Great Demon King

Chapter 506: The Invincible Might of Little Skeleton

GDK 506: The Invincible Might of Little Skeleton

Needless to say, Sophie was no match for Han Shuo. She rushed over angrily, but Han Shuo simply stared at her with a smile across his face, he did not fight back nor resist, and just endured Sophie’s pounding against his chest, playing along by making a few painful cries while laughing.

When Sophie’s tender hands collided with his body, Han Shuo didn’t feel the slightest pain at all, but instead, felt very pleased. Sophie might have seemed ferocious rushing over, but she was no more than a cub when she actually struck Han Shuo. As Han Shuo was tougher than what was considered normal, he naturally didn’t take even the slightest damage.

After hitting him for a long while, Sophie finally realized that her attempts at hurting him had all been futile. Looking at Han Shuo’s detestable face, she didn’t know how to exact her fury on him. She could only squint her eyes at him so much.

“Alright, alright!” Han Shuo comforted her with a few words, and continued smiling. “I’m only doing this so that your father would be at ease. It is only so that he will leave for Brettel City without any misgivings. After you father and daughter arrive at Brettel City, you can clear things up with him. By then, there will be nothing he can do even if he disapproves.”

After unleashing her punitive forces on Han Shuo, Sophie’s originally troubled emotions were vented out. After giving it a thought, Sophie couldn’t help but remark, “My family is quite extensive. It will be rather difficult to move them all to Brettel City without drawing any attention. But luckily Kasi Empire is in chaos these days thanks to you. As a sacred knight, my father has absolute authority in the family. I doubt there will be a problem as long as he spends enough time on it.”

“Hmm, you’d better evacuate the people as soon as possible while Braque has no time to care about you. I will communicate with the people on my side. There shouldn’t be any issues,” said Han Shuo

“Oh, right, what actually happened that day? Why did the Shrine of Ice issue an Ice Goddess Decree all of a sudden, gathering bishops of all regions in Kasi Empire to return to the frozen mountains in the snowland?” Sophie couldn’t help but inquire Han Shuo with her brow furrowed when she recalled the abnormalities within the Shrine of Ice in recent days.

The death of Ice Celestial Corey must have been covered up by the Shrine of Ice. Otherwise, it would have an immeasurable impact on both the Shrine of Ice and Kasi Empire. The reason why Tiana issued an Ice Goddess Decree, recalling bishops from all regions to gather at the main peak, was obviously to concentrate their power.

“Nothing much. Probably to deal with me properly,” Han Shuo answered casually.

Sophie was a citizen of Kasi Empire after all and ought to hold a favorable opinion of the Shrine of Ice. If she were to find out that Han Shuo had hounded Ice Celestial Corey, one of the top leaders of the Shrine of Ice, to his death, who knew how she would react!

“Oh, alright.” Sophie stared at Han Shuo with a somewhat complex expression and sighed, saying, “At the end of the day, I am a citizen of Kasi Empire. Perhaps, I may never be able to return here after I leave this time. Nevertheless, I hope that you do not harm the mundane citizens of Kasi Empire.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t lay my hands on them. Alright, I’ll go make some arrangements for you to leave Kasi Empire today. If all goes as planned, the next time we meet, we’ll be in Brettel City.”

“We are leaving today? So soon?” Sophie suddenly felt a little reluctant, and her tone grew somewhat downcast.

“Yes, but I’ll be making arrangements before you depart. With my instructions, it will be easier for your family to leave Kasi Empire without a hitch. Besides, Brettel City and the seven grand duchies are currently at war. I need to get the latest updates on that as well,” said Han Shuo.

Parting was always a little sentimental, in order to prevent Sophie’s emotions from becoming even more gloomy, Han Shuo said giggly, “Alright, alright, I’ll be taking a leave first. I reckon that it won’t be long before we meet again in Brettel City. Look, send my regards to your father. Tell him that Brettel City will welcome you all with arms wide open.”

Before Sophie could say anything, Han Shuo dashed away. He became a trace of faint light and disappeared under Sophie’s watchful gaze.

After leaving Sophie, Han Shuo travelled to a Dark Mantle operation base in Kasi Empire, and had an exchange with the person in charge. Through them, Han Shuo passed on his messages to the Dark Mantle operation base in Brettel City, instructing them to get in touch with Sulo and to assist his family in their relocation to Brettel City.

The operation base of Dark Mantle in Ciro City had been in service for many years, and it had accumulated very secure, well-planned escape routes through the years. Han Shuo believed that the journey of Sulo’s family would be even smoother with their assistance. Given the chaotic state that Kasi Empire was in these days, the power possessed by that old fox Sulo, as well as the assistance of the Dark Mantle, Han Shuo was confident that their relocation would run without a hitch.

The six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race was still lingering around in Angel Empire. Han Shuo yet again concealed his consciousness as he headed towards Lancelot Empire. He arrived at the Dark Forest with a moderate traveling speed, intending to traverse the Dark Forest and return to the Cemetery of Death.

Halfway through his journey, Han Shuo suddenly sensed the joy of Little Skeleton from the netherworld. Han Shuo, who had just entered the Dark Forest from Cesar City, was overjoyed at the good news.

Without thinking too much, Han Shuo knew that Little Skeleton must have fused his soul with the Origin Crystal of Death. Little Skeleton had possessed extraordinary strength from the beginning and would definitely bring Han Shuo an even greater surprise once he had fused with the Origin Crystal containing the pure element of death.

The impatient Han Shuo had located a concealed cave and summoned metal elite zombie to open up a chamber within the stone. Then he took out the skeletal staff, and decorated the surroundings a little, and in the next second, his consciousness had traversed through the spacetime tunnel and arrived in the netherworld where the aura of death was strongest.

Desolate, dead silence, drab white and gray, ubiquitous cold element of death, endless and brutal slaughter, and the simple rule of the survival of the fittest; these were the unalterable principle components of the netherworld.

At the top of the towering peak stood a palace that speared the heavens. Ashen skeletons lay scattered all around. Thousands and millions of different kinds of undead creatures began to kneel down on the ground halfway through the mountain, worshipping towards the apex of the magnificent mountain as though they were making a pilgrimage.

A ghastly, sinister power swept across the entire several-thousand-meter high peak. The dense aura of death was attracted by the evil powers in the palace, all heading for the palace at the peak.

For a moment, the aura of death that was hard to see with the naked eye had condensed into a thin trickle of fluid, flowing into the palace with thousands and millions of strands. The whole palace was like a monstrous creature, constantly absorbing the aura of death that surged through hundreds of miles.

Centered on the magnificent peak, the aura of death in this region had converged frantically, rousing all kinds of mighty necromancy creatures within the hundred mile radius, and even from thousands of miles away. The hollow gazes of those powerful necromancy creatures aimed at the giant peak as they involuntarily walked towards it.

Han Shuo’s consciousness had landed in front of the Little Skeleton’s palace. He had formed a ghostly body first by using the ubiquitous aura of death and unfolded his consciousness, taking in the changes of the entire giant peak into his eyes.

Skeletal warriors, zombie warriors, ghouls, gargoyles, evil knights, mummy lords, old fey zombies, bone demons…

All sorts of undead creatures had crowded at the hillside and the bottom of the hill, seemingly summoned by some sort of force, slowly walking towards the top of the great peak. Among them were some creatures that Han Shuo was familiar with, as well as some that Han Shuo knew little about.

Gazing into the distance, within a dozen miles were more necromancy creatures rushing over. Among them were two Bone Dragons and also a Zombie King with an extremely robust figure. The Zombie King was roaring along the way, and some of the low-level necromancy creatures in his path were vaporised one by one in his roar.

The two Bone Dragons and the Zombie King seemed to Han Shuo to be charging with hostility into the palace where the Little Skeleton sat as they arrived at the realization that their subjects were, all of a sudden, no longer abiding by their orders. They were slowly straying from them under the influence of some evil summoning power.

What a disgrace it was, indeed, for the king of the netherworld to suddenly lose grip of his subjects.

Even though they could, themselves, feel the summoning force from the top of the peak, as king of the netherworld who had reigned for what could have been an eternity, they had the capability to pull away from this kind of summoning power, and they were trying to completely destroy this bodacious existence.

“Father, you’ve come.” As Han Shuo gazed into the distance, earth elite zombie suddenly emerged from the middle of the palace. Behind him were fire elite zombie and metal elite zombie, appearing side by side, and Han Shuo could sense the joy in their hearts.

“Of course, I have,” Han Shuo replied.

He could feel that at the bottom of the palace on the magnificent peak and deep in the mountain, the water elite zombie and wood elite zombie were painstakingly absorbing and digesting the power. It would seem that once they were done, the penta-elemental Undead Formation would be finally complete.

In the middle of the palace, the Little Skeleton that sat atop the Bone Throne was still madly absorbing the aura of death for hundreds of miles. Threads of dense aura of death slowly pervaded into the smooth bones of Little Skeleton that were as bright as jade, and his entire body was filled with the pure element of death.

A startling realization suddenly occurred to Han Shuo. After the soul of Little Skeleton fused with the Origin Crystal, he had not only formed the Soul of Element but was now also using the manipulative abilities of the element of death to form a Body of Element in a short time.

Soul of Element and Body of Element were the basis of becoming a god. Han Shuo didn’t expect that an Origin Crystal of the element of death alone would allow Little Skeleton to own the Soul of Element and also magically let him possess the Body of Element.

Once Soul of Element and Body of Element were complete, he was only a step away from becoming a god.

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