Great Demon King

Chapter 514: Boundless Resentment

GDK 514: Boundless Resentment

Once the Blood Seether was deployed, a few hundred abyssal demons were shrouded in a mist of blood, and subsequently, their bodies then exploding.

Even that huge cyst-like demon could not resist the influence of the Blood Seether and exploded into pieces. Its wretched green blood permeated a nostril-assailing fishy stench, and was now splattered everywhere.

As it turned out, its blood was rather corrosive as well. Any demon in its vicinity was sprinkled in the substance and subsequently melted down to liquid flesh. Every last one surprisingly succumbed to the corrosion and fell six feet under.

Indeed deserving of his title as leader. Even in death, it had to pull its underlings along to share its fate, Han Shuo thought to himself as he continued to control the Blood Seether, sending it to new oncoming abyssal demons.

The ruthless, bloodthirsty abyssal demons seemed to now fear the Blood Seether – they were unafraid of death, yet avoided the Blood Seether at all costs.

The Blood Seether had opened up a path in front of Han Shuo. He took note of the sea of demon corpses that sank like stones instead of floating over the vast expanse of white cloud. Who knew what horrors laid beneath.

The first thing Han Shuo noticed was that the bodies of the fallen titan and dragon were nowhere to be seen. He initially thought they had just been torn limb from limb and devoured, but now he knew they too had probably sunken through the clouds.

This place was truly mind-boggling. With space and time in disarray, strange other-worldly phenomena occurred like a new normal. Bizarre events took place that contradicted common sense, challenging Han Shuo’s most basic understanding of the natural laws. Han Shuo was convinced that a place like this could not belong to any physical plane of existence.

The interplanar gateway behind Han Shuo suddenly swelled up. Speckles of colourful light was cast from the centre of the door. The layers of light and shadow interwove to reveal a stunning sight.

Ahead of him, as the Blood Seether pushed forward, hundreds more abyssal demons withdrew in trepidation. The Blood Seether, dancing within the blood cloud, became the most terrified object in the eyes of the abyssal demons, as though it were a black hole that could suck in and kill everything in its path.

Dong Dong…Dong Dong…

Sudden thuds boomed from behind the abyssal demons, each isolated one becoming louder and louder. The aim seemed to be to give the demons a spurt of courage, at which it was obviously successful. Several long, slender, winged abyssal demons immediately launched themselves towards the Blood Seether like kamikaze pilots.

The demons resembled giant falcons, and their wings like daggers, sharp and glistening. Their sudden appearance shocked Han Shuo. they were so fast he hadn’t even time to withdraw his Blood Seether.

Clang Clang…Clang Clang…

The demons organized themselves into a long line, taking turns to slash at the weapon with their wings.

One, two, three, …

There was a total of fifteen of these winged demons. In a heartbeat, each of them slashed with utmost precision and force at precisely the same spot.

As its master, Han Shuo was able to feel the impact left on the Blood Seether. It was an immense force, too much. A hole had been torn through the weapon, which, despite its minute size, meant that they had nonetheless penetrated it.

After a round of battering, the abyssal creatures made a circle, took aim, and again charged at the Blood Seether. As they came into contact with the blood mist around the Blood Seether, the blood inside their bodies began to boil over.

This tore their formation slightly but they were resolute and held on as tightly as they could. They once again shot themselves at the Blood Seether, determined to rip it apart even if it meant sacrificing their lives.

Any creature willing to put their own lives at stake would release an inconceivable amount of energy. Even a puny little human, dauntless in face of death, would become extremely terrifying; even more so for the already savage and powerful abyssal creatures.

Seeing the next wave about to strike Han Shuo quickly cast a demonic charm, causing the Blood Seether to return to him.

It wasn’t an easy task to refine the Blood Seether. It exhausted a lot of precious resources and took much time and energy. A torn opening could be slowly mended, but once it was shredded to bits by this group of deranged demons, Han Shuo could do nothing but reforge an entirely new one.

Immediately after Han Shuo cast the demonic charm, the Blood Seether became erratic in its flight. The fifteen falcon-like abyssal creatures had no choice but to constantly alter their target as they closely pursued the Blood Seether.

Pop Pop Pop….

Alas, their bodies could no longer withstand the boiling blood coursing through their veins, and exploded one after before Han Shuo. Fragments of their dagger-like wings were launched at Han Shuo.

With a wave of his hand, a white bone shield blossomed from the dripping blood. The daggers targeting Han Shuo were intercepted by the white bone shield. Soon enough, the abyssal demons who had been cowering from the might of the Blood Seether rushed forth as Han Shuo finally retracted it. They charged ahead even fiercer than before, seemingly unafraid of death.

Dong Dong…Dong Dong…

From what seemed to be acres behind those creatures of the Abyss, strange thuds reverberated repeatedly. The sound was as though some sort of magical spell had bewitched the creatures of the Abyss, making them even more ruthless and savage.

Could there have been an abyssal demon in the form of a magus behind this strange occurrence?

This preposterous hypothesis suddenly crossed Han Shuo’s mind. Having been used to the warrior and magus combination of the Profound Continent, Han Shuo would of course conjecture that in a great battle, behind the frontlines of brave fighters there would always be priests and magi filling the role as necessary supporting units. Only by reinforcing magic could the fighters up their aggression and lose fear of death.

However, this was a space-time discontinuum zone and he was facing abyssal demons that had only been heard of in folktales. No one had actually seen them. How could there be high-level beings as powerful as the magi among these filthy, otherworldly creatures?

Han Shuo soon brushed off this absurd idea of his. He reinforced his protective shield with demonic yuan and continued to release bone spears row after row. It was certainly not the most precise method of attack but it covered the grounds.

Without the army of undead at his disposal, the battle became a most challenging war of attrition. Han Shuo’s mental strength was rapidly draining away as he wiped out hundreds upon thousands of abyssal demons. The sheer amount of these things was way beyond imagination. The hordes just seemed to never end.

A long but undetermined amount of time passed as Han Shuo defended the interplanar gateway and he was gradually feeling rather numb. It was just repetition releasing all those spells like a machine.

All of a sudden, Han Shuo felt an intense spacetime fluctuation coming from the portal behind him. He was, for a moment, delighted. He quickly turned to it to find that the interplanar gateway was rapidly healing.

It’s finally over. I’m the savior of Profound Continent! Han Shuo thought. At this point in time, Han Shuo had nearly exhausted his mental strength. He was even prepared to resume using demonic arts to resist the infinite wave of abyssal creatures.

In a spurt, Han Shuo unleashed all his remaining mental strength. Under the amplification of the skeletal staff, rows after rows of densely packed bone spears launched from in front of Han Shuo. Making use of this window of opportunity, Han Shuo turned around and prepared to cross that healing interplanar portal, and return to that lovely Profound Continent.

When Han Shuo flew towards the interplanar door at the speed of light, and an unstoppable, gargantuan energy gushed from the interplanar tunnel. This invincible energy carried the dragon breath of the Primordius Dragon, disrupting Han Shuo’s pace.

Not only had the indomitable energy hindered Han Shuo in his path towards the interplanar tunnel, a portion of that energy rushed through Han Shuo’s body. In just a fraction of a second, Han Shuo’s mighty body, tempered through tremendous willpower, had suffered substantial damage.

Han Shuo finally experienced the true godly strength of the Primordius Dragon!

“NOOO!” Han Shuo was in disbelief.

He had never once thought that after going all out and risking his life to defend the titans, dragons, and all living things on Profound Continent, he would receive such mistreatment! This was an intolerable, disgraceful betrayal. Even Han Shuo, someone who was all too familiar with the spitefulness of people, could not believe what was happening to him.

“You are a necromancer of the Calamity Church. You are the fountainhead of evil. There is no room for your presence on the Profound Continent. The Abyss realm, where evil lurks at every turn, that is where you truly belong. I have shown you mercy…” a snippet of Primordius Dragon’s thoughts fell to Han Shuo from the distant Profound Continent. Han Shuo, stopped right before the interplanar gateway, took one last gaze of the tunnel, and saw the two demigod existences from the Church of Light – the same duo he had previously met at the sacred mountain of the Church of Light.

The two demigod existences of the Church of Light gazed at the healing interplanar doorway with cold eyes. They had faint smiles on their faces and were calmly chatting with the Primordius Dragon below them. It was evident that the abyssal demons’ ferocious attack against Profound Continent was settled.

Gradually, the doorway completely sealed, his very last view of the Profound Continent forever frozen on his mind. The two demigods of the Church of Light, who stared expressionless at the doorway; the hundred meter long Primordius Dragon that circled the summit; the scene remained still in Han Shuo’s head.

Han Shuo had never ever hated a living thing as much as he did at this moment, but the Primordius Dragon had succeeded in changing that! Just because of the one-sided statement of the two demigod existences of the Church of Light, because of his identity as a necromancer, the fact that Han Shuo had lent a hand and risked his life meant nothing. The great and glorious Primordius Dragon heartlessly severed Han Shuo’s way home and left unimaginable damage to his body!

Drenched in blood, Han Shuo cackled. He was laughing at his own naive benevolence, his foolish kindness, his presumptuous opinions. He laughed so hard that tears started flowing…

“Farewell, Profound Continent. Farewell, my friends. Farewell, my lovers. There will be no going home from here on. I can only wander in this alien Abyss realm for the rest of my life…

“If, if I can again return to the Profound Continent, what Church of Light, what Primordius Dragon, what titans, all of them, all the traitors, I will make them pay…

“Hahahaha, I’m a necromancer of Calamity Church. I’m the fountainhead of evil in Profound Continent. The evil-filled Abyss realm is where I truly belong. Haha, he even showed me mercy, he chose not kill me on the spot, he only made it forever impossible for me to meet the ones I loved. How merciful! How merciful of the Primordius Dragon! Haha…

Han Shuo paid no heed to his damaged body drenched with blood, but laughed hysterically as hundreds upon thousands of abyssal demons surrounded him. His laughter was filled with grief, sorrow, desolation, and most of all, his boundless resentment…

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