Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 107

“It’s all done, young lady.”

I made my maids busier around me. In the mirror, my face was reflected. “How is it?”

As I looked through the finished appearance, I answered with a satisfying voice. “I think I should puff up and fall soon.”

‘No, are you kidding?’ “Oh no, it’s a compliment.”

It was, really. No matter how many layers of paint were applied, her face was floating like a ghost, and her mouth was bloodless. It was like a thin aristocratic baby girl who had a dark black circles hanging over her face.

“I like it.”

When I was looking into the mirror and laughing…

knock knock-

“Lady, it’s Fennel.”

Butler knocked on his visit.

At that moment, I got up from the vanity and ran to bed.

This is because the prince, perhaps, couldn’t stand it and wanted to come into my room following the butler.

I covered my blanket all the way to the neck and once coughed ‘big’, I opened my mouth. “Yes, come in.”

The dying voice came out quite naturally. After some time, the door was opened with my face as a ‘result’.

Fortunately, only the butler entered the room.

I looked back at the butler and there is no presence of other human beings, and I went back to a safe state.

“How did it go?”


The butler, who came to the bed, paused for a moment, breathing in. He looked at me with a strange face.

I opened my eyes.

“Short time…You’ve changed to someone I don’t expect, Miss.” It looks like someone just jumped out of the hall, “Are you sick?”

At the satisfied answer, I smiled very hard. The butler was once again suprised.

“By the way, what happened? Is he gone?”

My face was thick with powder and my face was cold. I wanted to wash it off quickly.

After failing to do something, the butler put on solemn look.

“The Duke allowed the crown prince to meet you.”

What?! I opened my mouth wide. I stammered for a while and I asked back.

“I’m having a hard time to move around.”

“I’ve already said that. The crown prince said he’s going to visit you and so I have to rush into your room.” He said.

“what, what?”

“The Duke stopped him from coming on just the two of us in your room, and so I finally reached a compromise by telling you this instead.”

“I have good news instead. Considering lady’s physical condition, it’ll take 30 minutes”

“That’sgood news ??”

I was thrilled and made my mouth open. Even if I didn’t have to, I firmly believed that the duke would be the first shield.

However, the duke I believed betrayed me. “Haha”

I laughed and thought,

‘X is good.. I need to meet the prince’

I left the room wearing a white pajama and a cardigan. It was to give the crown prince a guilty conscience in a single dress.

‘Bad guy, why should you chase the sick person and make a fuss?’

Of course he has that kind of conscience. I don’t know if I can do it.

As soon as I opened the back door, I slowed down and acted in a grumbling manner, and took a step toward the place.

Maybe it’s been raining all day. It’s been a long time since the clear autumn sunshine was blue and high.

Looking at the clear sky and the beautiful sponsorship of the writer behind it, I was relieved from the long chapter.

‘Yes, you’re not going to come to my house to kill me.’

Of course, even if he’s a crazy guy who doesn’t have anything to stop, he won’t go that far. ‘In addition, I had insurance before,and I told you not to kill me no matter what.’

-Ifyou’re going to reward me¸ please give me this. -okay

I remember the promises of the past. I moved with a lighter mind. ‘Where are you?’

I could see a big back of a man from far away.

In the middle of the forest, heading to the haze field, where yellow flowers of unknown names even dance up to the waist.

As if he noticed my presence right away, even though it was quite a long distance, he turned around and looked at me.

“Well, my one and only lover of the past, you are finally here.”

Even in a bright daylight, the brilliant hair that seemed to have been splattered with gold thinly did not lose its light.

But as of now, the beautiful hair has not caught my eyes. ‘Siren?’

‘What are you staring at so stupid?’

‘Why. Have you fallen in love with me?

I stared blankly over the head at the astonishment of his mouthing. ‘What the hell is this?’

The red iris staring at me.

The blinking favor like a siren seemed so ominous at the affinity bar. ‘Now. I wasn’t feeling any better now!’

At the end of the hunting contest episode, I decided that I had escaped a lot from the dead ending due to the prince.

‘What is it?’

But when I saw that ominous red color, I suddenly got scared. Are you saying the darker the color, the more dangerous it is? ‘Then what’s the dark red color of Eclis?’

Anxiety quickly eroded the tip of my chin. I couldn’t even reach out to him, so I just stood up without an answer, and the prince had a puzzled face.

“My Lady. Were you really sick?”

He narrowed the distance in an instant. “It’s really pale in color…”

A guy who had been shoved up to his nose, suddenly bowed down and pushed my face.

And he’s touching my face. Isn’t it? “Why, why are you doing this?”

I started to recoiled and shouted back.

It occured to me that I was dressed to look sick. No matter how hard it seems, if you look closely, you have to find an awkward place. When he stepped back and spread his legs for about three steps, the crown prince tilted his head sharply.

“Hmm. The appearance looks quite sick.”

“It’s not ‘like I’m sick’, it’s that ‘I’m sick’. Your Highness.”

“I thought you didn’t want to see me again, so I thought you lied.”

I was immediately spotted as a liar, and I hurriedly pressed down my trembling heart. “How can I lie about my safety?”

“Why, if you take medicine, it will be better soon. You’ve been sick for months.” I was speechless because of the past.

After a moment of silence, I bowed my head and turned the subject into greetings.

“Greeting the little sun of the Empire.”, I said. “You’re doing it so fast. “

The Crown Prince twisting his lips and sarcasm, and I know it’s too late. I became a little embarrassed. “Why did you come all the way here?”

“Ha, what’s going on?”

I asked him, he looked up.

“Did you know, My Lady? If there are humans who can’t do anything good in social life these days, and they’re talking about me and the lady.”

“You were on the eve of the hunting competition.”

Of course, it’s true that I made some lies at the court, but I haven’t had that mess. Crazy!

It’s worth the prince to chase after her! What kind of bastard had been spreading such nonsense was inevitable.

At that time, a voice suddenly resonated in my head.

Maybe not? Maybe it will help you leave out on the rumors.

‘No way!’

I hurriedly shook my thoughts in the fire.

No matter how ignorant I am, Reynold wouldn’t answer for me and wouldn’t have talked about that bullshit.

It was just at that moment when I opened my mouth to make an excuse.

“In the morning after the eve, I was still hang up to the prince. Just like the other girls? Uh.”

“And you’ve become the most attractive woman in the Empire. How do you feel, My Lady?”

Thanks to that, the crown prince, who has lost face came one step closer to me with a ghostly smile, showing his teeth.

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