Great Demon King

Chapter 508: King of Undead

GDK 508: King of Undead

The bone dragon, tightly held by the king zombie, knew that it was all over when he heard Little Skeleton’s voice.

A sense of fear permeated deep into his soul like it was being locked up in shackles. That kind of wicked energy left him completely petrified, so much he could no longer defend himself.

The monstrous body of the bone dragon trembled. A hand pressed down on his nape with the weight of a mountain, a force he could not dream of rivalling. Under this enormous force, his entire body sank downwards inch by inch helplessly.

As Han Shuo’s consciousness was omnipresent, he could sense that it was the hand of Little Skeleton that was holding down the bone dragon. An overpowering aura of death gathered in his surroundings. Little Skeleton forced bone dragon down from the air, leaving not an inkling of leeway for the bone dragon to resist.

Little Skeleton, having formed the Soul of Element and Body of Element, now possessed strength so valiant that even Han Shuo was in disbelief. Even with both his consciousness and physical body, Han Shuo couldn’t be nearly as footloose as Little Skeleton was in the netherworld.

The aura of death was at its utmost intensity and richness in the netherworld. Having formed a Soul of Element and a Body of Element, Little Skeleton could muster the aura of death to form all kinds of attacks when pushing his powers to the limit. In the netherworld, such powers were simply too overwhelming for a single being to possess. It was for this reason that king zombie and the bone dragon hadn’t even the slightest chance of defending themselves.

Han Shuo never quite knew the upper limits of Little Skeleton’s true strength, and now, all he could be certain of was that Little Skeleton possessed at least demigod strength. Having developed a Soul of Element and Body of Element, Little Skeleton was only one step away from becoming an actual God. Suddenly, Han Shuo realized that he no longer had to worry about Little Skeleton in the netherworld anymore.

Rumbles… With Little Skeleton constantly pressing on his nape, the humongous body of the bone dragon suddenly fell to the ground.

“I, I yield, my King,” finally, the bone dragon tremblingly expressed the fear in his heart.

“Mighty existence, it is our true and final place to be under your leadership,” the king zombie hastily grabbed the chance to express his devotion. After having his soul restored by Little Skeleton, utilizing the aura of death found all around, he restored his skulled that was smashed by Little Skeleton to its original state.

“Good. It would be quite a waste as you have all evolved to such a high stage already. If your soul were to be destroyed, you would cease to exist,” Little Skeleton said in a most imposing, dignified tone and let go of his bony hand pressing on the bone dragon’s nape.

Little Skeleton raced before the other bone dragon like a thunderbolt, arriving in front of him. This bone dragon was the first one attacked by Little Skeleton and had broken a few bones from that bone spur Little Skeleton wielded. Barely managing his escape the last time, the bone dragon knew how futile it was fighting Little Skeleton.

What a pity. The mighty strength Little Skeleton newly possessed meant he wouldn’t be able to leave easily, especially when the bone spur that Little Skeleton wielded was still lodged inside the body of the bone dragon.

A bright radiance streaked across the sky. Little Skeleton had arrived ahead of where the bone dragon was escaping to. Before the bone dragon could even react, Little Skeleton had grabbed onto the bone spur stuck on the bone dragon. His Purple Demon Eye glittered with brilliant rays, and the bone spur in his hand began to slowly revolve. The skeleton of this bone dragon started disintegrating by the second as a creaking noise filled the air.

The bone dragon started howling in misery. As he struggled in the air, he shouted, “Master, my great master, forgive me!”

Who would have guessed, yet another cowardly character!

In the netherworld, only the fittest survived. When lower ranking life forms met higher ranking beings, they had only two choices – pledge their allegiance, or have their soul energy sucked out from them.

Since the dawn of their existence in the netherworld, low-ranking undead creatures had known how to survive in front of higher-ranking creatures. When the bone dragon realized that there was no escape, he knew in his heart the choice he would have to make.

“Very well. Offer up your soul and form contract with me. From today onwards, between us, I shall be your master, you shall be my slave, until one of our souls is destroyed…” Little Skeleton stood straight before this bone dragon. He stretched out his hands to produce a strange soul contract. An oval-shaped, bizarre magical brand instantly took shape between his hands.

After this soul contract was successfully deployed, this bone dragon only hesitated for a short moment before obediently handing out his soul, which slowly fell into the magical brand between Little Skeleton’s two hands. The other bone dragon and the king zombie dutifully strode over from a short distance away. Without the need for instructions, they took the initiative and presented their souls, which also fell into the magical brand made by Little Skeleton.

Three souls of extremely mighty undead creatures of the netherworld fell into the magical brand made by Little Skeleton one after another. At this moment, multiple waves of wicked energy were suddenly discharging from Little Skeleton’s palms, while the Soul of Element in Little Skeleton’s skull slowly flew out and wrapped up the magical brand bit by bit.

A kind of miraculous contract which even Han Shuo didn’t know about materialized all of a sudden. Observing the interactions between the four souls, Han Shuo realized that Little Skeleton’s soul had completely occupied the position as the leader, not allowing the three creatures even the slightest bit of autonomy.

Gradually, Little Skeleton’s Soul of Element once more returned to his own skull. The souls of the three mighty beings in his two hands suddenly shot back into their own respective bodies in three straight lines.

“Master!” The two bone dragons and the king zombie suddenly kowtowed at Little Skeleton’s feet as they respectfully saluted Little Skeleton in unison.

The three mighty undead creatures that came with rage and fury, when pit against Little Skeleton who had evolved to a new realm, had no room to resist in any way. Just like that, they were all forced to complete a master and slave contract with Little Skeleton, vowing their eternal loyalty and devotion to Little Skeleton.

It had to be said that Little Skeleton indeed had left Han Shuo in more and more disbelief. Recalling Little Skeleton’s appearance back in the days when he helped Han Shuo take out the trash every morning, Han Shuo’s feelings were indescribable.

In just a short few years, from a nobody working odd jobs, Han Shuo became a City Lord in Lancelot Empire and possessed strength not in the least inferior to a demigod. From a petite and useless low-level skeletal warrior, after continuously evolving, Little Skeleton ascended to the point where he could force bone dragons and a king zombie to submit and accept him as their master.

Sometimes, life is just so inconceivable, so transformative, and so magical!

“Very good. You three were rather tactful. Otherwise, by now, your souls would have scattered and vanished, with every mark of your existence thoroughly erased,” Little Skeleton narrated the truth as he gazed at the three slaves he just received crouching on the ground as brilliant rays radiated from his Purple Demon Eye.

“Master, it is only by following behind you that we can advance further. An existence as great as Master will certainly provide us with even more expansive skies,” the last bone dragon was immediately boot-licking. He seemed to be a bright one.

Compared to the abundant low-ranking undead creatures, these mighty beings belonged at the top of the pyramid. Not only did they possess terrifying strength, but even their intelligence levels were well over those lowly creatures. Given they had intelligently chosen to pledge allegiance, as well as giving these rather crude flatteries, there could be no denying that they were of great potential.


A deafening howl mixed with a whiff of sinister energy was suddenly released from Little Skeleton.

In an instant, all the undead creatures crouching on the ground as far as the eye could see stood up and gazed at Little Skeleton on the summit of the giant mountain. They looked like soldiers waiting for their general to issue commands.

Undead creatures were very sensitive to rankings. They had all been informed through their language of the fact that the three former Kings had suddenly all pledged allegiance to Little Skeleton. By now, Little Skeleton who summoned them over had testified his own unparalleled might to all of them. These undead creatures were instinctively fearful.

“You three will continue to command your previous subordinates. From today forth, with this mountain at the center, expand my territories to all regions in the surrounding. If you meet with existences you cannot conquer, report back to me immediately.” Little Skeleton was akin to the general of a magnificent army of a thousands men and horses as he began to methodically give commands to the forces he obtained without breaking a sweat.

“As you bid, Master. We will spread Your prestige to every corner of the netherworld,” the three powerful undead creatures replied in unison.

“Good. Take your own respective original subordinates and dismiss,” Little Skeleton instructed, full of mettle.

At Little Skeleton’s command, those undead creatures who had rushed over like pilgrims slowly retreated from the mountain. The three high-level undead creatures that came with rage yet again became the masters of those who had betrayed them, preparing to lead them through enemy lines, opening up even more expansive territories for Little Skeleton.

The summoning that Little Skeleton issued this time made all the undead creatures within the several hundred miles recognize one fact – Little Skeleton was the true King of Undead there.

After hibernating a long while, this time when Little Skeleton reappeared, he returned with an astonishing demeanor. Han Shuo, who had observed the entire event, suddenly realized that Little Skeleton truly had changed. Unwittingly, he had turned into a mighty being that could no longer be overlooked.

In the netherworld, Little Skeleton was the true emperor. All undead creatures were expected to creep under his feet.

Han Shuo believed that Little Skeleton’s existence was tantamount to him having a monstrous-sized army of undead. The more powerful Little Skeleton became in the netherworld, the more forces Han Shuo had at his disposal.

Seeing that Little Skeleton, who had initially been a complete accident, had grown to this stage, Han Shuo felt a deep sense of awe.

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