Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 121

The sun was good after a long time. I came out with a book.

I was just about to read a few pages, sitting under a tree that I was always sitting and reading. From somewhere, the white butterflies sat on the floor, hovering around one or two.

Originally, there were many butterflies flying around the garden, so I didn’t notice it at first. aware of something strange

It was when a group of butterflies gathered in one place.

They spread their wings at a speed as if asking to look at them, and my eyes naturally turned to the humidity of repeatedly folding.

“What, what. “

When I looked in the book, I was embarrassed to see butterflies arranged squarely in rectangular shapes.

They, who had been flapping their wings until my eyes reached, finally achieved their desired purpose, began to shine.

‘What’s wrong with butterflies?’

I stared at the process with my eyes wide open. And after a while.

The square butterflies disappeared and a white envelope appeared on the spot. It was an incredible sight for my own eyes.

Looking blankly at the envelope, I soon found something engraved on it. It was a white rabbit pattern.


– I will write the contract on my side and send it secretly through a letter.

I remembered what he said yesterday.

I told him to contact me through the letter. “Unexpected. You use this method.”

Rather than the bunny with a manly voice , this was much better.

I immediately picked up the envelope on the floor and got up from my seat.

After returning to the room in a hurry, I sat in front of my desk and ripped off the envelope with a paper knife.

Inside were a diamond gemstone processing and distribution contract, an asset management agency contract, and a brief memo.

And I’ll pick you up at Hamilton Street tomorrow at 10 p.m. to fulfill the contract. Will you take the contract with you then?]

“Implementing the contract?”

As I tilted my head, I soon realized what it was by reading the genealogy. It was a ‘meeting’ condition he offered to identify me.

As soon as you sign the contract, you’ve got to carry it out.

I looked at the memo with a cold eye for a moment, and soon muttered a sigh. “Okay, let’s think of it as a day with man.”

It’s a love simulation game, but I was in a hurry to survive without a date. Now there must be some romantic episode.

I tried hard to put down the creeping anxiety.

* * * *

Early morning the following day.

I called Emily into the room and asked her to dress up.

“Are you going out, Miss? I’ll called more talented servants.” “I’m going out secretly. “


Her eyes were as big as a glass of paint.

There was no particular reason why I decided to sneak out.

Wouldn’t it be annoying to tell the butler that it will definitely go into the ears of the Duke or Derek, and that he is going to meet a stranger?

“I mean, until I get back,Don’t let anyone get in my room.” “However”

she looked uneasy at my words.

“Just give an excuse I’m not feeling well today.” “Well, you’ll be back in a minute, will you?” “I’ll be back by the end of the day, well.”

I said casually, with her curly touch of makeup.

After roughly putting on makeup and getting my hair done, I changed into a sky blue dress of knee length.

Perhaps because of the complementary color effect, it matched well with the dark red hair. The embroidery of the dress, which was pointed in dark blue in between, was delicate.

I chose it considering the color of my eyes. ‘You have to prepare this for a date with man.’

I’m looking in the mirror and I’m satisfied with my smile and gave a nod. “How is it? Pretty?”

I turned and asked Emily, and she covered her mouth with both hands and poured out like a exclamation.

“You are so beautiful. You’re like a goddess just sticking out of a mural carved in the temple.” I had my eyes on Emily’s goosebumps, but I felt good inside.

“Now, get out there and get a man in the hall. Look out for Danina.”

Now that all the decorations are done, it was time for a full-fledged escape.

Fortunately, early morning’s workmen were busy doing their jobs, and few people were walking around. I easily got out of the back door of the mansion and got on the way to the smoke field.

I was thinking of using the hole.

I was afraid I’d run into some of the trained knights nearby, so I couldn’t help but dragged out Emily. It was to look like a walk when caught.

Fortunately, all of them were in training, and there was no one near the hole. Emily was shocked to see me, familiarly pushing the bushes aside.

“Oh, my God, miss! When did you find this place?” “Put it back when I left. Okay?”

“Oh, I don’t think you should go out like this.”

I rolled up my dress and put my bare knee on the floor without answering.

I spent a lot of time dressing up and walking, so I was in a hurry because it was already close to 10 o’clock.

While she was crawling on the floor, lying on her stomach and crawling out of the dog hole, Emily continued to sigh,

‘Oh, my God.’

Soon out, I snapped my knee off the dirt and waved my hand in the hole. ‘”I’ll be back.”

“Oh, you’re really not going to tell me when you’ll be back?” “I’ll be back before dark.”

Well, he won’t hold me up late at night to satisfy his curiosity. Leaving the worried maid behind, I hurried away.

Soon after I came out to the main street, I went straight to the corner of the deserted alley where Vinter was taking me.

It was a little late, too, and I could see a big tall figure already in the alley. “I waited a long time”

I was going to pretend to know, but suddenly I stopped. Because it wasn’t just Vinter in the alley.

On the other hand, Bonn, the lion, stood behind him and looked at me. “Why are you bring him? “

I feel weird for a moment with a child’s eyes like they’re looking at me. I lost.

Doesn’t it seem like you’re dating a man with a child?

As I looked alternately at the two, my eyes met with Vinter. I could see the navy blue eyes growing faintly.

“Why didn’t you come in disguise today?” he asked with a look of embarrassment.

I asked back in embarrassment. “Should I have come in disguise?”

“You did it last time, so I thought you’d do it again. “Weren’t you asking me out?”


There was a quiet silence in the alley.

It was Hiddugger Lim of a young child who broke it. “Hick, it’s not a date! It’s a date!”

shouted the lion’s mask as if teasing. I am still dumbfounded.

“Where were we going?”

“We’re going to hand out the bread!” said the lion child happily.

It was the moment.

A white square window flashed before my eyes.

~MAIN QUEST: The whereabouts of the lost children~ [First. Slum with the Wizard] Would you like to proceed with the quest?

(Compensation: +5% favorability of Vinter, Fame 50) [Accept / Refuse]


I doubted my ears.

With my eyes wide open, I am repeating the writing of the system window one more time, and Vinter had an awkward expression as to whether he had misrepresented me.

*awwwww poor Penny. she thought it was a date*

“I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you in advance. Of course I know you’ll wear pants”

There was no room for embarrassment for mistaking it as a date alone. At the same time, the letters in the system window changed.

main quest and will be automatically accepted in 5 seconds. SYSTEM5


‘This crazy game’

I pressed [accept] with trembling hands. Then a new square window appeared.

Would you like to move to [Tratan], the place of quest, with the help of a magician? [Yes. / No.]

When I chose [Yes.], Vinter extended his hand to me.

“We’re going to Tratan. It won’t be inconvenient for you to move with the horse.”

It was the way I had experienced once before. But I didn’t really want to hold his hand. I didn’t even know where ‘Tratan’ was.

It’s been a long time since I was possessed by this game, but it was the first name I’ve heard of. ‘The tide is not good.’


Hesitating, I was puzzled by the blank.

Perhaps because I have been twisted since I saw the word “volunteer activity,” I felt like a tacit pressure to fulfill the contract.

‘Yeah. You’re not going to go to the mountain to do volunteer work. There are so many slums around the capital.’

I cried and beat him in the hand, pressing down on the creepy creek. I hold him.

In the midst of a little wish, the lion came up and grabbed my empty hand. “Biratio, Tratan!”

With the spell of grotesque pronunciations, the white light in front of my eyes flashed. Slurp-. Shoot. Slap. Shoot me- Slap me.

When we opened our eyes again, we stood on the seagulls flying by the seagulls.

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