Great Demon King

Chapter 518: The Incredible Power of Jewelries Towards Women!

GDK 518: The Incredible Power of Jewelries Towards Women!

Han Shuo’s consciousness operated at its highest capacity as he secretly pried into their heads. Gradually, traces of comprehensions entered Han Shuo’s consciousness. Memories of the alien language they spoke were isolated, cloned, and finally merged with Han Shuo’s own memory.

“What’s up with this guy? Does he not know how to talk?” the purple-eyed lady said as she looked at Han Shuo suspiciously.

“Could he be a spy for the Triops? But he doesn’t seem to be one. His attack method is rather strange. What a strange fella,” the green-eyed lady too was very much puzzled as she cautiously kept her distance from Han Shuo.

“Yea, he’s really weird. Who knows what race he belongs to. Baffling.”

“Ugh, whatever, I’m leaving. We’ll duel another time.”

“Wait!” Han Shuo yelled awkwardly after he had finally comprehended the two’s memories pertaining to their language.

The ladies stared at Han Shuo with even greater suspicion. A chilling blade suddenly shot out from the back of the fist of the green-eyed lady. She glared Han Shuo with most displeased eyes and berated him with her sharp, sweet voice, “What the hell? What exactly are your intentions pretending you couldn’t speak our language?”

The purple-eyed lady was visibly annoyed as well. In fact, she was more straightforward than the green-eyed lady in expressing her displeasement. Without any warning, twisted hooks launched from her fair shoulders like darts and shot towards Han Shuo’s chest at high speed. Soon after, the green-eyed lady attacked as well. She turned into a streak of green lightning and charged at Han Shuo with two blazing hands, as though to forcibly inject the flame in her palm into Han Shuo’s body.

The elemental energy of lightning and fire around them were drawn out by the ladies in a sudden second. They formed small-range attacks that never failed to deal great damage.

By now Han Shuo had a good idea of their attack methods and actual strength. He understood that they both had held back their full strength. Seeing that the two had misunderstood him, Han Shuo chanted a spell, forming a white bone shield on his chest, as well as deploying the Mystical Glacial Spellfire to intercept flames coming from the green-eyed lady.

“Wait… misunderstood… you have!” Han Shuo wasn’t quite practiced at speaking the new language as he hurriedly expressed his apology.

The white bone shield blocked the hook-like projectiles that came from the purple-eyed lady. The fire on the green-eyed lady’s palms was extinguished by the Mystical Glacial Spellfire. The purple-eyed lady, on the verge of unleashing lightning attacks, said furiously, “What is there to be explained, you wretched swindler!”

“You really have misunderstood me. I have just learned to speak this world’s language!” Han Shuo explained. He moved his hands around his chest, forming a bewitching dark shield from lustrous black rays. It blocked the purple-eyed lady’s close-range strike containing a huge amount of lightning element.

Han Shuo could see that the two ladies were truly furious. Their previous joint assault was mostly to test out Han Shuo’s strength. This time, however, they truly were enraged.

The charming figures of the two seductive aliens were only masked by the armor where needed be, with much of their supple, white skin exposed. As their attacks were of such close proximity, every jiggle of their well-rounded breasts was clearly visible, while their slender legs unavoidably made some contact with Han Shuo as they attacked with their knees. Han Shuo was rather enjoying the process, therefore he preferred not to press on with his inquiries.

Han Shuo stood tall against the torrential attacks of the ladies, even wearing a cheeky smile on his face. His gaze lingered around certain unclothed areas. Not only did he not sense the slightest danger, he even appeared fairly unhurried and pleased.

Soon enough, the two alien ladies found out that this repulsive enemy, this wretched swindler, not only possessed strength beyond their imagination, he was ogling at their bodies with his malicious eyes. This made them both angry and ashamed. However, they had already used up all their strength. As coordinated as they were, their attacks couldn’t do the least bit of damage to this loathsome stranger.

The purple-eyed lady who cultivated in lightning element, abruptly retreated. Staring at Han Shuo angrily and panting with rage, she scoffed, “I’m done.”

Without the purple-eyed lady’s help, the green-eyed lady had even less of a chance of dealing with Han Shuo. Seeing that Han Shuo was looking at herself with his teasing eyes, with his pupils deviously glancing back at forth around her breasts, although she was irritated, she couldn’t do a thing to Han Shuo. In the end, she shot a deadly stare at Han Shuo and gave up fighting too.

Seeing that the two ladies had stopped their aggression while glaring angrily at him at the same time, Han Shuo awkwardly gave two hollow laughs, shrugged, and said, “As you can see, I’m not even fighting back. I have no evil intentions.”

“You did not fight back, but your shifty gazes are filled with filthy intentions,” the green-eyed lady glared fiercely at Han Shuo as she exposed Han Shuo’s dishonorable behaviour without hesitation.

“How could you blame me? You wear so little, and you flaunt them willingly in front of me. I’m a normal man. I’d be a fool not to look!” Han Shuo explained. He gradually became more fluent in speaking the alien language.

The purple-eyed lady let out a soft giggle. She looked up and down at Han Shuo amusingly and said in her lovable voice, “The way you talk is quite interesting. But why did you lie to us before?”

“That excuse you made was extremely half-baked. How could you claim to have just learned to speak our language? Say, who the hell are you? What are your intentions peeping our duel?” the green-eyed lady was still extremely unfriendly. Perhaps she still held grudges over Han Shuo’s lecherous eyes.

“I had always lived in a remote, isolated area. This is the first time I have ventured out of my hometown. The language we speak isn’t quite the same. I have only gradually understood after listening to how the two of you speak for a while. I wasn’t trying to swindle you,” Han Shuo explained, but did not reveal the fact he actually came from another plane of existence.

During his time within the spacetime discontinuum, Han Shuo had previously met with that three-eyed abyssal creature. He believed that that abyssal creature would remember him to the last detail. If he disclosed the fact that he was the one who had stopped their invasion towards Profound Continent, he would have likely become a public enemy. Therefore, he had to first carefully conceal his identity before he could fully understand this new world.

“Hmm, you look like you belong to a high-level race. There definitely were some ancient races that liked hiding in remote and unique regions. But still, you are repulsive,” although the purple-eyed lady had slightly improved her attitude, she wasn’t polite in her speech and obviously held grievances towards Han Shuo.

Perhaps they didn’t quite buy into Han Shuo’s words. Han Shuo could see their vigilance and resentment from their eyes. The green-eyed lady glared at Han Shuo with the most unkind eyes.

It hasn’t been easy to find beings of high-level races. In order to have a proper chat with them, Han Shuo must first eliminate their vigilance, and stop them from treating him with such hostility.

Han Shuo weighed in his heart and pondered what he could do to be on good terms with the ladies. Suddenly, Han Shuo noticed the jewelry on their necks and wrists. They were just some bright, polished stones, and some rather weirdly shaped bones.

On Profound Continent, only women of some low-level races would wear that kind of jewelry. No matter the design, quality, or workmanship, they couldn’t compare to the gemstone necklaces, pearls, or fine jade found in the human world of Profound Continent. Everyone wanted to look beautiful, it was especially so for females. There seemed to be not a single high-level race with females who could escape this unbreakable natural law.

There was a large number of bright gems and ornaments stored inside Han Shuo’s space ring. They were looted from the forest trolls and all sorts of big merchant guilds. The jewels and ornaments were never of much use to Han Shuo. When compared to the crude and unrefined jewelry worn by the two alien ladies, the differences were poles apart.

“Hehe, as a small display of courtesy, I’d like to gift you this. Please accept this little present. Only such ornaments would be a suitable match for your elegance and beauty.” Han Shuo revealed a faint smile before withdrawing a heart-shaped purple gemstone necklace and a sparkling dark green bracelet from his space ring. The purple gemstone was glittering with beautiful rays that could dazzle any woman’s sight. The dark green bracelet was sparkling and translucent with a wave-like pattern, as though it contained a clear stream. Its soft, dark green light could immediately attract the attention of any lady.

When the two finest pieces of jewelry Profound Continent could offer were revealed, Han Shuo’s palms dazzled gorgeously. It was like the magic of moonlight.

The two alien ladies who had never before seen such a beautiful ornament were absolutely stupefied. Their purple and green eyes were fixed on the ornament in Han Shuo’s hands.

“Please accept this little gift!” said Han Shuo.

The two remained motionless and expressionless, still staring at the pieces of jewelry in Han Shuo’s hands.

“Please accept this little gift!” Han Shuo repeated his words with a much louder tone .

Their eyes remained on the jewelries. It was as though they had tried to take their eyes off of them but couldn’t.

“Please accept this little gift!” Han Shuo shouted once more.

The two ladies were startled and glanced at each other. Han Shuo wasn’t sure if they were overly excited or if they resented themselves for not able to resist the temptation. Their cheeks blushed. They were too embarrassed to look at each other as though they were guilty of something.

Without saying any more, Han Shuo walked up to the purple-eyed lady and hung the heart-shaped purple gemstone on a spike on her shoulder. He then proceeded to the green-eyed lady, and hung the bracelet on a protruding armour on her left shoulder.

“These gifts are for you. Please accept them!” Han Shuo chuckled.

They instantly seemed to have forgotten how to speak. They carefully clasped the jewels in their hands and drew the blades around their arms and elbows back into their bodies, cautious not to damage the two ornaments.

The moonstruck ladies had extremely satisfied smiles stretched across their faces as they carefully held their ornaments with two hands. Their eyes sparkles even brighter than the ornaments. Their reactions confused Han Shuo. He wondered, Could it be that this type of ornament never before existed in this Abyss realm?

“So pretty, so beautiful, so mysterious, so…” the purple-eyed lady mumbled to herself before a thought interrupted her. She hastily put the necklace into her waist purse. She said to Han Shuo, “You have given it to me. It is mine now.”

The green-eyed lady came to her senses and hid the bracelet deep between her cleavage. She declared, “It is mine now. I will not return it to you.”

Han Shuo was left between laughter and tears. Although he was tempted to say that there were many more such jewels in his space ring, he knew the principle that the rarer something was, the greater its value. He promptly replied, “Of course, of course. They are for you two beauties.”

The two were at once more relieved. The purple-eyed one gave Han Shuo another once over before saying with a very soft and kind voice, “I don’t know why, but somehow you look very pleasing to the eye now that I’ve taken another look at you.”

“Yea, he’s a good person and definitely not a spy for the Triops. I’m sure!” the green-eyed lady immediately declared.

Han Shuo was delighted. He thought, Jewelry sure is powerful against women anywhere. It unleashes frightening power not just on Profound Continent, but also in this Abyss realm.

There was nothing else they could do. They had never seen such beauty before!

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