End of the Magic Era

Chapter 78 - Which One is Bigger?

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“Ah?” Lin Yun walked over and glanced at it, knowing that this kid was looking for trouble again.

The poor materials Hauss was talking about all came from the Silver Moon Mercenaries. That was the best mercenary group in Thousand Sails City and there has never been an issue with magic materials they have sold over the years. How would Sasu react if he heard Hauss’ words…

As for the alchemy tools Hauss was talking about…

Well, Lin Yun had to admit that compared to the Alchemist Guild’s, they were indeed outdated.

But nothing could be done about it, the Alchemist Guild had an insurmountable advantage over the alchemy shops, the most comprehensive knowledge and the best of equipments. How else would the Alchemist Guild be able to keep 99% of the Alchemists of Thousand Sails City?

This advantage wasn’t something the Gilded Rose could match with. Even when Locke Merlin had the monopoly of the alchemy market, the Flashing Gold chamber of commerce still couldn’t rival the Alchemist Guild’s resources.

Hauss wasn’t an idiot, there was no way he wasn’t aware of this.

There was only one reason for him saying this, he was looking for trouble.

“It looks like Alchemist Hauss has a major complaint about the Gilded Rose.” Lin Yun stood there, smiling at Hauss.

“That’s right, I have a complaint about it, so what!” Hauss hadn’t know that he was digging his hole deeper and deeper. Seeing Lin Yun’s smile, he felt that Merlin still had a good disposition.

It was unfortunate that Hauss didn’t know Rios.

That Great Swordsman of the Viper Nest would have been frightened to death if Lin Yun smiled at him like that, he wouldn’t dare having any complaint.

“Knock knock…”

Hauss was saved from digging his own hole by the sound of someone knocking on the door.

“Boss Merlin, there is an Alchemist named Faleau outside.”

“Faleau?” Lin Yun just remembered that when he had visited the Black Horn Auction House the day before yesterday, Cadgar had mentioned that Lin Yun’s words had helped Faleau make rapid progress and he was already standing at the door of the Great Alchemist rank. Unfortunately, he couldn’t breakthrough, so he was hoping for pointers from Lin Yun.

Lin Yun had thought about it and told Cadgar that there was no problem, but after Faleau accepted his pointers, he would have no relationship with the Black Horn Auction House and had to work for the Gilded Rose for at least ten years. It was because Faleau would inevitably come in contact with some core formulas of the Gilded Rose, and might even take his place in compounding the Hope Potion. This was the core of the Gilded Rose and simply couldn’t be leaked.

At that time, Lin Yun felt that Cadgar would hesitate to part with such a young and promising Alchemist. But he hadn’t expected that Cadgar would actually agree immediately.

Lin Yun couldn’t help inwardly sighing, impressed, Faleau was truly lucky.

This was the caring attitude of the older generation towards the younger generation. Cadgar was hoping Faleau would have a good future, regardless of whether it would profit the Black Horn Auction House.

“Faleau?” While Lin Yun was reminiscing, the young Hauss on the side couldn’t help standing at attention when he heard the name.

How could he not know Faleau.

That was Black Horn Auction House’s talented Alchemist. Apprentice Alchemist at 13, Alchemist at 18, and standing at the entrance of the Great Alchemist rank in his twenties. Hauss had always considered Faleau his target and idol, always hoping he could work at the same place as Faleau, being able to work in an amazing place like the Black Horn Auction House and reach the peak of the Alchemist rank in his twenties.

“Hmm, Alchemist Hauss, wait a bit.”

Unfortunately for Hauss, Lin Yun hurriedly said a few words and hurried out, not even leaving him a chance to ask one of the questions that were on the tip of his tongue.

Lin Yun came out of the alchemy laboratory and saw Faleau waiting for him in the hallway.

At this moment, this young Alchemist looked like an excited child hiding his anxiousness.

“Merlin… Great Mage Merlin, High Mage Cadgar sent me here.” Faleau was somewhat nervous. Others might not know, but he knew that the person before him was a Great Alchemist extremely close to the Master rank. In Thousand Sails City, only Leader Lys was worthy of being considered his equal.

Last time at the Black Horn Auction, Great Mage Merlin only had to say a few sentences to let him have great progress in alchemy. Now that he was on the verge of breakthrough, if he could obtain pointers from this Great Mage, he would inevitably be able to become a Great Alchemist in the near future.

This was an opportunity Faleau had been waiting for a long time.

“Yes, High Mage Cadgar discussed this with me.” Lin Yun nodded. But he didn’t have time to manage Faleau’s excitement and anxiousness. The fifty Alchemists Bassoro sent him made him feel too edgy and annoyed. He didn’t even have time to study that stone tablet, and Faleau just happened to arrive now.

“That… Faleau, you came just on time. There is an Alchemist inside which I just recruited. Help me familiarizing him with the alchemy laboratory and giving him some potion mixing work. You can then look for me in the reception room, I have some words for you.”

“Yes, yes, I’ll take care of it right away.” Faleau was filled with excitement, he really hadn’t thought that he would be entrusted with heavy responsibility after arriving at the Gilded Rose. It looks like he would become a Great Alchemist soon.

After respectfully seeing Lin Yun off, Faleau pushed open the door of the alchemy laboratory.

“Alchemist Faleau!” Hauss’ eyes shone. He didn’t expect that he would be able to meet his idol in the Gilded Rose, he was so moved he didn’t know where to put his hands, “Alchemist Faleau., I-I-I… I am Hauss, from the Alchemist Guild. I admire your accomplishments. Oh, right, Alchemist Faleau, does the Black Horn Auction House need Alchemists? I would love to work in the same place as you!”

“…” Faleau opened his mouth, but no sound came out of it, he was speechless.

He was thinking, ‘Is that Hauss an idiot? He has already entered the Gilded Rose, yet he want to go work for the Black Horn Auction House. Do you not know who the owner of the Gilded Rose is? Are you blind? I haven’t been able to sleep in the last two days just from being accepted in the Gilded Rose!’

Faleau really wanted to take a seed and a watermelon out and ask Hauss: ‘Which one is bigger?’

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