Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 110

I blankly lowered the line of poetry along his chin.

The white envelope that was handed over thoughtlessly felt as heavy as a bolt from the blue, “I reinvestigation the case at that time.”

and the crown prince spat out in an indifferent tone. “Re-investigation?”

“Yeah. I was wondering why you went so crazy last year.” ” Uh.”

I didn’t do anything, but I felt weird at the naked eye of a nailed man.

“In the process of robbing Count Hellin, Count Dortea also robbed her a few times. ” She blew it easily. “The Countess of Dortea?”

“Yes. You came after Hellin at the court and testified,” the Crown Prince added, nodding his head.

“I heard that the herd originally took turns hosting tea parties at every hunting competition. Last year’s organizer was Hellin, and this year it was Dortea.”

No wonder, I wondered why you invited me to a tea party without a single acquaintance. The tactile woman must have been involved in last year’s incident.

“Why did you crawl to the party again when you knew?” asked the Crown Prince with a puzzled look.

‘ You’re crawling! I walked on two feet, you son of a bitch!’

How could I know that they were the same? Suddenly the injustice soared, but it was hard pressed down.

It was questionable enough from the crown prince’s point of view.

” The hunting competition happened once a year. I thought something had changed.” I equivocated. And the Crown Prince was really surprised.

He looked back at me like he was.

“I’m a pacifist, and I’m not the only villain in the world, and I’m the one who pulled my sword right away because I’m a bit offended like anyone else.”

“The crossbow will be shot instead. “

There was nothing more to say to him, so he was divided. ‘Penelope the hell out of aah!’

Actually, I was only aware of last year’s events roughly, but I didn’t know them deeply. But, well, isn’t it obvious?

It’s a bit of a surprise that the Duke agreed to give the diamond mine to Hellin, but I didn’t want to expose what I had before I possessed and put the shame on me.

But the Prince has to say.

I opened it up and moved last year’s events in detail.

“I heard that Hellin had bought guards and placed them near Tiffa Tijang to get you into trouble. Did you know that?”

* i didnt know what tiffa tijang is. but i guess its hunting competition field?* ‘Buy?’

I opened my eyes wide. I can’t believe you bought a guard for me. ‘It’s a real gong, a gong.’

why didn’t it happen this time, was lifted, but immediately convinced.

Even after suffering from the situation last year, I didn’t expect the princess to participate again. As soon as I had no idea, and the crown prince followed.

“And give me a handful of mosquitoes and the tea that goes with you.They all laughed at me.” “And I gave tea with a handful of mosquitoes and mocked them together as a tea to go with you.” (idk which one is more accurate)

” What, what, what, what, what, what? ” ‘Mo..mosquitoes?!’

I swallowed a sound that almost popped out .

It’s like what I’ve been through in person. It’s a big deal if you act like you’ve never heard of it before. ‘No, mosquitoes were too much!’

Come to think of it, I also went through a hunting competition. The stinky yellow tea that Mrs. Dortea recommended to drink. It’s a shame, I almost got stuck.

‘Bad girls. That’s when it’s very, very random.I should have doing it. ‘ I couldn’t help but gnash my teeth at the crossbow.

Penelope, who is only 17 years old, who was overwhelmed and was in a state of panic. “You deserved to be crazy.”

The Crown Prince looked at me with a look of great fun, since he thought similar to me.

“But I’ll catch mosquitoes flying around and scared them myself. The crossbow in my mouth was so sweet.”


“As expected, it’s not normal. “

Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. I frowned. “You’re making fun of me, aren’t you?”

“No way. If you endure it, you will get sick. It’s a compliment. ” It didn’t sound like a compliment at all.

I felt like I was in the same boat with him for a moment, so I was upset. “By the way, didn’t you tell the Duke in detail what happened then?” the crown prince asked abruptly then.

“What?” “”

“If I had said, I would have given you a handful with mosquitoes,I wouldn’t have gone to the diamond mine. Since they are both, I’m sure you’d have given both sides a sapphire.”

Calisto seemed to be asking a few questions, not sarcastically. I’m speechless.

It was a scene that didn’t come out in the game, because I don’t know how Penelope acted at that time. ‘Wasn’t she really told the Duke?’

But when I came up with the crazy option of hard mode, Penelope was more than willing to say. I’m sure they’d be in a mess, saying,

‘How dare they give me a handful with mosquitoes!’

But I decided to believe Penelope would have just been caught with a “good hostess” and made no excuse like a fool.

If I told the Duke and nothing changed. Isn’t that too miserable? ” I dont think he would believe me. “

I replied to the Crown Prince’s question much later. Before I knew it, I was stroking my cheek with one hand.

When I came to my senses at the Prince’s meaningless gaze, I lowered my hand with a shy face. “You were the majority, and I was alone.”

He shrugged his shoulders and pretended nothing was wrong. I thought Callisto would be ridiculed and sarcastic at my words.

He pick up the corners of my mouth and twist it up was like I expected. “Your father deserves to know. But he didn’t mock me unexpectedly. ” “As good as our Emperor.”

Calisto smiled with a fierce spirit. But strangely enough, the face looked grim.

I didn’t want to go through another heart-wrenching freak. So I hurriedly changed the subject. “But, why would you give this to me?”

I said, holding a white envelope.

“It’s my father’s original. It’s in my hand, and it’s my heart whomever its given to,”

replied Callisto with a sullen retorted. It meant that he had no intention of returning it to the Duke. I hesitated for a moment and gave him the mine.

“However, it’s too much for me. I’ll thank you for scrolling.” I couldn’t get it ‘what a piece of cake.

Isn’t that the price of the shame, disgrace and tears Penelope experienced last year? It was something I couldn’t just get.

When he tried to return the white envelope, Callisto wriggled his eyebrows. “What’s wrong with you?”

“What? What’s wrong with me?”

“You said you liked to be fancy. You hold it until you get tired of them.” The prince was making a mysterious face when I said, “I don’t know.” The conversation in the cave flashed past my ear.

-It’d be nice if someone looked rich.

-I like jewelry. Gold¸ of course.

My face stiffened after remembering dark history.

“You don’t want to kill me but accept the nonsense and thank you.” “It’s a reward for saving the life of the Crown Prince.”

At that moment, the Crown Prince suddenly approached and grabbed my hand.

” Check [Calisto] Favourites ” ‘Are you sure you want to confirm?’

[ 2 million Gold / Fame 200]

An unexpected contact floated a white square window over his head, the moment I stared blankly at it.

The white envelope that he had held out for return was grasped by the back of my hand with force so that it could be tightened.

“Receive it, smile sweetly.”

” Don’t look as sullen as if you’ve chewed dog poop every time we meet.” ‘Dog, dog poop!’

I backed away, disgusted by his vulgar way of speaking.

I didn’t want to, but when I had the chance, I wanted to check his favorability. But it was then. Except for the Crown Prince and me, there was a subtle sign of silence in the patronage.

I felt it. I turned my head reflexively. a dense forest bordering on the road to the smokestack

Between the white trees, the back of someone who was disappearing quickly after I caught sight of him.

It was strangely familiar. “Eclis.”

A little murmur leaked out, as if I were talking to myself.

I didn’t see it in detail, but it was clear that I had seen gray hair. ‘Why is Eclise here too?’

He should be training by now , has not been raised to meet me. I tilt my head because I think I saw it wrong.

“Are you a working employee?” “What? “

At the sound of the prince’s question, I came to my senses.

Turning his head forward again, Callisto was limping through the empty forest with his red eyes glazed. “I guess so. “

His gaze slowly returned to me, when he was hurried to speak in an insignificant voice. ” But princess,”

he called me with a curious face, still clenched my hand.

“These days, learning a play is the basic skill of a nobleman, isn’t it?””

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