End of the Magic Era

Chapter 81 - Angel Potion

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Because of the curse power, the prince tomb was teeming with rampaging, undead lifeforms. And he would have to go to the Bone Plane soon after, so Lin Yun was naturally compounding a potion to deal with undead lifeforms.

As a matter of fact, potioneers of this era didn’t have many methods to deal with the undead. This was mostly the work of enchanters or array refiners. A weapon enchanted with Holy attribute or an array that could intimidate undead lifeforms would be a great increase in strength when facing them.

But this was only for the alchemists of this era…

It wasn’t difficult for Lin Yun to accomplish this.

What he was currently preparing was an Angel Potion.

The formula for the Angel Potion didn’t exist in this era, because this most important formula wouldn’t appear until some three thousand years later. It was due to the formula’s calculations being far too complex, and the fact that the alchemists of this era didn’t possess the necessary computing ability.

In fact, Lin Yun didn’t have that kind of computing ability either.

But he had the answer…

So he shamelessly cheated and directly used the result of those calculations in the formula.

Now, both the formula and the solution were given to Faleau.

“Faleau, follow those and help me arrange the formula and complete the recipe.”

“Okay.” Faleau straightforwardly grabbed the paper and quickly started making some calculations on a refining table. As an experienced Alchemist, he didn’t need Lin Yun to give him more details.

But soon after, his forehead became filled with beads of sweat.

He had yet to calculate a tenth of the formula, but the further he progressed, the more alarmed he became. For a second he even wondered if Great Mage Merlin would silence him once he finished the calculations.

Nothing could be done about it, as this formula was truly too astonishing!

After the calculations were done, it would be possible to create five completely new recipes with a bit of arranging. Moreover, each kind would be a recipe never before seen in Thousand Sails City that would create a stir. And all of this was casually handed to him by Great Mage Merlin.

Never in his wildest dreams would Faleau have ever believed that he would one day have the opportunity to come into contact with such a formula. If this formula came out, let alone Alchemists and Great Alchemists, even Master Alchemists would race over to see it. It was too frightening…

No wonder Great Mage Merlin dared to guarantee that he would become a Great Alchemist within three months.

To someone who had mastered such formidable knowledge, three months was more than a generous time period. Faleau felt that as long as he studied this formula carefully, three weeks would be enough for him to easily become a Great Alchemist.

At this time, Faleau truly felt that separating from the Black Horn Auction House to join the Gilded Rose was the best decision he had ever made. If he hadn’t joined, how could he have gotten the personal guidance of Great Mage Merlin, and how would he have been able to come into contact with this kind of knowledge?

Faleau had originally been a bit dissatisfied when he quickly read the magic contract and noticed the required ten years of work and the nondisclosure clauses. He had felt that this Great Mage was being overly careful. But Faleau now knew that it wasn’t Great Mage Merlin being too careful, but that the knowledge being offered was too frightening.

If Faleau had known what he did now when he was signing, he would have vehemently protested, saying that just a period of ten years was too short!

Faleau completed the arrangement of the formula after three hours and quickly prepared three magic materials based on the outcome of the arrangement.

Once he was done, Faleau watched the young Great Mage throw the seven materials separately into the crucible, and then he saw one potion after the other get placed on the refining table, rippling with Holy power. Faleau ultimately couldn’t help but ask a question.

“Great Mage Merlin, wh-what is this potion?”

“This is called Angel Potion, it mainly provides Holy power that can be used to intimidate undead lifeforms. Moreover, it can strengthen one’s body and replenish mana.”

“…” Faleau couldn’t help being shocked when he heard this.

A potion usually had a single effect. This kind of potion with holy, bodily and mana effects at the same time was something that had never been seen among the potions of the Great Alchemist level. This Great Mage Merlin was indeed good; he casually handed a formula to Faleau, letting him do the calculations as instructed, and once done, it became a potion with heaven-defying effects.

‘How could he be so frightening…’

“Oh right, there is quite an amount of magic materials left. You should have learnt a bit when calculating the formula. If you have time, you should use these leftovers to practice. This should benefit you.” Lin Yun left these words as he picked up the ten Angel potions and departed from the laboratory.

Now that he had refined the potions, he had to study the stone tablet. He only had to join the Gilded Rose’s next caravan to Edge Rift and then take a trip to the prince tomb, in hopes of finding that Reincarnation Eye.

Faleau’s eyes followed Lin Yun as the latter left the room, before falling back onto the magic materials on the table, and then to the paper filled with all kinds of data. Only after he managed to calm his heart did he do as Lin Yun instructed.

Faleau remained in the alchemy laboratory that entire afternoon.

But Faleau was only an Alchemist, after all. Both his skills and his experience were quite inferior to those of a Great Alchemist. After working for a full afternoon, he only completed two potions that were far inferior to the Angel Potion.

Of the two potions that Faleau compounded, one was named Meditation Potion, used to increase mana recovery speed, and the other one was named Dragon Strength Potion, used to strengthen one’s body.

These two potions copied parts of the effects of the Angel Potion, but Faleau’s level was far from Great Mage Merlin’s, and thus, each of these potions only had one out of the three effects of the Angel Potion. As for the remaining Holy power effect, he couldn’t reproduce it at all.

But it didn’t matter.

Faleau wasn’t in a hurry after discovering such frightening alchemy knowledge. He knew that as long as Great Mage Merlin allowed him to remain in the Gilded Rose, he would be able to compound an Angel Potion sooner or later. He would become the most formidable alchemist of Thousand Sails City, Great Mage Merlin excluded of course!

As he thought about that, Faleau glanced at the two potions in his hands.

It seemed that these two potions could also be used for an alchemy exhibition.

Although they were just knock-offs of the Angel Potion, they weren’t worse than the two potions introduced by the Monchi Family. Especially the Dragon Strength Potion, which was an enhanced version of the similar Berserk Blood Potion.

The Berserk Blood Potion only produced a short duration Berserk effect while the Dragon Strength Potion brought about a comprehensive increase in body strength. Only a fool wouldn’t know which of these two potions a Swordsman would pick.

Others might not know the origins of the Monchi Family’s two potions, but how could Faleau not know? They came from the analysis of the Ghost and Volcano potions, and the Monchi Family actually had the nerve to use them against the Gilded Rose.

‘Good, good. Great Mage Merlin might not care about bothering with you, but I’m definitely not that good-natured.’

After Faleau cleaned everything, he returned to his own alchemy laboratory. Before going upstairs, he told Remy, “Remy, please get me Hauss!”

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