Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 826 - A Stepmother Was Cold

Chapter 826: A Stepmother Was Cold

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The little boy listened to Bai Lang’s absent-minded answer with a lonely expression on his face. He pouted his lips and said lightly, “It’s nothing. It’s just that my father is away on a business trip these few days. If we want to drive away the female fox, perhaps it’s a good opportunity,

Before he could finish speaking

Someone on Bai Lang’s side seemed to have discovered something and was shouting at him. “Young Master Bai, I have an idea! The next time Young Master Ye goes to the VIP room, remember to leave behind the cup that he drank tea from. The cup that he has imprinted on his lips and handprint can be

used to test his DNA. After the test results are out, we can compare it with the database. Then, we can find out his true background…”

Bai Lang immediately interrupted the little packrat’s words nervously, “Baby, I’ll call you when I’m free later! I’m busy looking for someone now! It’s urgent.”

After speaking, he hung up the call.

The boy held his phone and pouted.

Wow, why did he not even have an alliance when he woke up?

Uncle Bai Lang didn’t seem to care about the fox girl at all!

What happened to being best friends for life? You’re too heartless to abandon me!


After Gu Qiqi finished chatting with Old Master Gong, she gently closed the study room door and turned to leave.

The boy hurriedly hid in another guest room.

When Gu Qigi’s figure was about to disappear into the staircase, a small head popped out.

A trace of astonishment flashed across the comers of his eyes as he glanced at Gu Qiqi’s sky-blue long coat.

Furthermore… it was actually a little familiar.

Is it true that the fox girl has appeared at my house too often? Even I find her familiar… The little packrat muttered to himself.

Then, he curled his lips and said, “You only know how to talk to Great-grandfather when you’re here. You don’t even cook Christmas tree fried rice anymore… A stepmother is a stepmother. She’s cold! She doesn’t care about the baby at all! Only when Daddy is around will she act in front of him. Indeed,

what’s being shown on television isn’t just stupid. There are also people who agree with the reality of life. Hmph!”

The boy strode down the stairs gloomily.

In the living room, Gu Qiqi had already bade farewell and left.

Gong Qing and Songsong were eating at the dining table.

A fragrant and spicy smell assaulted his senses.

“Grandpa, Grandma, what are you eating?” The boy asked curiously.

Grandpa rarely ate snacks after lunch!

Gong Qing was busy eating and waved at him.

Songsong smiled. “It’s conch shell rice noodles. Your grandfather likes it a lot. Try it.”

The boy looked at it curiously. It was red. He wondered if it would sting his tongue.

He mustered her courage and took a bite. Eh? It was really not bad.

He had always thought that he couldn’t eat chili, but ever since he was tricked by Gu Qiqi to eat some chili last time, he realized that he could actually eat it.

He couldn’t be stopped when he started!

Especially this bowl of conch shell noodles tonight.

It was a taste that he had never eaten before.

Soon, he finished the big bowl and looked at Gong Qing’s bowl again.

Gong Qing moved the bowl away a little. “Children shouldn’t eat too much spicy food.”

“Old people also have to rest well. It’s best if they don’t eat spicy food.” The boy licked his lips and spoke quickly.

Gong Qing was speechless.

Songsong smiled. “Alright, alright. Stop arguing. Qiqi will come and see your great-grandfather tomorrow. I’ll ask her to bring a few more bowls for you.”

The boy’s eyes widened, “What? It’s the fox… Did my stepmother bring it here?”

Songsong held her forehead. “Don’t be like this. Saying she’s your stepmother is so horrible.”

Gong Qing retorted. “Don’t call her stepmother!… I haven’t agreed for her to be your stepmother yet.”

Did she think that anyone could be a stepmother just because they wanted to?

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