Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 117

“Also, the Young Duke has put them on trial for contempt of the nobility.” The following words, indeed, were unexpected.

(there is some mistranslation from chapter 116)

chapter117(start from here)” To the trial!”

I was in a strange mood in an instant.

I couldn’t figure out what Derek was thinking when he told me to tell him what punishment I wanted. “What happens if I win the trial?

” They will be sentenced to prison.” ” prison?”

” Yes. Or they have to pay a large amount of compensation, but they can’t afford it.” The thought that it was too much for a bad mouthful flashed through my mind.

But I decided to turn it off soon. Regardless of the intention of yesterday’s matter, it was done by Derek.

“And Miss. “

The butler suddenly lowered his voice and became depressed. “I’ve done the job for Eclise.”

I was delighted. “Really? Who is it?”

” Sir Spencer, who was the deputy head of the Imperial Hnights Division who retired two years ago. After retirement, he went missing, and he was teaching writing and swords to children in a town where the commoner of the capital lived.”

“It felt like a hidden expert in sword.”

As if to support my idea, the butler added.

“He was well-known for his great swordsmanship in his days of active service,”

I paused for a moment ago. Because there was a wish that the possible Eclise would be the site of the sword master after I escaped.

In normal mode, he hides his skills and eventually betray Penelope. ‘Well, it doesn’t matter.’

But I put down the thought I have for a momentarily. He came out and saved the master.

I wish I had been a plus to your favorability , but its not going to fall off unexpectedly.

In addition, he is a genius from heaven, and in less than a month, he will be in the position of Sword Master.

“A little later, I’m going to lead him along the way to Sir Spencer. We have a wagon at the back door behind us.”

“Then please call Eclise in first. I’ll be ready and out soon.” “My lady.?”

The butler looked surprised.

“Yes. It’s the first day, so I have to send him off. ” I nodded and smiled,

And now it’s been over three weeks until the coming-of-age ceremony where the real hostess appears. To escape from this fucking place and return to the original world, I decided to try everything I could.

* * * *

While the butler was picking up Eclise first in the dormitory, I washed my face and changed my clothes. And I took out a dark red dress that was close to black with a thin material and wore it.

The other day, when I attended the eve of a hunting competition, I saw myself dressed in a blood-red and colorful dress, Eclis.

This is the door when you think of a slight increase in sensitivity. “It was good.”

Looking in the mirror and smiling contentedly, I left the room straight away. And headed to the back door of the mansion to go to the back garden.

As I quietly opened the door, the meeting that I had recently faced the Crown Prince unfolded immediately.

Thoroughly managed flower stems were gently shaken by the blowing wind.

As I was about to walk towards the back door, I paused at something that caught my eye. In front of the garden, unknown light green flowers were in full bloom.

I came up to it and picked one of the most blooming flowers. It’s cliche, but it’s similar to the color of my eyes.

A few days ago, I returned the dried seed flower crown, and I took it seriously and turned around again.

I walked.

After a while, when I got to the back gate, I found Eclise and the butler had already arrived. Far away, dark red gauge bar shone clearly.

I quickly moved my steps, hiding the flowers behind me. ” Eclis.”


His eyes were round like a puppy, as if he had not expected me to come. “How do you get here? “

” It’s your first time going, but I’m the one who nervous.” He dropped his eyes at my words, but not at all nervousness. I didn’t care and smiled and bit.

“How do you feel? It’s done how you wanted,” Eclis’s eyes flinched finely.

He was so expressionless that it was hard to tell by his face.

But for a long time, he opened his mouth and let out his innermost thoughts. “…good.”

“That’s a good thing.”

That was a satisfying answer.

Only then did I pull out what I had hidden behind my back. “Come on.”

The reaction shook the light green flower with a ‘tong-‘ and a slight slap on the Eclis’ nose. It was not a break, but a sweet scent of flowers spread among us in the air.

Gray eyes slowly grew bigger. “This”

“On the way I thought of you, so I plucked it.”

I slowly brought my hand with the flowers close to his face.

After passing the flower that had flowed down the ring finger and the pinky down to the ear, I gently inserted flowers into his ears.

I wondered what to do if you hit my hand right away, but luckily he didn’t budge until I move my hand.

The color doesn’t go well with a dry face, rough gray hair, so I was half joking and half trying to relax you.

The appearance of this cliché with flowers next to the garden itself is rather, ······

It was amazingly bright and well-matched.

I stared at him for a while, and soon threw up all my feelings. “You’re pretty. “

It was pure appreciation.

At that moment, the pupils of Eclis’ eyes were shaking to the point. He soon dropped his head as if to hide it.

the tips of the ears with flowers in place of the face. I could see this burning redness.

‘OH. This is definitely a plus.’

Looking at the shiny dark red gauge bar on him alternately, I opened my mouth, covering a smile of remorse.

“I did my best to find your teacher, so do your best and thinking of me.” I raised my head in a haughty way and bragged about it.

The hidden gin that Derek saved me. Actually, he didn’t have to know. “All right?”


Eclise replied in a submissive manner.

Soon he lifted the head he was hiding on. And….

‘I will do my best to be a proud knight to my master,”

he said, looking at me with eyes full of unknown emotions.

I fell into a daze.

For a moment, it occurred to me that his gray-colored eyes seemed to be much darker than usual. “I think we’ll have to go now, lady.”

At that time, the butler came up and woke me up. “Uh, I’ll go. Come on, follow the housekeeper, Eclis.” I smiled awkwardly and beckoned Eclis.

He stared at me for moments at the urging of the butler, and turned slowly. The dark red gauge bar moves away.

Standing still in the position until they disappeared out of the rear gate, I came to my senses a moment later.

“Oh, good feelings.”

I realized I hadn’t been able to check his favorability all of a sudden.

For some reason, it felt as if a storm had hit and disappeared for a moment.

* * * *

Back in my room, I sat in front of my desk thinking about the news from the butler this morning. “Vinter Vernandi…”

When I think about it, it’s been a long time since I saw him. In fact, it was good to meet them at least once.

I wondered what color had changed over his head, and there was Phil Yoga to find out if he had contacted her, as it was only a short time before she appeared.

Tap tap-. I mumbled, tapping my finger on the desk. “Is the top contract excuse the best way to meet?” But not the emerald mine wasn’t mine.

That’s because butler already acted as an agent for me, so I shouldn’t have come forward to own it. There was no need to announce that.

I opened the bottom of the desk drawer and pulled out a white envelope. But something inside the drawer came out with the envelope.


I opened my eyes wide.

A white handkerchief shaped like a rabbit. After the trial, Vinter used magic to show it.

I put what Emily gave me in the drawer, and I forgot. I remembered something that had happened.

I took out the rabbit carefully with the white envelope so that it wouldn’t come loose. “So, I guess I’ll have to return this, too.”

I looked at the two alternately, my torn mind became firm. ‘I have to go see a vacant lot in a short period of time.’ That’s how I got up from my seat.

Come on. I had to lie down in bed quickly.

It was because I had a lack of sleep because I saw the butler and Eclis who visited early in the morning. It was just as soon as I was about to take a walk with my body that was sinking.


Suddenly the closed window next to the bookshelf burst open, and a tremendous gust of wind began to blow.

“Ah! What, what, man!”

I can’t even open my eyes.

I fluttered my arms frantically in this rush.

I was so busy that I could not feel the sense of deja vu that I had already experienced it once. After a while the wind subsided like a lie.

It was then.

From somewhere the thick voice of a man with a loud noise began to flow out. “A supportive job. A contract… to get a job…”

I panted around, out of spirits.

“Hyuk, Heo-eok, what kind of bastard,” and soon found.

“Jikji. … Dan … … come to the top … Come on … … please”

A rabbit made from handkerchief on my desk is talking with its head curiously raised.

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