Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 118

The sound of the rabbit’s voice was suddenly cut off after a word that seemed to inform where the message was from.

I watched the handkerchief for a while, fearing that a husky voice would keep coming out. But nothing was added.

The room was quickly silenced. “alas…”

That’s when I realized that my body was hardened by shock. It’s flinched and move.

“Why do you deliver in this crazy way? Can’t you send a message in a normal way?” It was when I was moaning, sweeping down my startled chest.

with a sudden light in front of me.

I’ve received [a suspicious invitation] from

[Wizard, Vinter Verdandi].

Do you want to go directly to the top? [Yes. / No.]

“What is it?”

My mind went blank in the moment. “Why does the system window pop up?”

The system window usually marked the beginning of a new episode. It meant that this was also one of the many routes of the game.

It was something I’ve already experienced in the last Hidden Quest.

But the fact that I don’t realize, was moving on to the game story made me forget everything. ‘No, that means I’m getting through the game.’

I tried to take it positively.

It was very uncomfortable to tell the butler and get ready to go out anyway, but that’s great. “Wait for me, System.”

You don’t understand me, but I’m spouting as if I’m giving you an order. I moved fast.

I take out the lobes and masks hidden in the closet. “Oh. “

I stopped abruptly.

Come to think of it, I shouldn’t wear mask. Because I was confiscated by Derek last time. I lost in thought.

‘Do I really need to cover my face like last time?’

In fact, it was meaningless because we know each other’s identity already. But if you’re meeting at the top, Vinter must be wearing a mask.

I’ll going to pretend to be the top state in a mask, but isn’t it kind of uncomfortable to face me with no status or face?

“Anyway it doesn’t helped .Derek, who had seized the mask.”

While thinking, there was one thing that suddenly crossed my mind. I hurried over to the desk.

And suddenly I opened the second drawer.

Inside, there was a bracelet on a platinum string that Derek had given me after confiscating the mask.

-The jewels were enchanted with magic. put it on. it worked as¸ protection magic and appearance change magic will be activated.

~ The wizard said¸ in the eyes of others¸ you’ll look like a boy your age.

There was something in my ear that he said back then. “It’s called cosmetic change magic,”

I quickly pulled the bracelet out of the drawer and put it on my wrist. Then a flash of light came into the purple jewels.

I looked at it with a curious eye, and then I hurried to the dressing table. “Awesome. It’s true. “

When I looked in the mirror, my true self disappeared. Instead, a pretty boy with short curly hair was seen.

All I could tell was my blue-green eyes, and my hair color and length had changed. There’s a little bit of my face left.

It was long, but it looked much more natural. “That’s amazing. Alas. Does your voice change, too?” I stuttered out my words.

A thin voice for a man, but a little husky voice came out than my original voice. It sounded like the voice of a boy whose voice had not come around. ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mic Test.’

“I’ve been repeating myself, and I’ve been completely acclimated to my voice, and I’ve been muttering to myself,

“But I’m still going to need you to be a helpful debonk.”

When I saw his dark hair, I remembered Derek who gave me a magic bracelet. “I couldn’t imagine his face when he was young.”

Because he was so sharp and mature in appearance that I couldn’t imagine his face at all when he was young.

Thinking of Derek, as teenager, I suddenly realized that what I was wearing a dress. The boy’s appearance did not match the white dress.

Fortunately, I had a changed appearance and a very resonant suit. It’s a suit that was set up during a hunting competition.

After changing into a grey jacket, shorts, and semi-stocking, it really looked like a boy. “You look like a rich boy going to pick up a pretty girl.”

I was smiling in the mirror, and I didn’t forget the rabbit-shaped handkerchief and white envelope I put on my desk and said,

“Let’s go. Instead of a pretty lady, let’s go get some pretty wizards.

* * *

When I opened my eyes with a bright light, I stood in front of the shabby building. Straight up the stairs and stood at the familiar old door.

As I was about to knock, I remembered that the door opened to that temple the other day. So I grabbed the doorknob and turned it around. But, Chul-kuk-.


The door didn’t open.

I was embarrassed and knocked the doorknob a few more times. “Cuck-cuck– “

“What is it? Where did it go? ” “Who are you? “

It was the moment. A cool voice rang out from behind. I turned back in surprise.

A tall man in a white rabbit mask was pointing at me with a child in a lion mask. ‘No! You said he was a secret wizard, why do you always take out the cane first!’ He was stuttering and looking alternately at the round swarms of light at the end. The top of the head suddenly caught my eye.

The purple, vivid purple gauge bar blinked fast.

“Who’s hanging around in front of someone else’s business?” He snapped coldly at me, staring blankly.

“I don’t requests with people your age. Please go back.” “I’m a client who’s been told by the rabbit.”

I came to my senses, and I answered quickly just in case the sense of arc would plummet again. “uh.”

and I added it awkwardly I just spoke informally.

Luckily for my answer, his purple gauge bar stopped blinking- A chilly wind swept through the empty-gall throat.

Soon the rabbit mask slowly lowered the cane that was pointing at me and opened its mouth. “Its a substitute..”

with a voice full of bewilderment.

Vinter who was talking to me, soon turned his head to the lion mask beside him. “Put itoff. He’s a guest. “


The lion put down his little hand without a reply .

And put his cane in his arms with a quick gesture. It was a well-trained. Last time, I was very glad to see how he helped me during the incident.

I wanted to pretend to know, but I quit because I don’t think I’ll be recognize anyway. “Let’s go inside and talk.”

The empty space, which put the cane in his arms, lifted one finger. an iron clatter

At the same time, behind my back, the tightly locked door opened. “Come on in. “

The vacant lot, which came up the stairs, instrusted me in a courteous manner.

I don’t know why, but I felt there was a lot of clutter in his dark blue eyes looking down at me. I entered without care.

His once-in-a-lifetime office remained the same without a single change. “Sit down,”

I sat down on the sofa at his second command.

And then he came in, and when he went in, he left the boy outside and closed the door. shut down

When I looked at it with a curious look, he gave me an answer casually. “We’re going in through the back door.”

He took off his coat and sat across from me on the hook. And as before, I beckoned as if I were calling someone.

The cupboard door on the wall opened into the temple and the kettle and teacup flew in. The boiling kettle is cold on its own.

in a daze over of somebody’s appearance

“I was just coming back from work because you came right away last time,” said Vince suddenly.

“I didn’t know you’d come so soon.” so his dark blue eyes stared at me.

It was something I heard somewhere. At the same time that idea resembles this, I suddenly forgot. One fact came to mind.

~ I didn’t know that clients would visit so soon because they would usually come a day or two after

receiving a call.

The arrogant aristocrats here used to have a grown-up custom. ‘Oh, shit, I’m here again, and I’m running like a horse!’

My face turned red.

Embarassed, I uttered anything with a cough.

“chum! You’d better take care of it quickly, without delay.”



I really said nothing.

When I belatedly attached the “yo” ruler, I saw the rabbit’s eyes bend through the hole on the side. “Just say the same side. Oh.”

Vinter tried to hide his smiling voice and gave me consideration. “As long as I’m here anyway, I’m only a top shareholder.” “Should I?”

I accepted the consideration without hesitation. It wasn’t because I was embarrassed at all.

“But is it a bracelet with the magic of change in appearance?” Suddenly the gaze of his was on my hand.

Still emitting a magnetic glow, I could see the bracelet De Rick gave me. ” To sneak out. “

“I’m glad you understood what I meant” so Binter nodded and added.

“I also thought a lot about how to send the message.” ‘what’s your problem?’

I tilted my head. Let’s do it.

He went straight to the topic.

“I tried to send the rabbit away like last time.but”


“Because you’re so frightened.”

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