Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 833 - Scandal

Chapter 833 Scandal

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Chu Junmo stood up from his seat.

He stood tall and straight. His entire body wasn’t stained with the dust of the mortal world.

ff someone else said these words, they might think that they were exonerating Gu Qidqi.

But everyone believed Chu Junmo.

Firstly, he was the chairman of the Chu clan. His words carried weight. There was no need to lie.

Secondly, he had a noble status and couldn’t easily reveal his illness. Otherwise, the stock market would tremble.

But he was willing to admit that he had nearly died from illness for Gu Qidi…

Apart from believing it, everyone’s gazes couldn’t help but be mixed.

n particular, Gu Xuexue’s eyes burned with desire…!

She secretly took out her phone and quickly took a photo of Gu Qiqi and Chu Junmo. She especially cleverly took a photo of Chu Junmo’s gaze that was staring deeply at Gu Qigqi!

She forwarded it to Gong Qing!

Hmph! She had to grasp every opportunity to cause trouble!

Previously, she had sent a bunch of intimate photos of Gu Qiqi and the boy. Presumably, Gong Qing was already furious. Now that Gu Qiqi had started to seduce another financier… She didn’t believe that Gong Qing

would allow it!

That Daddy Gong had a bad temper. He would definitely use thunderous methods to kill Gu Qiqi!

At this thought, she felt that her methods might be even better than her mother’s move. It was simply the ultimate killing move and she almost laughed secretly.

Seeing that Chu Junmo stood up to testify for Gu Qiqi, Old Master Gu’s eyes softened. “Since Junmo was present at that time, it means that Qiqi didn’t lie. That greedy guy Gu Qiushan actually had the leisure to record

a video to defame his own daughter instead of reforming himself in jail! I think that someone has other intentions in this matter, right?”

After speaking, his gaze swept across Gu Meifeng, who was the most proactive.

Gu Meifeng’s heart skipped a beat. Damn it. Why was the old man so difficult to fool today?

However, they could not find any evidence and could not do anything to her!

Gu Meifeng straightened her back. “Dad, no matter what ulterior motives the person in the video had, no matter what uncle did, Gu Qiqi is really not a member of our Gu family anymore… That document that severed

ties has a legal effect. It’s a huge scandal, okay?!”

His last sentence made everyone’s eyes spin.

The men who had tried to curry favor with Gu Qiqi and wanted to date her, and families that wanted her as their daughter-in-law all retreated.

No matter how famous Old Master Gu was, and even if Gu Qiqi was indeed from the Gu family, it was not glorious for her to cut ties with her biological father!

They did not want to find a girl who was scandalized at such a young age as their wife.

Moreover, Gu Meifeng was right. The document that severed ties had a legal effect.

Unless Gu Qiushan and Gu Qiqi agreed unanimously to restore their relationship, no one could let Gu Qigi officially become a member of the Gu family again.

Not even Old Master Gu.

Because according to the Empire’s laws, parents would always have more authority over their children than their grandparents.

“What a pity. What a beautiful woman…” Someone couldn’t help but feel regretful.

There were also people who sneered. “So what? She’s not from the Gu family. Even if the Old Master thinks highly of her, what’s the use? She has already cut ties with her father and can’t even inherit the Gu family in

the future! Such a woman is equivalent to a poor person without a family background. She has no value…”.

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