Great Demon King

Chapter 516: A Whole New World

GDK 516: A Whole New World

A strange, whole new world was present before Han Shuo’s eyes. At a glance, all he saw was plants everywhere, so hideous that they very much looked like the fiends and devils. Their leaves and branches were lined with thorns that resembled the fangs of abyssal creatures. Such a view, however, did not display a sense of wonder as in a lush, vibrant forest, rather a bloodthirsty aura.

Stinking swamps scattered the ground that bubbled like boiling water, each bubble popping to release a kind of miasmic green smoke.

The sky was completely devoid of any clouds. There was no sun or moon in sight. There were only cyclones of varying colors and sizes spinning high up in the air. The thin atmosphere was filled with a rotten smell. More importantly, one could hear piercing hoots and screeches like those of bloodthirsty owls in the distance.

Han Shuo was standing at the waist of a mountain saturated with abyssal creatures. Behind him was a dark cave with a fanged opening of about 12 feet.

Observing his surroundings, Han Shuo noticed all kinds of bizarre abyssal creatures everywhere across the mountain. The scene was similar to what Han Shuo had seen in the netherworld, where undead creatures within a hundred miles came forth to the magnificent mountain at Little Skeleton’s summon. Each of these abyssal creatures had their cold, bloodthirsty eyes set on the giant cave behind Han Shuo.

Deafening cries tore through the air from the cave. Turning his head to see what all the ruckus was about, Han Shuo discovered that the spatial fluctuations within this hideous cave were getting increasingly fierce, rocking the entire mountain with the tremors.

Dong Dong… Dong Dong…

Strange sounds rose from the foot of the mountain. Han Shuo’s eyes swept through the mountain until he finally found the source of the noise.

A six meter tall humanoid abyssal creature had been straining his neck, shouting aloud. Its knees, elbows, and shoulders were armored with hook-like protrusions. It had three eyes on its triangle-shaped head and a multicolored giant python coiled around its waist. Only upon further inspection did Han Shuo discover that the giant python coiled around its waist was fused with its body. It was a tail!

The three-eyed creature was actively withdrawing to the outer ring. He seemed likely to be the true lord of these abyssal creatures. Following the church bell noises, all the tens of thousands of abyssal creatures roaming across the mountain immediately fled.

Even when separated by hundreds of meters, when Han Shuo looked at this three-eyed humanoid abyssal creature, a dreary chill struck his heart. That alone was enough for Han Shuo to gauge its strength.

Despite his uncertainty of exactly how strong a creature he was up against, he was sure of one thing: With his current injuries, he was no match for this humanoid abyssal creature.

At the command of their true leader, the abyssal creatures all across the mountain followed after him, fleeing as the mountain could be destroyed by the collapsing spacetime at any time. As the destructive power from the cave behind him grew stronger and stronger, Han Shuo did not dare stay a moment longer himself. And since he was none too confident that he could go after that humanoid abyssal creature, he flew away in the opposite direction.

About five acres later, an earth-shattering thunderclap rocked the ground from behind. Han Shuo discovered that the thousand meter peak had collapsed to rubble. A great number of the abyssal creatures who had just descended to the foot of the mountain were buried alive.

As the mountain collapsed, rocks were sent soaring while clouds of dust rose to the sky. The explosive power was so strong that even giant boulders were raining like enormous hailstones. Even the abyssal creatures that had already escaped far away from the mountain did not leave unscathed. Hundreds of thousands of Abyssal creatures were smashed to bits.

The abyssal creature in the forefront had not made any visible movement. However, its body was automatically surrounded by a defensive circle much like a barrier. When oncoming rocks, no matter how big or powerful, came in contact with the defensive circle around its body, they turned into dust.

His power is unmistakable! So it seems there are high-level creatures in the Abyss after all, Han Shuo secretly marveled.

One thing definite was that this high-ranking abyssal creature was just as intelligent as it was powerful. From the beginning to the end, it never stepped forward. All the while, it remained behind the battlefield as it commanded its subordinates to attack Han Shuo as well as the falcon-like abyssal creatures to tear his Blood Seether. Furthermore, the rate at which it sensed the spacetime was collapsing and its prompt order of retreat were telltale signs of high intelligence lifeforms.

Any intelligent species would generally be very cautious. This high-level abyssal creature was no exception. Otherwise, if it had decided to lead the charge at Han Shuo, Han Shuo surely would not have been able to hang on until now.

Suddenly, the humanoid creature turned its head, staring in Han Shuo’s direction. After the collapse of the mountain between the two, there were not many obstacles between the two apart from the raging tide of abyssal creatures. Han Shuo could actually feel it watching himself, and the hatred bursting forth from those three eyes.

Han Shuo was alarmed yet again. His consciousness had not been affected by the injuries of his physical body. Very soon, using his consciousness, he came to find that the abyssal creature had been watching his every move, and with an undisguised enmity at that.

What Han Shuo even more by surprise was that this high-level abyssal creature did not take any action, whatsoever. On the contrary, it turned around and ordered its subordinates to continue moving in the opposite direction to Han Shuo, leaving this scarred and battered area.

Han Shuo was sure that it had its own plan. This prudent, treacherous, cruel high-ranked abyssal creature was far tougher to deal with than those low-ranking creatures who only knew how to follow commands.

Han Shuo took a deep breath of relief. If he had to fight against such a powerful opponent with his injuries, Han Shuo was sure that it would be rather difficult for him to keep his demon infant unharmed. He made a beeline in the opposite direction of that abyssal creature.

Han Shuo was completely unfamiliar with this world. In order to survive in such a strange place, Han Shuo had to first recover his strength. Hence, his highest priority was to locate a safe, secluded hiding place, where he could recover from his injuries as soon as possible. Only then could he get on with slowly exploring and understanding this new world.

All along the way, Han Shuo was shocked and alarmed by the sight of hideous yet lush plants as well as the marshes and the oddly-shaped mountains and hills everywhere. The flora and fauna of this world were far more terrifying than those of Profound Continent. Even some mountains and swamps here discharged a horrible stench that could not be described.

Apart from the tides of abyssal creatures he had seen earlier, Han Shuo saw creatures far more grotesque along the way. These creatures were rather aggressive in nature, as if most of their time was spent fighting. He even spotted a giant grotesque plant, forcibly dragging and swallowing a spider-like horned abyssal creature into the ground with its roots. Han Shuo was sure that these plants weren’t just sinister on the surface!

This world followed the law of the jungle to the extreme! In here, killing was a constant occurrence. Whether it was the plants or the creatures, there was no telling when it would launch a sudden strike and swallow any living prey.

The Profound Continent was simply an ideal, peaceful utopian world when compared to this place! If these abyssal creatures were allowed to step foot on the Profound Continent, Han Shuo was sure that not one species there would be able to stand against this kind of unimaginable brutality. He figured only beings like himself who had attained demigod strength would be strong enough to survive in such a brutal world.

Even after having flown for a long time, Han Shuo had yet to escape the area. Perhaps that was simply the nature of this world. Having pondered a bit, Han Shuo decided to first find a place to recuperate.

Suddenly, a swamp with gurgling mist rising from it entered Han Shuo’s eyes. Faint green miasma lingered over the wide-spanning swamp. Deploying a protective shield around himself, Han Shuo kept his body isolated from the green, acidic miasma and slowly descended into the swamp, preparing to bore into the ground below and open up an underground chamber to recuperate.

Sigh… it would be wonderful if earth elite zombie were here. I wouldn’t need to squander the slightest bit of energy before a quiet, safe, and spacious chamber was ready deep underground,Han Shuo thought.

Suddenly, a lightbulb flashed in Han Shuo’s mind. Right, in that spacetime discontinuum region earlier on, I was unable to establish contact with the netherworld because of chaotic energy affecting the spacetime, But now, I have left that domain. It stands to reason that there should be no problem for me to contact the netherworld.

Above all, Han Shuo felt that the aura of death in this world was far richer than in the Profound Continent. In such a place, casting necromancy magic should not pose any problem at all. And in theory, the power of those spells would be greater.

Consumed by this misgiving, Han Shuo tried to communicate with the netherworld. By means of that abstruse connection he had with Little Skeleton, Han Shuo immediately sensed him.

“Father, what’s the matter?” To his bewilderment, Little Skeleton’s doubtful question finally reached him.

Generally, whenever Han Shuo communicated with the Little Skeleton on Profound Continent, he could only vaguely sense the presence of the Little Skeleton due to them being separated by many planes of existence. It was impossible to establish direct contact between the two planes. It never crossed his mind that after arriving in this strange world, he could receive the Little Skeleton’s message immediately after sensing his presence.

Perhaps it was because he was in this new world, or perhaps the Little Skeleton had reached a new level; Han Shuo wasn’t exactly sure what the reason was. Nonetheless, he was filled with joy.

Because he could not find anyone to communicate with or see any familiar scenery, as well as the fact that the road to the Profound Continent had been cut off, Han Shuo’s heart had been consumed by an inexhaustible sense of loneliness ever since coming to this world. Only now, when he received the Little Skeleton’s message, did this terrible sense of loneliness dissolve.

“Father, where are you? It’s not right, you aren’t in that continent?!” While Han Shuo was filled with delight, a message from the Little Skeleton was transmitted once more. This message was somewhat urgent; it was apparent that the Little Skeleton was very concerned about Han Shuo’s safety.

“Haha, because of my negligence, I arrived at a new plane. However, you didn’t need to worry, I am alright for the time being. Wait until I have recuperated, I will explain it to you then,” Han Shuo, with ease of mind, assured Little Skeleton.

In the next moment, Han Shuo sensed a sudden monstrous anger coming from the Little Skeleton. This anger came rather abruptly and was extremely fierce as if the Little Skeleton would cross the infinite distance and arrive before Han Shuo right away. Like he would smash Han Shuo’s enemy, anyone who had dared to hurt Han Shuo, into dust.

“Father, who hurt you?” Little Skeleton in the netherworld flared up. A frightening aura erupted from his body. All the high-level undead creatures in the undead palace began to tremble. Feeling at a loss for a reaction, they knelt before Little Skeleton. They stayed put right where they were; they didn’t dare move even an inch.

An inexplicable warmth suddenly rushed into Han Shuo’s heart. Feeling the Little Skeleton’s towering fury, Han Shuo assured, “Don’t worry, I will go back and make them pay. You just focus on your evolution. I know that with just one more step forward, you will become a true god. Then we, father and son, will fight side by side.”

Han Shuo cut contact with Little Skeleton on his own initiative. He didn’t even summon the earth elite zombie, worried that they would be too much worried about his injuries as well. Han Shuo’s body slowly sank into the swamp. Only after having crossed another hundred meters deep into the swamp did Han Shuo dig up a place to hide to recuperate from his physical injuries with demonic arts.

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