Great Demon King

Chapter 507: Do You Truly Wish to Die?

GDK 507: Do You Truly Wish to Die?

A never-ending sea of undead creatures, as though they were making a pilgrimage, blindly rushed towards the magnificent mountain. At present, Little Skeleton was the most renowned king of the undead within the hundred-mile radius.

The aura of death gushed into the palace, being absorbed into Little Skeleton as he sat atop his Bone Throne. It was rapidly transforming Little Skeleton’s already unyielding white skeletal body, forming a Body of Element that complemented the element of death to perfection.

Before the palace stood metal, earth, and fire elite zombies each in three different directions. Standing behind the three unusual-looking undeads were several evil knights, mummy lords, and bone devils. They all firmly defended the palace and their King of the Undead inside.

Two bone dragons and one king zombie were rushing their way, furiously roaring to no end. Wherever they passed, all those low-level undead creatures who had betrayed them were crushed to nothing but mush under their mighty strength, with their souls annihilated.

Three extraordinarily mighty existences in the netherworld, carrying their torrential rage and fury, rapidly strode towards the summit of the mountain. In the process, Little Skeleton had completely sucked away the aura of death he had gathered from within the hundred-mile radius, and formed a Body of Element.

“Father…” Little Skeleton finally walked out from the palace. He stood tall on the peak of the mountain, overlooking all the undead creatures beneath his feet.

At the sight of Little Skeleton, Han Shuo could not resist taking a careful look at him up and down, examining his current appearance. A spotlessly white skeletal body giving off jade-like radiance with every inch of his bone containing an enormous amount of aura of death. A puff of light, dusky smoke constantly revolved at the center of his skull, which looked just as un-glamorous as the ever-dull and gray netherworld. But Han Shuo knew that it was the Soul of Element that Little Skeleton had just formed.

When Han Shuo looked at Little Skeleton, he sensed that the Soul of Element in the center of Little Skeleton’s skull had merged and become one with the boundless aura of death found all throughout the netherworld. In addition, this reforged body of Little Skeleton left Han Shuo with a bizarre sensation.

It was as though this Little Skeleton before him had existed in this netherworld for thousands upon thousands of years, and that he had been the true Undead King of the netherworld all along.

“There are two bone dragons and one king zombie heading here. They aren’t affected by your energy,” warned Han Shuo.

“I drew them here on purpose. Father, stay and watch. They will soon crawl under my feet just the same,” Little Skeleton said with overwhelming self-confidence as he slowly walked to Han Shuo. His Purple Demon Eye suddenly began to glimmer with nefarious light. An marvelous energy radiated from it like a water ripple.

As though an order, after Little Skeleton sent out this energy, the innumerable undead creatures who were rushing to the mountaintop like pilgrims began to grovel on the ground. Each and every one of them ceased to move an inch, instead burying their heads, seemingly awaiting Little Skeleton’s next command.

Han Shuo could tell that among these undead creatures that occupied every surface of the mountain, only a small portion were original subordinates of Little Skeleton. A greater portion of them were outsiders who had only involuntarily approached after they heard that calling from the magnificent mountain. Of those creatures, the majority had previously been followers of the two bone dragons and the king zombie. It was only because they were attracted by that miraculous energy of Little Skeleton’s that they instinctively gathered there.

After Little Skeleton displayed his formidable might, every last creature kneeled to the ground without making the slightest movement. Only the trio of bone dragons and king zombie were unaffected by Little Skeleton’s energy. They arrived at the top of the mountain having roared the whole way through.

“Are you the one challenging my might?” After the three undead creatures, whose strengths were the cream of the crop in the netherworld, arrived before Little Skeleton, one of the bone dragons displayed a powerful corrosive aura as he spurted out a long dragon breath. His body was hovering in the air above the mountain as he gazed at Little Skeleton down below with arrogance.

“Unruly existence, you will pay the price!” the king zombie who had an enormous body roared at the sky, releasing his overbearing aura which would cause inferior undead creatures to willingly serve him. He seemed to be extremely irritated and furious.

“Peculiar existence, I shall absorb your soul, and obliterate all evidence that you had ever existed,” the other bone dragon was wavering his tail as he came out from the sky behind Little Skeleton, greedily gazing at the soul inside Little Skeleton’s skull.

“You three puny fellows, pledge your allegiance to me immediately. Otherwise, face your death!” Little Skeleton uttered his commanding speech to the three exceptionally formidable undead beings as though it were their destiny.

Upon finishing those words, Little Skeleton let out an intense energy of death. Suddenly, the element of death all around them began to sizzle. Little Skeleton’s originally stout body started to grow bigger and bigger. In no time, Little Skeleton had sprouted to seven to eight meters tall, with fierce-looking bone spurs from head to toe, giving him a sinister appearance.

A five-meter long bone spur, emitting energy of death of the utmost ferocity, was effortlessly grasped by Little Skeleton in his hand. On his back, his seven bone spurs tripled in length to resemble the vicious fangs of a predator. Glittering with a bewitching and sinister luster, they left any observer with an intense feeling of shock.

Little Skeleton, who had suddenly mammothed, released that energy of his as though looking down upon all beings as weak tiny ants. In all of a sudden, the three creatures who had made solemn vows to vent their fury on Little Skeleton, all instinctive grew fearful in their hearts. All three of them couldn’t help but maintain a distance from him.

“Pledge your allegiance to me, or else, you lowly souls will surely be obliterated!” with a wicked tone of voice, Little Skeleton had yet again broken their willpower.

The king zombie took a few steps backward but immediately took a few steps forward after Little Skeleton’s arrogant speech. He raised his head and suggested to the bone dragons in the sky ahead and behind him, “You two bone dragons, let the three of us work together, and behead this mighty being.”

“Will do,” the two bone dragons replied simultaneously. They then abruptly charged at Little Skeleton from his front and back. The attack which had been brewing inside their bodies for a long while burst out in an instant.

The king zombie also fiercely charged over as he carried an unstoppable, terrifying energy. The death energy around him was far more incisive than the sharpest of swords.

With one flick of his hand, Little Skeleton stopped metal, fire, earth elite zombies, who were tempted to help him, and said, “I’ve got this!” At the same time, Han Shuo, who originally intended to join forces with his three elite zombies, also received Little Skeleton’s dissuasion. Little Skeleton simply oozes with absolute confidence. At this moment, he seemed to be the true king of the netherworld since the beginning of time. There was seemingly not a single undead creature who could offend the dignity of this King of Undead.

Han Shuo hesitated for a moment before stepping back beside wood, metal, fire elite zombies. As he kept an eye on that fierce battle that was on the verge of eruption, he gathered up his mental strength with the intention of jumping right into the battle when Little Skeleton revealed any signs of being on the losing side.

Two bone dragons and one king zombie. These were mighty undead creatures that only sacred grade necromancers could summon. Even on Profound Continent, beings of this level would cause anyone a big headache. In the netherworld, where the aura of death was at its utmost intensity, as Han Shuo only had his consciousness traversed to this place, he had no certainty of handling any one existence of this level.


Little Skeleton let out an overbearing howl combined with the aura of death and it reverberated to a distance of over a dozen miles.

Without using the seven bone spurs on his back to propel himself, Little Skeleton’s enormous body floated loftily in midair. That five-meter long bone spur in his hand, after being lightly whirled, as though it were the most incisive weapon in the netherworld, whooshed like lightning towards the bone dragon mounting a sneak attack from behind Little Skeleton.

Dong! The bone spur was lightning fast. Leaving no time for that bone dragon to evade, it stabbed straight through and shattered several of his bones, sending his enormous body backwards through the air.

Pow! After throwing out the bone spur, Little Skeleton didn’t even turn back to look but suddenly descended towards the king zombie. As he threw a kick, an enormous amount of aura of death converged at the bottom of his white, bony feet, and landed on one of the shoulders of the king zombie.

A crisp and a crackle echoed through the atmosphere just as the king zombie staggered and fell backward. Before the other bone dragon could get near him, Little Skeleton swatted the king zombie’s head. Pop! The king zombie’s big head was smashed to smithereens, and Little Skeleton simply yanked out a greenish ball of soul.

“My King, I’m willing to serve you. From this day forth, I will serve you alone as my master!” declared the king zombie, whose soul was clutched in Little Skeleton hollow palms, without the slightest hesitation.

“Smart fella.”

His sparkling bone claw that held onto the king zombie’s soul suddenly bombarded towards the bone dragon that charged straight ahead. A storm of corrosive fluid that was mixed with this bone dragon’s dragon breath fell down like fine rain droplets. The king zombie’s soul shrieked miserably as he hastily exerted all his strength to congeal the aura of death. That soulless body of his suddenly flew out and crashed into the bone dragon.

Dong! As the king zombie’s body collided with the bone dragon, Little Skeleton inserted the king zombie’s soul back into his body with one punch. The king zombie wrapped himself in the bone dragon as though his life depended on it. Little Skeleton then bewitchingly landed on the back of the bone dragon.

The bone dragon was greatly shocked and struggled with all his might. Tightly tangled and given no chance by the king zombie who was still an ally just moments ago, the bone dragon felt dejected in his heart as he bawled the king zombie out in all shamelessness.

The king zombie who had been intimidated by Little Skeleton knew in his heart that Little Skeleton’s strength was surely not something that he could contend against, therefore he made the wise decision to surrender and serve him. This was naturally the best moment for him to display his loyalty to Little Skeleton.

“Bone dragon, do you truly wish to die?” As Little Skeleton stood on the back of the bone dragon, a bony claw suddenly came into contact with the nape of bone dragon’s neck.

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