Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 836 - Brother Chu, You’re So Warm!

Chapter 836: Brother Chu, You’re So Warm!

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“Now is not the best time!” Gu Meifeng muttered to herself. “There’s no thorough preparation today. When the time comes, she will bite back and say that we slandered her. The Old Master will think that we’re making trouble out of nothing! Didn’t you see that the document about the breakup between the father and daughter and the video of your uncle were released? The Old Master is still defending her! If we want her to completely lose her reputation, the evidence we prepare next time will make him speechless!”

Gu Xuexue pouted indignantly. “Are we going to let her be glorious today?”

Gu Meifeng rolled her eyes and landed on Chu Junmo, who was drinking by the side. She put on a provocative smile. “Of course, I can’t let her have an easy time! Don’t you know Old Master Gong? Out of courtesy, you should at least make small talk, right?”

Gu Xuexue immediately understood her meaning.

That’s right!

She had sent so many messages to Father Gong. Could it be that Father Gong’s phone didn’t respond because his secretary was usually looking at it?

This time, she was going to expose Gu Qiqi face-to-face!

It would be strange if Father Gong still protected that b * tch.

Thinking about this, she picked up a glass of wine and walked towards Gong Qing leisurely.

Gong Qing was chatting happily with Old Master Gu. Gu Qiqi was by his side. There was no need to talk at all. The atmosphere was extremely warm. It was simply like an in-laws meeting.

Unexpectedly, Gu Xuexue leaned over and greeted Gong Qing as if they were close. “Old Master Gong, long time no see! You’re still so handsome!”

Old men loved it when people praised them for being handsome. Gu

Xuexue could be said to be quite attentive in flattering them,

Gong Qing wasn’t interested in such flattery and rolled his eyes. “Who are you?”

Gu Xuexue was speechless.

This was awkward!

She was chatting so passionately, but he had long forgotten about her.

In an instant, the gazes of the guests behind her pierced her back!

Gu Xuexue thickened her skin and approached him again. “Old Master Gong, I’m Qiqi’s younger sister. You’ve seen me before. Have you forgotten that back in school, my older sister was pestered by a few boys? You even helped her come up with an idea…”

Gu Qiqi squinted coldly.

It turned out that Gu Xuexue had made connections with Old Man Gong behind her back.

No wonder Old Man Gong always made things difficult for her. Could it be that he had become stupid after hearing this scumbag’s encouragement?

She couldn’t help but glance at Gong Qing lightly. “I’m sorry, but I only have one biological younger brother. I don’t have a younger sister.”

As for being pestered by a few boys… Wasn’t Gu Xuexue trying to ruin her reputation in front of Gong Qing?

It was a pity that that idiot still didn’t know. Even if she didn’t defame her, she would have long been defamed by Gong Qing. Why did she have to do this?!

Thus, she couldn’t be bothered to explain this at all.

Gu Xuexue bit her lips. Damn it! This bitch actually dared to undermine her!

Do you think that I can’t handle you?

Her smile became even more charming and dazzling. “Sister, you sure know how to joke. Just now, when CEO Chu was around, you even called him Brother Chu. Sister, you’re so intimate with outsiders, but you’re so cold to me, your younger sister. It’s too unfair!”

Gu Xuexue’s words were filled with provocation!

Even a fool could tell.

Which father-in-law in the world would be happy that his daughter-in-law would call another man her brother affectionately?

Wasn’t this cheating on his son!

Of course, Gong Qing was no exception.

His face immediately sank.

Old Master Gus expression wasn’t good either. He glared at Gu Xuexue unhappily. “Ignorant thing, what nonsense are you talking about here?! Jun MO is my disciple. What’s wrong with Qiqi calling him Eldest Senior Brother?!”.

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