End of the Magic Era

Chapter 75 - A Shame

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“Boss Merlin, Alchemist Bassoro is here.” The doorbell of the alchemy lab was rang by Remy as Lin Yun was still immersed in the study of the component.

“Okay, got it. Let Bassoro wait a bit, I’ll finish up here and go over quickly.” Lin Yun was very satisfied with the stone tablet, so much that he wasn’t even bothered by Bassoro interrupting his research.

Lin Yun met Bassoro in the reception room a few minutes later.

That Great Alchemist seemed more uncomfortable facing Lin Yun than during their last meeting.

It was caused by a piece of information he received this morning.

Yesterday evening, a young Great Mage invaded the Poison Fog Canyon on his own and successfully coerced the first underground force of Thousand Sails City to open up a trade route.

When he heard that, Bassoro’s heart started beating furiously. He then made some inquiries and confirmed that the Great Mage’s name was Mafa Merlin.

That gave Bassoro a fright.

Bassoro did indeed know that Mafa Merlin was very powerful, powerful to the point of being able to use a Wind Blade to cut the wrist of a Magic Apprentice in front of two Great Mages.

But Bassoro never expected him to be such a monster.

That was the Viper Nest…

The first underground power of Thousand Sails City!

They had been building in the Poison Fog Canyon despite the hostile environment all those years. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to describe the place as well-fortified. To boot, they also had the Great Mage Bell, someone who even Solomon praised.

Yet Mafa Merlin went in alone and forced them to yield to him and open up a trade route.

Who could make sense of this?

“Hello, Great Alchemist Bassoro.”

“He… Hello, Great Mage Merlin.” Bassoro took a deep breath, trying to appear calm. But his nervousness was immediately betrayed once he opened his mouth.

This couldn’t be blamed on Bassoro.

This was a person that had single-handedly attacked the Poison Fog Canyon. Even Sauss would bow to him, who could avoid being nervous in front of him?

Bassoro quickly managed to calm down a bit. The Great Alchemist then said with an enthusiastic smile on his face, “Great Mage Merlin, I heard about an interesting matter in the past two days…”


“I heard that the Monchi Family’s Twin Moons Splendor has already been sealed because of some quality issue with their items. They might also face a hearing.”

“That’s a shame…” It looked as if Lin Yun was feeling sorry for them.

“Great Mage Merlin didn’t hear about it?” Bassoro was startled when he saw Lin Yun’s expression. ‘Twin Moons Splendor’s misfortune is unconditionally due to your fortune, so why don’t you own it?’ But as he thought of this, Bassoro’s focus was brought back to the conversation with Lin Yun’s next sentence.

“How could I? It’s been too busy recently, there are too few alchemists in the Gilded Rose. Even myself, the owner, has to work. I haven’t been able to go out for several days.”

“…” Bassoro inwardly felt like spitting on the floor. ‘Too shameless. You say that you haven’t left for a few days when you actually did yesterday and forced Sauss to open up a route for you. If you had remained here for a few days, then who sent Sauss’ sentry towers flying with Flame Bursts yesterday? A ghost?’

But Bassoro was worthy of being an old fox. Thinking about Merlin’s words, he understood the important point. It wasn’t Merlin not leaving, but rather the pitiful amount of alchemists.

‘I see, I see…’

‘Great Mage Merlin wants alchemists!’

It was very normal considering the situation. After the appearance of the Hope Potion, the Gilded Rose’s business was booming, each day better than the previous one. They might soon become the most influential alchemy shop in Thousand Sails City. Yet the number of alchemists didn’t raise much.

It was because 99% of the alchemists of Thousand Sails City were in the hands of the Alchemist Guild. He could only recruit enough alchemists through the Alchemist Guild.

If someone else had suggested something like this, Bassoro would probably refuse and turn him down. After all, why was the Alchemist Guild the one in charge of the alchemy market in Thousand Sails City? Why could they seal stores, seize goods, and conduct hearings? Wasn’t it because the majority of the alchemists were in the hands of the Alchemist Guild?

How could such an important resource be so casually transferred?

Unfortunately, he couldn’t turn down the person sitting in front of him so easily…

Not to mention his mastery of that alchemy formula, as a Great Mage, he had swept the Viper Nest. Bassoro had to think carefully, he wasn’t sure Merlin was someone that could even be turned down. After all, the stronger a mage was, the more eccentric they would inevitably become. Solomon was a good example. It would definitely become a big problem if this young mage got irritated after being denied.

Thus, Bassoro not only didn’t dare to decline, he was actually looking for a way to agree. He was afraid his own answer wouldn’t be enthusiastic enough so he meticulously squeezed out an earnest smile.

“Haha, we are in a similar situation, Great Mage Merlin, I’m so busy I barely have free time. There are hundreds of Alchemists in the guild and I have to arrange all of their jobs. I’m having headaches trying to find them jobs. Oh, that’s right, Great Mage Merlin, aren’t you planning to expand the Gilded Rose? Can you do me a favor? Can you recruit a group of Alchemists for me? I dare say that the Alchemists under me are all above standard. There are even a few remarkable ones. If they work hard they might even be able to attack the Great Alchemist level.”

“No problem, no problem.” Lin Yun also smiled, “Not too many for now, let’s start with fifty.”

“…” Bassoro nearly choked, ‘Fifty? Not many?’

‘Damn, the amount of Alchemists the Alchemist Guild can get a hand on hasn’t even reached two hundreds!’

“Okay… Perfect. On-only fifty, I’ll have to find another home for the others.” Bassoro stuttered with an extremely stiff smile. It looked like he was about to cry.

He couldn’t re-discuss this…

Although neither side said it clearly, they both knew that this deal entailed something else. Once the fifty Alchemists were transferred, Bassoro would obtain the alchemy formula he yearned for.

Bassoro’s expression eased up when he thought of the various benefits this alchemy formula would bring him. After some small talk, Bassoro even told Lin Yun a piece of information.

“Oh right, Great Mage Merlin, I heard that the Monchi Family is planning on organizing an alchemy exhibition too.”

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