Genius Summoner

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Battle

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“Hm!” Yun Feng grunted. There was a glint of coldness in her black eyes as she watched the Gale Wolf pounced on her. When the Gale Wolf saw Yun Feng’s gaze, its heart couldn’t help but tremble. Should it… not rush forward?

Yun Feng reached her hand out and some active elemental force appeared on her palm again. The Gale Wolf immediately widened its eyes when it saw the pulsing elements. Its eyes looked like they were about to crack. Those… Those were red fire elements!

Yun Feng smiled slightly like a little devil, waiting for the arrogant prey to pounce on her. The fire elements on her hand sent out waves of heat. The fire element was brutal and had astonishing attacking power. The Gale Wolf seemed to have foreseen what might happen to it. Its flashing body wanted to change the course. However, how would Yun Feng let it go?

The fire elements in her hand suddenly jumped up and turned into a giant beast head in a blink. The closed fiery eyes opened abruptly with rage and bloodthirst inside! The Gale Wolf wanted to escape, but it had nowhere to run anymore. The beast head made of fire, opened its mouth wide and swallowed the Gale Wolf’s body. In a heartbeat, the Gale Wolf turned into a mass of ashes without even a chance to roar, leaving a green Magic Core on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, one of the three level-5 Magic Beasts was lying on the ground half-dead and another one had completely turned into ashes. Yun Feng looked up and stared at the totally frozen Purple Electric Leopard.

Once the Purple Electric Leopard saw Yun Feng’s gaze, it immediately ran away without looking back at all. It escaped into the outermost area of the Foggy Forest like crazy. The heart of the Purple Electric Leopard trembled. If it continued to stay here, nothing else would happen to it, except for dying! That wasn’t a human girl. She must be transformed from a human master. She must be! The Purple Electric Leopard ran for its life and disappeared in a blink.

Yun Feng couldn’t help but laugh. It escaped once it knew it couldn’t beat her, which was quite smart. She lowered her body and picked up the green Magic Core. Yun Feng took a look at it. A level-5 Magic Core should be able to be sold at a good price. Great. She put the Magic Core into the bracelet as she walked to the half-dead Fire Cloud Wolf slowly. At this moment, the Fire Cloud Wolf really wanted to be like the Purple Electric Leopard, but its body couldn’t move even if it wanted to run.

The Fire Cloud Wolf lying on the ground right now was in despair and it also regretted being so reckless. If it knew this was how it would end, it wouldn’t take the risk even if it might be punished by the Magic Beasts in the central area. There were many powerful Magic Beasts in the central area. Even if they let the little girl in, she wouldn’t be able to get out alive. Ah, it was too late to regret it.

Yun Feng looked at the Fire Cloud Wolf quietly for a while, but didn’t do anything in the end. She turned around and walked away. When Yun Feng disappeared into the central area of the Foggy Forest, the Fire Cloud Wolf felt a bit frustrated. Why did that human leave just like that? Based on how fierce she was back then, she should have killed it. The Fire Cloud Wolf couldn’t think of a reason after pondering for a long time and it just lay there half-dead. Its wolf eyes were full of emotions of being a survivor. After being emotional for a while, a voice sounded. “It’s a Magic Beast, a level-5 Fire Cloud Wolf!”

The Fire Cloud Wolf slightly lifted its head. When it saw someone coming, its face twitched uncontrollably. Fuck, why did it have such bad luck? One human left and a group came!

The ones talking were that teenage boy and the others who entered the Foggy Forest and a level-5 warrior responsible for finding a path was the one who exclaimed. When he saw a level-5 Fire Cloud Wolf on the ground, he subconsciously yelled in shock. The body of the level-5 warrior immediately tightened once he saw that the Fire Cloud Wolf was looking at him. The fighting spirit in his Qi meridians instantly gushed out and he was ready to fight anytime.

“A level-5 Fire Cloud Wolf! Where is it? Where is it?” The teenage girl shouted and came over immediately, pushing the servants that stood in her way. A fiery red Fire Cloud Wolf then showed up in front of everyone.

“That’s true! A Fire Cloud Wolf!” When the girl saw the Fire Cloud Wolf, she yelled loudly right away and seemed extremely excited. She wanted to go forward and take a look, but the young boy stopped her.

“Although the Fire Cloud Wolf is severely injured, I can’t guarantee it won’t attack us with its remaining energy.” The boy glanced over the Fire Cloud Wolf with a cautious look. If it wasn’t seriously injured, they would have already been attacked by it.

“Since it’s severely injured, I don’t think it’d do anything looking at its brain-dead look.” The girl pursed her lips in dissatisfaction, as if it was just a harmless animal lying before her instead of a level-5 Magic Beast. The girl was either too naive or too stupid.

The warrior servants and the young boy didn’t say anything after hearing what she said. This lady had never experienced anything and she had been living a pampered life. The possibility of Magic Beasts appearing in front of humans was always low. Other than Chunfeng Town, humans in the other places of the Karan Empire had miserably low chances of seeing a Magic Beast.

Now that the girl saw a real Magic Beast, it was understandable that she would be so curious. She pushed away the young boy’s hand which blocked her way. The teenage girl walked over with an indifferent look. The boy’s face couldn’t help but turn dark and he could only follow right behind her with the servants. If his father didn’t request him to do so, he would never wander around the forest with this arrogant and willful woman!

The girl walked to the Fire Cloud Wolf. She was in fact thilled and scared in her mind. She had never seen a Magic Beast in her life. Apart from what her father asked her to do, there was one most important reason why she had to come to the Foggy Forest this time when she visited Chunfeng Town. She lived in a big city. Although she had seen Magic Beasts at some auctions, they were all some gentle breeds. She had never seen the Fire Cloud Wolf lying in front of her. She even thought that it would be awe-inspiring if the Fire Cloud Wolf could be her pet! The other young masters and young ladies would definitely be jealous of her.

The girl thought and had automatically planned to make this Fire Cloud Wolf her pet. She was giving a sweet smile, but in the eyes of the Fire Cloud Wolf, she was just a dumb and weak human. If it wasn’t that it was injured and didn’t bother to deal with her, she would have been smashed by its claws a long time ago.

“Fire Cloud Wolf, you’ll be my pet from now on!” The girl said loudly to the Fire Cloud Wolf. The others couldn’t help but wanted to laugh. That was a level-5 Fire Cloud Wolf. Who were you to make it your pet?

Once the Fire Cloud Wolf heard her, hostility surged out of its eyes. It might be a humiliation for a Magic Beast to be contracted with a human summoner, but they still had a bit of dignity left. However, if it was treated as a pet by a normal weak human, that would be the greatest humiliation of all time!

Magic Beasts could yield to human summoners, but for the others, how would they take these lowly, weak humans seriously?

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