Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 109

Above his head, a red gauge bar flickers. Why? I heard a siren ringing somewhere.

I forgot that I was acting for a sick person, and as soon as he approached, I cried back and hurriedly. “All, it’s all a rumor, Majesty! I never said that! Really!”

“Well. I don’t think it’s completely rumored when I think of what a princess had said to me.” “Huh? Didn’t you say, You quit loving me to change into a better man?”

“What are you talking about?”

I rushed into the scene of the distortion that took place right in front of me. “I don’t have any plans to date anyone for the time being.” Never.

“Of course you should.”

In my confirmation the Crown Prince replied with a terrifying air of spirit.

“I’ll be watching you clearly with my two eyes, who’s better than me in the Great Inca Empire.” The red eyes glared eerie at me.


I was in a state of disarray.

It was because I felt strangely that the conversation deviated from the original topic. “But.”

And as soon as I was reflecting on what he said, “Why do you keep faltering like a dung dog?” ‘I’m a dung dog!’

I still stepped back to the poor guy’s language choices and stepped back.

Actually, I was a little scared. I don’t know how good he is, and I don’t know what he’s going to do.

I know. The peasant’s patronage was well-organized and there was no risk of falling over and heading in, but there was something called’if’ to prevent any unfortunate tragedy that could happen in this damn game, I’m still keeping a distance from the prince .


Was I looking strange again?

The crown prince opened his eyes with a look of ‘Look at this?’ He strode along at a great pace.

Before I knew it, I escaped from the garden and ran away as if I had been pushed to the edge of the forest.

It was quite bizarre to see a man standing alone in the middle of the garden with red eyes that never rang with the bright yellow and tender flower stems.

I shouted in great dismay at the prince’s constant narrowing of the distance. “Why, why do you keep coming?”

“Then why do you keep running away?”

Indeed. He kept coming to me because he noticed me running away and broke up with his work. ‘The persistent guy.’

I swallowed the curse and put on the most fragile expression I could. ” I’m sick, Your Highness.”

” Who is it?”

“You haven’t forgotten the promise you made with me, have you?” “What promise?”

“It’s a promise in the bedroom. Even in the battlefield, there is an unprecedented rate that the elderly don’t touch.”

“Ha. Do you look like a crazy guy who came to pick up the throat of Princess on a rumor?” Upon silence, the Prince fervently hardened her face.

He suddenly opened his arms and revealed his waist. “Now, I didn’t bring the knife.”

“Uh, uh”

I was a little surprised.

I came here almost like an alter ego enough to come to the banquet hall, and he really came without a long sword.

He looked at his empty waist and muttered timidly.

“because it is not always possible to threaten a person with a knife.”

“I’m not like anyone who turns my words over and over again in a few weeks.” ” Ha. I’m, I don’t know why I’m making this excuse.”

Did he throw it? Somehow he got suspicious and said,


He was caught inside and expressed his fighting spirit to refute, ‘Have you never had a record?’

I lost my intention to refute.

“I am sorry for your work at the courtroom , Your Highness,” I said, because I was guilty of sin, so I changed my excuses. “To avoid Marquis Ellen’s conspiracy, I really can’t help it.”

” Did you say sorry? Ha. I was so dumbfounded when I got the report, I didn’t get angry.” “I’m sorry.”

I made a pure apology for changing the words before he got angry beyond the unpleasant.

When he finally openedhis eyes after being poisoned, he wasrejectedby Princess, who said she liked me.

How ridiculous would it be?

‘Yes, it’s proof that you’ve moved quite far away from the dead end just because you didn’t bring your knife.’

I tried to think positively, looking dimly at the gauge bar, the ominous favor of the man who stopped blinking.

“What the hell are you doing with that look on your face? If anyone sees me, they will think I’m after someone who’s really sick.”

When they saw me, they laughed and said, “Did you misunderstand me?”

‘Wasn’t it?’

I saw him again with fresh eyes.

The prince, such as that, dazzled his eyes.

“I sent you a letter asking you to meet because it gave you both the results and the message.” “That threat, no, the letter, … That’s what you meant?”

“Well, are you dissatisfied with my letter?” “Oh, no. “

To me, who is quick to deny, the Crown Prince…take something out of one’s arms and cross it ‘Here, take this,’

I blinked, looking down at what he had handed me. A faded brown paper was tied with a red ribbon. “What is this?”

“It’s a map of Baltha that you dug out of the skull. The magic scroll we used to get out of the cave. “Magic scroll?”

“The palace wizards looked at their hands, so they were a little bit more eight. I restored it perfectly.” I opened my eyes wide.

Looking again, the remains of the Seeker were rotten because of the remains of the ashes. I couldn’t figure out why the prince gave me this, meaning.

“Why did you give this to me.”

“Because you have excavated, it’s yours.” Callisto replied to my question.

“You seemed to be interested in archeology.I sent the material related to Balta through the servant, so let’s check it out.”

After finishing his talk, he avoided looking awkwardly. I was in a strange mood.

Callisto didn’t seem to really come and kill me. Besides, it is also giving unexpected gifts.

At first, my heart was throbbing. I’m in a hurry for a while, and the scrolls he passed.

And looked down at the scroll

” What are you doing, don’t you want to get it?”

In the end, when the Prince who had not been able to wait was impatiently pushing the scroll,I had to stand up and accept it.

“Can I have this? ” “It’s yours .”

” lmade a copy of it for research, so don’t be mad.”

He said casually, whether he really meant to give it to me. The remark made me feel at ease.

“By the way, did you keep it a secret that you studied archaeology to the Duke? I came to deliver to him, and he said,you didn’t, but I couldn’t believe it.”

Then the prince asked, as if he had thought of it.

I couldn’t answer back.

It’s not even Penelope, and Duke won’t even know what she’s interested in. “Thank you for the gift, Your Grace.”

I am purely grateful instead of answering. “Come on.”

This time a white paper bag popped out. “What the is this?”

“Take it for now.”

I was overwhelmed by the fluttering envelope, so I received it as well. Because I thought it would be something else related to historical sites. “Unfortunately, I can’t cut off the neck of Marquis Ellen, Princess.”

But instead of explaining the gift, Carl Risto slanted out of the blue. That means the old man has been cleared of charges.


A loud noise broke out unknowingly at the news of the poor assassination. The Marquis Ellen was obviously a force in for his assassination.

I went through all the bad quests, but why, I asked back with a face that became serious in an instant. “Oh, why?”

“The Marquis cut off his tail by putting all the blame on the insane Baron Tullet. ” “Oh. ” I had a short replied .

It flashed across the crown prince’s words.

[The Assassin’s Assassination] as a reward for the quest.

The vouchers were not for Marquis Ellen. ‘Well, then, does everything go as it is?’ ‘That’s too much.’

How hard it was to pass the story, but it couldn’t have been. “Don’t be so sad,” said the crown prince, as if comforting.

I can’t believe what I hear, Poetry. I looked at him with a flash of wire.

Callisto had a slightly awkward look on his face. “But I’ve made sure of the princess’ revenge.” “Revenge?”

“Yes. I cut the heads of the seven noblemen who put you on the judge’s bench.”

The man uttered the words and gritted his teeth and grinned his teeth. My eyes were stunned. ” You cut their throat.”

Because he seemed so cruel as to boast. But on the other hand, he calmly conveys the results……

‘You look like you already knew it.’

It was Callisto , not me, who should be sorry to the point where I couldn’t catch Marquis Ellen. But he added hurriedly, as if he were concerned that I would be upset.

“A member of the white artist, Heline, was killed in an assassination . He was admitted to be involved, forfeiting his property and degenerating into a slave. “

“The execution was avoided because this member of the family was not directly involved.” “The Countess Heline?”

It was a long time ago.

After checking out my better look, Callisto stared at me with strange eyes.

Then, with a chin on the white envelope I was holding, I finally confided about the identity of the gift. “That’s one of the properties of the confiscated Hellin family.”

“Do you remember last year when you were banned from the hunt? The so-called “mad chimpanzee with a crossbow incident”

“Yes, of course I remember that. “

I answered in a quivering voice. I didn’t do it myself, but there wasn’t a big blow.

However, I felt uncomfortable with the words and actions of the man who said, ‘She is a crazy chimpanzee with a crossbow.’

But the idea didn’t last long:

“Your father handed the diamond mine over to Count Hellin and agreed to make sure you weren’t imprisoned. “

“The diamond mine?”And then his words caught my ears. I don’t know that there is such a situation.

It was.

“That’s what you’re holding right now. ” “Diamond mine possession.”

The crown prince lifted his head proudly, looking at me in dismay.

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