End of the Magic Era

Chapter 74 - Component

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Lin Yun never noticed these ambushing Skeleton Warriors, otherwise he would have re-evaluated the reward from the Death Garden. Through these skeletons’ reaction, he might have even though that not every ability would induce a change in one’s body.

It was already late in the night when Lin Yun arrived at Thousand Sails City. What he experienced today was too stimulating, even for Lin Yun. Especially that final fight in the Death Garden, it completely exhausted Lin Yun’s stamina. He had planned to research the stone tablet after returning to the Gilded Rose, but he felt the fatigue assaulting him when he sat down. He fell asleep on his chair without even noticing.

He slept until noon. When he opened his eyes, he found out that a blanket had been put around him and breakfast had been put on the side of the table.

He guessed that it was most likely the old butler.

The old butler had never came in contact with magic, he didn’t even know much about Great Mages. But he stubbornly believed that magic study shouldn’t be disturbed. A huge issue couldn’t be compared with his young master’s magic study. Thus, the old butler had always been taking care of his young master’s daily need stealthily, just like he did now, secretly putting a blanket around him while he slept and putting some food on his table, afraid of waking Lin Yun from his sleep.

Lin Yun smiled before making the breakfast disappear in a few mouthful. He then took out the stone tablet and return to his laboratory.

The palm sized stone tablet was put on a refining table. It had no mana fluctuations, nor any death aura. It looked just like an ordinary stone tablet. But Lin Yun was convinced that this stone tablet looked ordinary because he had yet to find its secret.

This was a stone tablet from the Death Garden, the convergence of a huge amount of death energy. Even if it wasn’t something heaven defying like a soul stone, it shouldn’t be a common stone tablet.

Thus, Lin Yun spent a few hours in his laboratory.

Lin Yun used alchemy reagents to analyze it at first. But he quickly understood that he was wrong. He used two dozen alchemy reagents and came to the same result. There was nothing strange about it on the material side, it was a stone tablet.

‘Well, if the analysis of alchemy reagents is inconclusive, then I can try to make it react to mana.’

Lin Yun held the stone tablet in his hand and began pouring a large amount of mana.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes.

Lin Yun had some expectations at the start, but he couldn’t help grumbling inwardly after thirty minutes, ‘This damn stone tablet is a bottomless pit!’ Regardless how much mana he poured in, it couldn’t be filled. Yet the reaction Lin Yun was expecting never happened.

“Fuck, so annoying!” Lin Yun angrily cursed it when he felt that he was running out of mana and stopped this futile effort.

Lin Yun truly wanted to know what that damned stone tablet was made of. How could it be so stubborn, why wouldn’t it yield. Or was that damn stone tablet picky about the food?

‘Right, can it eat a spell…?’

Lin Yun suddenly got an idea. The stone tablet was from the Death Garden, it was condensed from a huge amount of death energy, maybe it had some of the properties of undead lifeforms? ‘What about a fire spell?’

Lin Yun was careful, afraid of the stone tablet being harmed by a powerful fire spell, thus he chose a simple Flaming Hand.

Lin Yun didn’t even need to use gestures to use this kind of beginner level spell. He grabbed the stone tablet and cast the spell, flames instantly rising from his hand.

Lin Yun then noticed that his thought pattern had been correct.

Death aura was released the instant the flames appeared. At the same time, the details of his Flaming Hand appeared in his mind.

“What!?” Lin Yun was startled. His Flaming Hand was extinguished, and the stone tablet also slipped out of his hand and fell to the ground.

What appeared in his mind just now was too strange.

Lin Yun stood there, looking at the stone tablet in a daze, an extremely complicated expression appeared on his face, a mix of dread and expectation.

This stone tablet strangeness far exceeded what Lin Yun imagined. It could affect his mind, yet the ability contained within was something Lin Yun yearned for. Complete analysis of spells. No mage could resist such a power.

It took a long time before Lin Yun decided to pick up the tablet from the floor with shivering hands.

Lin Yun’s expression was very complicated with the stone tablet in his hand, because the next thing he had to try was using the Magic Array.

Lin Yun would be able to deal with losing of control of his Flaming Hand spell, but if a problem happened with the Magic Array, he would only be able to close his eyes and wait for his death. The Magic Array was an extension of his life, the mark of his soul, it was the foundation of Lin Yun as a Great Mage.

After no less than ten minutes, Lin Yun took a deep breath and tightly held the stone tablet as he used his Magic Array.

‘So it’s indeed like that…’ As his Magic Array was activated, Lin Yun’s brows relaxed.

He had noticed that the efficiency of his Magic Array had been doubled with the stone tablet. He originally needed a minute to be able to complete a melded spell, but he only needed thirty second now.

‘That’s enough.’

There was no need to keep experimenting. Lin Yun put back the stone tablet on the refining table. Lin Yun had finally confirmed that he had taken a component of the Death Garden, a component able of computing and analysis of spells.

As for its rank, it should be above True Spirit.

Lin Yun no longer envied Sandro.

Even if the power of this stone tablet wasn’t as good as the soul stone, this was a component. If Lin Yun got his hands on the Book of Death and merged them, then the power of the Book of Death might reach a frightening level.

Not to mention that this component was powerful enough by itself.

After all, Lin Yun’s Magic Conducting Rune was the Magic Array, the most annoying part of the Magic Array was its complexity and details. The merging of every spell’s incantation and metamagic would take a long time. Lin Yun could now improve the efficiency of his Magic Array with this component in hand.

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