End of the Magic Era

Chapter 79 - Half-heartedly

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This wasn’t a joking matter.

‘Beside Cadgar, is there a single exceptionally outstanding Alchemist in the Black Horn Auction House? And even Cadgar himself would be startled and full of admiration at the mention of Lin Yun’s name. He even felt that Great Mage Merlin would become Thousand Sails City’s first Artisan.’

Faleau really wanted to ask Hauss if something was wrong with his brain.

‘You are in Gilded Rose’s laboratory, yet you want to go work for the Black Horn Auction House, are you brain dead?’

But he decided that he didn’t really care. ‘Forget it, his brain issues don’t matter. I have hundreds of admirers in Thousand Sails City, it’s normal for a few of them to be completely stupid. I’ll deal with you and then go to the reception room. I can’t let Great Mage Merlin wait for too long.’

Faleau quickly gave up on this admirer.

“Hmm, Alchemist Hauss, right? You should know these alchemy tools, I won’t introduce them to you. Let’s talk about your work. You’ll work on mixing alchemy potions for the time being. I’ll have some people deliver some semi-finished potions and you’ll be in charge of handling them.”

“Yes, yes, no problem.”

People were strange sometimes.

If Lin Yun had spoken to Hauss with such an indifferent tone, that young, talented Alchemist would inevitably have become hostile. But since the one who said those words was Faleau, Hauss felt that those instructions were quite proper. Faleau was Thousand Sails City’s most outstanding Alchemist, someone that would soon become a Great Alchemist. It was already a rare and precious occasion to have him talk to him, how could he hope for more?

After all, great characters weren’t like Merlin, great characters needed arrogance deserving of their status!

Hauss could find all sorts of reasons for thinking so highly of Faleau.

If Hauss learnt that Faleau was just doing things half-heartedly because he was in a hurry to meet the kind-hearted Boss Merlin, who knew what he would think?

“Okay, I’ll be on my way.”

He wasn’t interested in what Hauss thought, so after quickly dealing with him, Faleau hurried to the reception room.

He stopped in front of the door and took a deep breath. He knocked on the door only after calming his heart and unwrinkling his robe.

“Come in.” Lin Yun was looking at the data he had on the Alchemists, and he casually pointed to a chair. “Sit down, Faleau.”

Faleau naturally didn’t dare to trouble him and simply sat across from Lin Yun. A few minutes later, Lin Yun was done looking through the Alchemists’ data so he asked, “Faleau, do you understand why Cadgar sent you over?”

“Yes, I understand…” Faleau naturally knew that Cadgar had seen him stuck at the boundary between Alchemist and Great Alchemist for some time before he resolved himself to send him to the Gilded Rose. Whether it was Cadgar or himself, they both felt that the only one able to help him make a breakthrough was Great Mage Merlin.

“Cadgar talked to me a few times, and he said that you are among the youngest Alchemists of Thousand Sails City, one with the brightest prospects. He was hoping I could help you, and I agreed. I think that if you are hardworking enough, you’ll become a Great Alchemist within three months. ”

“Re-really?” Faleau froze, ‘Gr-Great Mage Merlin… He is saying that I’ll be able to break through? And within three months!’

Faleau would be suspicious if anyone else claimed this…

But who was the person standing in front of him?

He was a peak existence among Great Alchemists, someone only a step away from the Master Alchemist rank. Moreover, Cadgar had been sighing in regret quite a few times, sad that this Great Mage was spending too much time on magic at the expense of his achievements in alchemy. If that Great Mage Merlin was willing to spend more time on alchemy, even just a bit, he would have already become a Master.

Moreover, he might become the first Artisan of Thousand Sails City.

Unfortunately, this Great Mage’s focus wasn’t on alchemy.

“Yes, three months.” The peak Great Alchemist that even Cadgar admired once again gave his guarantee, making Faleau’s heart race. Becoming a Great Alchemist, even reaching the Master rank didn’t feel as remote as before.

“I… I’ll definitely work hard!”

“That’s good, this is your contract. Sign it if you are fine with it. Later, I’ll show you around my alchemy laboratory.”

“Okay.” Faleau took a glance at the contract and then signed without thinking too much about it.

Lin Yun smiled, as he hadn’t expected Faleau to be so straightforward. This was a magic contract. He couldn’t back out once he signed it, or else the contract’s mana would make him pay a huge price.

“Good, Faleau, welcome to the Gilded Rose.” Lin Yun extended his hand and shook Faleau’s. Just as he was about to lead Faleau to his laboratory, knocking sounds came from the reception door.

“Knock knock knock, knock knock knock…”

Rapid and loud knocks rang out, far less polite than Faleau’s, making Lin Yun frown. “Come in.”

Sure enough, the newcomer was Hauss…

“Mafa Merlin! What are you up to!?” Hauss entered the reception room filled with fury. He threw his worksheet on the long table, using an impolite tone and even omitting the “Boss” part, using his name directly instead.

“I already said that I am an Alchemist, not a damn Apprentice Alchemist. Why is there no one to help me operate my alchemy tools! Why is there no one to help me process magic materials! Don’t tell me that the Gilded Rose is so poor that it can’t hire a few Apprentice Alchemists? You should know that an Alchemist’s time is very precious. This is practically a crime!”

“…” Lin Yun scratched his chin and picked up the worksheet in front of him. He didn’t know what to say for some time. Indeed, the processing of magic materials and the manipulation of alchemy tools were the work of Apprentice Alchemists in ordinary alchemy shops. But the Gilded Rose wasn’t an ordinary alchemy shop. What ordinary alchemy shop could hire fifty Alchemists?

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