Stay in the hospital more these two days to accompany Dad. I’ll get Qiu Qiu to pass you the revision materials for the competition. You just have to be my support during the competition. What’s important isn’t the competition.

It’s to train your own courage, understand?”

Xiaolan nodded deeply. “I understand!”

She knew that Qiqi was fighting for her chance to see the world for her.

But she was so insensible and was still thinking about men.

She closed her eyes and shook her head. She tried to shake that man away from her mind, but the man’s outline became clearer and clearer.

Young Master Ye, I wonder what kind of opportunity will I have to see you next time?

At this moment, the innocent her still didn’t know that the next time she saw Young Master Ye, she would pay with her life… 1

Gu Qigi left the hospital and went to the Gong residence on the way.

Seeing that Old Master Gong’s left leg was becoming more and more agile and his right leg was also showing signs of slowly recovering its slight movements, she also felt a sense of accomplishment. “Grandpa Gong, after I get first in this school tournament, I’ll have a chance to see the legendary Medicine

Manual. There should be a prescription from the Orthopedics Department on it. I’ll look for it again and perfect the current prescription. The effect of the treatment should be faster and better.”

“Okay, okay. Our Little Qiqi will definitely be first!” The more Old Master Gong looked at Gu Qigi, the more he cherished her. She was really pleasing to the eye no matter how he looked at her.

Gu Qiqi blinked deliberately. “Don’t say that. Won’t I be too ashamed to come back to see you if I’m not first?”

“If you’re not in the first place, then the judges are blind. I have to protest even in a wheelchair!”

“Haha, Grandpa Gong, you’re so amazing!”

“That’s because Jue’er isn’t around. I want to stand up for our Little Qiqi. I want to do it myself!”

The two of them chatted happily in the study room. From time to time, laughter would sound.

The boy squatted in the corridor. He felt terrible as he listened.

More and more people in this family fell for her charm.

‘What should he do?

He thought for a while and called Bai Lang. “Uncle Bai Lang, when are we going to carry out the next operation? Recently, the fox girl has been visiting my house more and more often. Even when my father isn’t home, she can chat so happily with my great-grandfather….”

It was simply a strong sense of crisis.

He initially thought that after Bai Lang heard this latest intelligence, he would jump up excitedly and start giving him rotten ideas as usual.

Bai Lang hummed twice and instructed someone on the other end of the call. “Hurry up! Hurry up and find out the person for me! What? How can a place like Dige not have surveillance cameras? What? Who erased the surveillance cameras from that day? Gong Jue’s people? Why did Gong Jue’s people

erase the surveillance cameras related to Young Master Ye for no reason? I don’t care! I want you to investigate the ins and outs of Young Master Ye today…”

After Bai Lang gave his instructions seriously, he remembered that the boy was still on the phone.

He coughed gently and giggled.. “Baby, what did you say just now?”

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