End of the Magic Era

Chapter 82 - Interaction

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The Monchi Family was in a pretty good mood at this time. The alchemy exhibition ended on a good note, and the large number of orders swept away the clouds that had been previously hanging around the Monchi Family. The always stern Monchi patriarch would occasionally smile. And he didn’t have any headache when looking at Mason now… In fact, he looked pleasing to the eye.

Monchi’s current mood was pretty good.

A few days ago, the Monchi Family had been in a rather unfavorable situation. They hadn’t managed to get the house of Locke Merlin, nor were they able to win the Red Flame Fish Oil for Solan during the auction. Following that was the formidable rise of the Gilded Rose as well as the Twin Moons Splendor being sealed. Monchi almost let things escape his control.

Fortunately, Solan of the Black Tower helped them once again.

Solan personally persuaded the Black Tower council to give advanced alchemy skills to the Monchi Family as well as the support of two Great Alchemists.

And thus, the Nothingness and Berserk Blood potions appeared.

The appearance of these two completely new potions allowed the Monchi Family to reverse the unfavorable situation. And now, an endless stream of orders arrived at the Twin Moon Splendors, less than a day before the end of the alchemy exhibition. Moreover, the leaders of a few great mercenary groups came to visit them, displaying great interest toward the two new potions.

These mercenary groups added up to somewhere from several thousands to tens of thousands of mercenaries. The number of potions they would consume every year would reach an astronomical number. As long as they could have a deal with several large mercenary groups, the Twin Moons Splendor’s position would be unshakable.

Monchi’s only regret was that these few mercenary groups didn’t include the Silver Moon Mercenary Group.

But he didn’t worry about this.

When the effects of the Nothingness potion and the Berserk Blood potion were widely acclaimed, the Silver Moon Mercenary Group would definitely give up on the Gilded Rose.

This was the advantage of having superior skills. The Nothingness Potion brought an instant of physical immunity, while the Berserk Blood Potion induced Berserk for a short period, which could instantly raise the strength of a mercenary group. The Gilded Rose was far too inferior in comparison. The potions they had were far inferior to the Berserk Blood potion and the Nothingness potion.

‘It doesn’t matter if Sasu is unaware, wouldn’t he understand once he saw them? And as for how…’

Monchi considered the matter.

‘People of the same trade definitely interacted with each other, so there is no need to worry.’

“Ryan, go to Great Alchemist Hawkins.”

The Black Tower sent two Great Alchemists, but most of the time, Monchi would be dealing with the one named Hawkins. This was due to the fact that Great Alchemist Hawkins had always been drawing closer to Solan’s side. He had helped the Monchi Family a lot ever since he arrived at the Monchi Family, both in the open and in the dark.

As for the other one, Lavin, he had kept a businesslike attitude.

It was said that his backer in the Black Tower was actually opposing Solan, so although he had to work for the Monchi Family due to his orders, Monchi felt that Lavin wasn’t putting much effort into it.

This was why Monchi would always contact Hawkins when it came to dealing with the Gilded Rose.

Several days later, Lin Yun was still studying the stone tablet.

He knew that his understanding of this stone tablet was far too shallow, at a level that couldn’t even be described as superficial. It was a Component that reached True Spirit level at the very least. What kind of concept was True Spirit level? That was power on par with an Archmage! Comparable to the Artisan title for alchemists!

But Lin Yun’s current usage of this stone tablet was only limited to raising the efficiency of his Magic Array. He couldn’t even activate its power.

He wasn’t worried, though. A Magic Tool or Component that was True Spirit or above would definitely contain secrets. Even the Cloud Tower’s Great Mage with heaven-defying luck took a hundred years before being able to command the True Spirit Magic Tool that he got from the prince tomb.

Lin Yun didn’t have that heaven-defying luck to rely on.

Thus, he only hoped to be able to understand just a bit more. Even a tiny bit would give him a huge increase in power. This bit of understanding might be the decisive factor that could reverse the outcome of a battle.

Lin Yun spent an entire week immersed in the study of the stone tablet.

Lin Yun didn’t even know that Faleau had already made progress with the first knockoff of the Angel Potion, nor that he had dragged Hauss into it. The two also spent a full week in the alchemy laboratory.

“Control the temperature, control the temperature! How many times do I have to say it! Control the flames’ temperature! Can you even control the flames? I really don’t know how you became an Alchemist!” Faleau’s temper was far worse than usual currently in the Gilded Rose’s laboratory. On one side he was nervously working on a refining table, while on the other side he was shouting at the sweating Hauss.

“I’m sorry, Alchemist Faleau, I didn’t mean it!” Hauss wiped the sweat off his forehead as he hurriedly operated the crucible, flustered. There were four crucibles lined up on the refining table, and every operation made Hauss breathless.

After an entire hour, forty bottles of Dragon Strength were arranged on the refining table.

Faleau took a deep breath and told Hauss, “You… Hmm.”

“Alchemist Faleau, I am Hauss…” The pitiful young genius felt like weeping. He had been working here for an entire week, yet Alchemist Faleau still hadn’t remembered his name.

“Oh, Hauss.” Faleau massaged his temples and said with an exhausted voice, “Go see Remy and tell him to plan for an alchemy exhibition.”

“Understood.” Hauss nodded and left the alchemy laboratory. But the young genius came back three minutes later.

“What is it? You didn’t find Remy?”

“No, that’s not it. Alchemist Faleau, Remy sent me to get you. An Alchemist of the Twin Moons Splendor came, he wants to have skill exchange with the Gilded Rose.”

“Oh?” Faleau frowned. After working for the Black Horn Auction House for so many years, Faleau definitely knew that this so-called skill exchange meant.

“Should we notify Boss Merlin?”

“No, there is no need for the time being.” Faleau shook his head. He knew that Great Mage Merlin hadn’t left his own room for a week. He was definitely in the middle of some important research and couldn’t be disturbed. It was better for him to go and check this out himself first.

“You… Hmm… Come with me.”

“…” Hauss was about to remind him, but ultimately decided against it. He only nodded with a wronged expression and followed Faleau.

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