Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 106

Chapter 106

Finally, I sent Eclise back to his quarters because he didn’t want to take out the choker.

“Have you come, Miss?”

The butler welcomed me.

“Whats going on, butler?”

I was puzzled, because before I met Eclise, I had a long conversation with him.

“There’s an urgent news for you.”

“Suddenly? What kind of news? I told you to turn down all invitations.”

After passing the umbrella and shawl to Emily, I went to the desk and sat down.

Perhaps because of the queen’s hunt at the hunting competition, invitations have been flooding in these days.

The butler recommended me to attend a party held at a prestigious family, about one or two, but I ordered him to use it as a fuel for fire. Because I couldn’t afford to deal with a second Kellin.


The butler replied with a slight hesitation to my question.

“It was a letter from the royal messenger, so I couldn’t handle it in my own way.”

“The Imperial….. Palace?”

When I looked to the buter with a puzzled eyes, he exclaimed something with an embarrassed face.

Luxurious letter envelope engraved with a glittering yellow dragon. There was a sudden sense of deja vu.

I’m sure it’s gonna be…

“Oh my! My lady has been very active at the hunting competition, so I guess we’ve been invited from the palace!”

Unaware of all the story from the hunting competition, Emily glistened her eyes and uttered terrible words.


I breathed a deep sigh.

‘It’s here, it’s here.’

After getting out of the palace like running away, I turned down all the invitations party and locked myself in the house.

It was because I thought it would go into the ears of the prince, even if I said nothing. I thought I’d be able to move on because there wasn’t much response.

“Give it to me.”

With a deep sigh, I received the letter from the butler.

Then I opened the envelope with a paper-knife, took out the contents, and started reading them.

[Dear Lady Penelope Eckart, No, should I say “Beloved” now?

With all due respect, My Lady.

There’s been a lot out of the last conversation we had when I woke up.

The court made a big fuss about it and put me in a very awkward position.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy trying to sort it up and I send a letter now.

I think you and me need to have a serious conversation again, what do you think?

Please come to the Imperial Palace as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you’ll regret it.

-Callisto Regulus]

“Arghh, crazy!”

I crumbled the paper as if it was my first letter.

“….. Did he want to meet with you again, Miss?”

The butler asked with a worried look on my scream.

Tell me whats going on.

My mouth felt hurts.

With a sigh to replace the answer, Butler seemed to understand, and became accustomed.

I turned my head with a gloomy face.

The prince, who was dumped by me, while still having feelings of love and affection for each other, now I was not sure whether he would believe another excuses anymore.

Should I just said that I called him in the forest separately to confess?’

But it’s too late now to regret what I said to the judge. Moreover, if I said it that way, it could have led to a more serious situation.

‘You were still in love with me. Why are you pretending to not?’

Without realising I shuddered when I remembered what he might have said to me.

“Okay. What would you do if I didn’t even arrived in here?’

I thought so, and started squeezeing my head to find out a way to not to go to the palace.

No one was hurt, so now there was no excuse for being injured.

‘I can’t say I’m seriously ill in the morning….’

I asked the butler for help because I didn’t have a good excuse to think of.

“What reason would be good this time, Sir? To be unable to move for a long time.”

“Eumm. “Just like Duke with thick bones, he immediately became troubled without answered.

And suddenly he came up with a very good answer. “Just say that, miss, over did it in the hunting competition and got a lot of muscle aches.”

“That’s nice. I won’t be able to take a step forward for the time being.”

“Yes. I’ll call the doctor right away, miss…” “Okay, good work.”

Thanks to the butler, who hurriedly to take an action, the illness’ was quickly completed.

“Okay, I can use this to stay inside the mansion.’

I smiled a satisfied smile.

When the preparation was done successfully, the butler hurriedly out of my room.

Now I have to send a reply to the Imperial Palace by attaching a letter from a doctor instead of me.

“Are you sick, Miss?”

Emily who returned late after cleaning up the shawl asked with a puzzled look when heard about the doctor.

And I nodded without hesitation.

“Yes. I’m feeling sick from today.”


A few days later, Eclis’s clothes were all done. When I was packing it, the clothes was enough to fill a large box, and I could not bring it myself. I was the one who oredered the butler to deliver it to him in front of all the knights.

“Oh, miss!”

Bruk, suddenly the door opened and Emily burst in.

“Miss! Uh, you’ve have to get out of here!” “Emily, I’m having an important conversation with the butler. It’s not courteous….”

“Now, that’s not the problem!”

Emily shouted, not as usual, even in my cold voice. “Out, outside now, there is the Crown Prince….”


“The Crown Prince has come and now in front of the mansion!”

At that time, in front of the mansion, there was a splendid golden carriage engraved with the yellow dragon.

A man came down leisurely, fluttering his brilliant golden hair like gold plated on the surface of the carriage.

“Hello, Duke.”

Callisto greeted the Duke who is standing in front of the mansion.

“Did you come to meet me? I don’t know what to do with this.”

The Duke, who ran out in surprise when he was informed that a carriage with an emblem of the royal family had arrived in front of the gate, greeted the prince with reluctance look.

“Your Highness, have you come all the way to this shabby place without any further contact?”

“This is a place that i’ll visit often in the future. Is there any need to me to give a noticed first? I’m disappointed.”

The Duke’s face was distorted by the Prince’s unexpected words.

“What is that.”

“Nice to meet you, Duke. Or should I call you father in law in private?”

“…. Huh?!”

Duke’s mouth was wide open.

Either way, the Crown Prince shamelessly looked around for someone.

“But I can’t see my ex-lover who shared feelings of love with me. She haven’t finished dressing up yet?”

Then, he naturally walked tthrough the front door. All the employees out there including the Duke, were shocked and nearly snap out of it.

“Your Highness!”

The Duke comes into his senses and hurriedly blocked the Crown Prince.

“Wha, what kind of mess this is! And where are you going to go! Crown Prince, No matter how much you say in this case….”

“Well, now. First let’s go to reception room and talk, Duke. Are you going to leave your guest outside the mansion?”

The Crown Prince pushed the duke’s back and tried to move into the mansion like water a flows.

“No, what guest, who is the guest!”

Unable to use force against the royal family, Duke was holding out his red face.

“This is a trespassing! If you keep pushing, I have to talk to the Emperor right away.”

“Unauthorized intrusion! You’re so mean Duke, don’t see it like that. May be, In the future we will became a family.”

“Your Highness!!!”

Duke shouted almost like a scream. However, he could not stop the prince from rushing in.

“That crazy bastard!”

And up here. I was literally shivering as I looked down at it, secretly through the window.


The butler who was talking to me a little while ago, called me in a regrettable voice. No one knew that madman would come to the mansion until I sent him a reply saying that I was sick.

“Is this what you mean, when you say I would regret it?”


I shuddered with my fists clenched, and cried and called Emily for preparation.


“Yes, yes?”

“Go get another maids.”


I clenched my teeth when I saw her tilting her head.

“Dress me up, like a sick person who’s about to fall and die…”

Of course, even if I didn’t, I was already on the verge of fainting by the prince presence.

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