Genius Summoner

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Practice

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The mental strength inside this girl’s body made him feel unpredictable for a moment! Who was he? He was one of the five summoners on the East Continent in the last thousand years and he wasn’t ashamed to say that he was the most powerful one among them! Summoners even had a deeper understanding of elements and mental strength than mages, but he couldn’t detect the limit of the mental strength in the kid’s body with his power!

What did that mean? It meant that this kid would probably surpass his strength from back then when she grew up in the future.

Due to physical reasons, there were fewer and fewer people on the East Continent who had mental strength inside their bodies and it was even rarer to see someone with strong mental strength. A person like Yun Feng, who had mental strength that couldn’t even be detected by the most powerful summoner, was probably the first one in the world.

If the ancestor of the Yun family was still alive, he would definitely not let go of this seedling who could be regarded as a monster. How many people in the Vast Continent had such potential? If Yun Feng was born in a modern noble family, she would have already become a genius girl who stood out among the others and couldn’t be reached.

The ancestor was in awe and there was a hint of pride at the bottom of his heart at the same time. Such a talented seedling was born on the East Continent, in the Yun family! When this genius grew up and appeared in the world… Thinking about the scene by then, the ancestor couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Ancestor, what’s wrong?” Hearing the ancestor chuckle, Yun Feng immediately felt a chill down her spine. Why did she feel like… someone was scheming against her?

“Ahem, nothing. Kid, about your warrior practice, are you sure you want to go to that Martial Arts Institute?”

What the ancestor said made Yun Feng frown slightly. If she could choose, she didn’t want to go to the annoying Martial Arts Institute. The only reason she wanted to go there was to deal with the bastard of the Lin family. Apart from the systematic professors at the Martial Arts Institute, who else could she ask to teach her the way of practicing to become a warrior at the moment? Her ancestor? Her ancestor was a summoner and he wasn’t really good at the arts of the warriors. Thinking of this, Yun Feng was a bit emotional. It would be great if her ancestor also practiced all three professions.

However, Yun Feng didn’t think about the fact that she was probably the only one on the entire continent who had the idea of practicing all three professions.

Feeling Yun Feng’s frustration, the ancestor chuckled again. It seemed that he especially liked to see Yun Feng pull a long face. The ancestor waved his hand and Yun Feng felt something fly out of her spiritual space. She then saw an entirely black bracelet floating in front of her, emitting some weird light.

“This is the Bracelet of Dimension. Put it on now.” The ancestor’s words came in Yun Feng’s mind. Yun Feng nodded and put the bracelet on her wrist without hesitation. Once she put it on, the bracelet stuck tightly on Yun Feng’s skin, as if it had a spirit. In the end, it disappeared quietly.

“It’s… It’s gone!” Yun Feng looked at her empty wrist and blinked several times. It disappeared just like that? Where did it go?

“Haha, kid, don’t be so surprised like you’ve never seen the world.” The ancestor said with a mocking tone. This ancestor had lived for a long time and stood on an unimaginable level, but he didn’t act like a powerhouse or an elder in front of Yun Feng right now. It could be seen that the ancestor adored the second summoner of the Yun family very much.

“If you use your mind, it’ll appear again.” Yun Feng tried to do so according to what the ancestor said. As she gave a thought in her mind, the bracelet appeared again as expected. And when she thought in her mind once more, it weirdly disappeared again.

“This is Dimension Magic. Only mages at the Commander Level can perform it. After all, it’s just a small trick.” The ancestor said as if it was nothing, which almost made Yun Feng faint. Such magic was just a small trick? It was magic of the Commander Level! So, which level of magic was a huge trick in the ancestor’s eyes?

“Alright, kid, this is a meeting gift I gave you. Go inside and have a look.” The ancestor said with a little anxiousness, like a child offering his treasure. Yun Feng smiled slightly and summoned the bracelet in an instant. Her consciousness also entered it easily. When Yun Feng entered the inner space of the bracelet, she was completely astonished once again.

It was a space of twenty square meters inside the bracelet. Yun Feng didn’t know how big the storage of the other containers was, but at the moment, this already seemed quite large.

The dimension was full of miscellaneous things. Yun Feng glanced around and found dozens of kinds of stuff. She could see things from all over the world.

“What do you think, kid? I have quite an abundant collection, right?” The ancestor’s proud voice came. Yun Feng chuckled and nodded. As she looked at that huge pile of stuff, she had a headache. It was indeed abundant and everything seemed like a treasure, but nothing was useful for her right now. Those things were good, but they were useless.

Since none of those things were suitable for her to use at the moment, Yun Feng didn’t want to look at them anymore. She did another quick scan and suddenly discovered a pure black jade pendant lying quietly next to the pile of stuff. When she used her mind, the jade pendant flew out of the dimension and landed on Yun Feng’s palm.

The jade pendant gave her a sense of coldness when it landed on her hand, as if it was made of ice. The coldness shot into Yun Feng’s body and Yun Feng immediately felt like she was immersed in an ice cave.

“Ancestor, what’s this?” Yun Feng calmed her mind and looked at the jade pendant carefully. She asked her ancestor out of curiosity, but the answer she got gave her no idea how she should react.

“This thing… belongs to me?” What the ancestor said made Yun Feng lifted the corners of her mouth helplessly. The ancestor might have left his soul here for too long and he didn’t even remember clearly if these things belonged to him.

She touched the jade pendant carefully. It was entirely black and seemed to be carved from a piece of jade. Yun Feng flipped the jade pendant around and saw a picture carved on the back of the pendant. And when Yun Feng looked at that picture for the first time, she felt a bit dizzy.

She forcefully stabilized her mind and looked at it again. Then, Yun Feng finally saw clearly that it was a giant creature carved on the back of the entirely black jade pendant. Its whole body was made of intertwined bones like those of a skeleton, which connected together like a giant dragon. It had no blood and flesh, only these huge bones. Above the bones was a dragon head with its eyes closed. Although the dragon eyes weren’t open, Yun Feng seemed to have guessed how fierce and bloody those eyes were when they opened.

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