Great Demon King

Chapter 519: The Five Great Demon Kings of the Abyss Realm

GDK 519: The Five Great Demon Kings of the Abyss Realm

The Abyss realm was ruled by five demon kings: Bechymos, Cecrops, Golander, Leviathan, and Manticole. They possessed vast, expansive territories with millions of abyssal demons under their control. If the Abyss was a pyramid then these five beings would lay right at the pyramidion.

In the Abyss realm where the strong preyed on the weak, it seemed as though every high-level Abyssal creature had to rely on one of the five abyssal demon kings to survive. For countless years, the five great demon kings had been on their ceaseless campaign against each other to rule the whole of the Abyss.

High-level races and existences were different from the ugly, filthy abyssal creatures. They held great power and exceptional intelligence. Outside of combat they possessed the ability to transform into various forms, the human appearance being the most common.

The constant warring between the five great demon kings was like a law unchanged since times immemorial. Everyday low-level abyssal creatures would march to battle and subsequently their deaths under the command of the higher level beings.

The green-eyed and purple-eyed ladies were known as Hemanna and Sylph respectively. They both came from War Demon Valley, of which master was called Crosius. He was one of the seven most capable generals serving under demon king Manticole.

The War Demon Valley neighbored Venomfang Castle, run by general Yeki who served demon king Golander. Yeki was an expert who belonged to a race of Triops. The two sides had been tangled in constant battle against each other.

Hemanna and Sylph were both War Demon Guards under Crosius, the lord of War Demon Valley. The reasoning behind the duel they had was to decide who would get the position of sergeant major.

For the price of two pieces of jewelry, Han Shuo gained some basic understanding of the Abyss realm from Hemanna and Sylph. Compared to the Profound Continent, the competition here was exceptionally grueling. The strong would rule and the weak treated as nothing more than cannon fodder.

Material planes occupied by these high-level creatures never saw a dull moment with all kinds of events and affairs. With all the information the two alien ladies had been briefing Han Shuo on, he learnt that in the Abyss realm, although brutal at times, as long as one possessed great strength, it was no task gaining respectable status and influence.

This world had no sentiment for so-called royal families and nobles unlike the Profound Continent. Everyone in a position of power gained it through bloody battles and combat. Only the most vicious, most savage beings could rise up in the Abyss realm to gain the reverence of others.

Hemanna and Sylph didn’t know much about the endeavors of the higher levels of the Abyss realm. They both had never heard the term ‘planar guardian’. It was apparent that without a higher status or greater power one would have no chance of learning deeper secrets and knowledge in this place.

Hmm, I suppose I’ll have to make a trip to War Demon Valley then, Han Shuo thought. He turned to the alien ladies behind him and said smilingly, “Do you two mind introducing me to the master of War Demon Valley?”

The two alien ladies appeared rather troubled. They stammered and acted like they didn’t quite know how to reply.

Han Shuo was puzzled by their reactions. “Will that be a problem?”

Hemanna looked at Han Shuo and said with a somewhat embarrassed tone, “We are but puny war demon sergeants under Lord Crosius. Before rising to the rank of sergeant major, we would have no chance of speaking to Lord Crosius. We simply don’t have the qualifications to introduce you to Lord Crosius.”

When Hemanna finished, Sylph quickly followed and explained, “She’s right. War demon guards are divided into troopers, bombardiers, sergeants, and sergeant majors. Only sergeant majors are allowed to directly report news and information to Lord Crosius. Before we become sergeant majors, neither of us are qualified to meet him. It’s not that we don’t want to help, but we really are incapable.”

After listening to their explanations, Han Shuo’s expression turned grave. Both Hemanna and Sylph possessed strength even greater than sacred-grade experts on Profound Continent. That being said it was unbelievable that they were merely sergeants, not even sergeant majors!

It was clear to Han Shuo that with the law of constant cruel competition present in the Abyss trealm, it would be impossible to find a situation where somebody without adequate strength climbed into high positions relying solely on family relationships, something quite commonplace in Profound Continent. In other words, a sergeant major under Crosius would have to be stronger than Hemanna and Sylph. Using that same logic, to be the master of War Demon Valley, Crosius would be even more powerful.

Subsequently, Manticole, master of Crosius and one of the five great demon kings of the Abyss realm, had to possess powers Han Shuo dared not even imagine.

“So that’s the case,” Han Shuo said in a grave expression. After thinking for a while, he smiled slightly and said, “If that’s so, do you think I can return to War Demon Valley with the both of you? And if so, could you two get me a position there?”

Having some idea of the state of affairs in Abyss realm, Han Shuo was certain that creatures in this world were much stronger than those in the Profound Continent. The more he thought about it, the more sense it made. With the Abyss world being such a cruel place, every creature spent their entire lives killing each other. Those who survived would naturally be stronger than creatures on Profound Continent who lived a relatively peaceful existence.

Han Shuo was positive that Crosius would possess strength on par with himself or even greater. As for the five great demon kings, they weren’t beings that Han Shuo could possibly contend with at the moment. Han Shuo had to be somewhat cautious, lest he provokes a powerful enemy he couldn’t face off against and gets himself killed before he even has time to familiarize himself with this new world.

“That would be easy, we can take you into War Demon Valley. Given your strength, you could definitely live well in the Valley. If you are so lucky to become a War demon guard under Lord Crosius, your prospects will be even brighter than ours,” said Sylph, the purple-eyed lady.

“Let’s go then! This is the first time I’ve left my native place. I want to get to know this world better!” Han Shuo hurried the ladies as he was somewhat enthusiastic.

The two ladies didn’t say another word before lifting off into the air simultaneously, leading the way for Han Shuo.

The way they flew was not quite the same as how one did on Profound Continent. They seemed to understand the gravitational characteristics of this world, forming some sort of harmonized resonance with gravity using a energy similar to the fighting aura in their bodies. As they flew, they would tread and kick on empty air as though there was a solid but invisible ground beneath their feet.

When Han Shuo learned the rules of survival and the existence of mighty creatures in this world from Hemanna and Sylph, he felt somewhat grave, yet at the same time, had an untamable excitement in his heart. The crueler the world was, the stronger the existences would be, arousing Han Shuo’s fervor for battle.

As Han Shuo’s strength progressed, there were less and less adversaries that could match him in Profound Continent. Profound Continent was a relatively easy-going and comfortable place, it was an unfavorable location for Han Shuo to make breakthroughs in demonic arts. In this savage new world however, as long as one possessed mighty enough strength, one could burn, kill, rob, and rule by force. This would truly allow Han Shuo to fulfill the desires in his heart.

Perhaps, it was only in this world that Han Shuo could do as he wished to the greatest extent, allowing him to make breakthroughs from this Carnal Realm which a regular demonic arts practitioner would need hundreds of years to do, and allowing him to reach the next realm – the Nine Changes Realm, with his strength increasing many folds yet again.

Indeed, perhaps it is only in this world that I can truly do as my heart desires unrestrained, letting my cravings free. In any case, I’m going to be taking my leave from this plane sooner or later, so I might as well enjoy myself and have a good time!

At the idea, Han Shuo couldn’t help but harbor some wicked thoughts and glanced at the two alien ladies beside him. The two ladies of alien races carried entirely different and foreign miens from the females in Profound Continent. Their coquettish appearances matched the armour and the spikes all over their bodies had a rather wild, exotic, temptational power.

“What, what are you looking at?” Sylph immediately discovered that Han Shuo’s malicious gazes were lingering around her breasts and thighs. She shot a glare at Han Shuo said resentfully.

Han Shuo shrugged his shoulders and mischievously laughed, saying, “Purely admiring, purely admiring, hehe…”

“Han Shuo, your smile is so lewd. Hehe, if you could give me another treasure, I will help you obtain Sylph. How about that?” Hemanna giggled. She looked at Han Shuo and provocatively glanced at Sylph before instigating Han Shuo with obvious evil intentions.

In this completely unfamiliar world, Han Shuo told the two girls his actual name with the intention of making his way in this world and gaining a reputation with his real name. Perhaps, someday, there might even be a sixth great demon king in the Abyss realm.

“You, you little slut. You bet I’ll finish you next time,” Sylph glared fiercely at Hemanna and threatened her.

“Hah! If you really had the capability, I wouldn’t be standing here right now,” Hemanna said with disdain. Soon after, she turned to Han Shuo, giggled and said, “So, what do you think? How do you feel about my proposal?”

“Nope!” Han Shuo shook his head in a mischievous smile, rejecting Hemanna’s proposal.

“I knew Han Shuo wasn’t the type. Someone who possessed such immense strength must have staunch convictions,” Sylph grinned.

“I want both of you!” right after Sylph finished her words, Han Shuo continued in a mischievous smile.

In the Abyss realm, as long as one was powerful enough, they could have as many companions as they liked. Han Shuo had completely let go of himself in this unfamiliar world. On Profound Continent, there were some things that he wanted to do but wouldn’t act on, or wanted to say but wouldn’t say aloud. But over here, he could do all those things without any misgivings.

Expressing his feelings seemed to put Han Shuo at ease as they had been lurking in his heart for a while. It was as though speaking his heart out was in accordance with the ideals of the Carnal Realm, and seemingly had a mysterious effect which could raise his realm.

With that, Han Shuo came to a slow realization. If he did and spoke as he pleased in this world, giving his heart free rein, he believed that he could break through Carnal Realm in this world.

Much to Han Shuo’s surprise, Hemanna did not rebuke, “You, you’re, quite an ambitious one aren’t you!” Instead, she chuckled and looked at him, as though considering if Han Shuo possessed the strength to match his ambition. After sizing Han Shuo up for a while, Hemanna said to herself, “Hmm, perhaps, you really could. If you could gain enough status and prestige, it wouldn’t be challenging to have the two of us.”

“Hmm, when he has that strength I might consider it.” Sylph, the purple-eyed lady, also sizing Han Shuo up, was much more engrossed with Han Shuo’s body.

If Han Shuo had said something like this on Profound Continent, no ordinary lady would be as open-minded as they were. After listening to the two discussing as if they were taking his words seriously, Han Shuo chuckled and arrogantly said, “Interesting! If I can take you both down then leaving my hometown wouldn’t have been in vain!”

“We are waiting for you!” the two ladies exchanged glances and teased Han Shuo. This world couldn’t have been more different from Profound Continent, the females being plenty more open-minded.

After travelling a notable distance, Han Shuo’s brows were suddenly in a knot and he stopped moving. He raised his hand and gestured to the two ladies behind him to stop. Puzzled, they asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Five miles ahead, there’s a group of people fighting. One of the forces is composed of that race with three eyes. They seem to be your enemy?”

“How do their opponents look like?” Sylph questioned urgently.

“They are mounted on big and tall, eight-clawed, one-eyed abyssal creatures. They look similar to you two. They also have armour attached to their bodies,” Han Shuo replied.

“It’s the Shero Regiment! Our people!” Hemanna shouted before she charged towards the scene. Sylph followed after. They had grave expressions and displayed not an iota of fear.

Han Shuo’s mouth was hung wide open, about to warn them that those enemy Triops possessed decisively greater strength than those on their side, and the situation wouldn’t be turned around even with both of them added. However, before he could say a word, Han Shuo found out that they had recklessly charged ahead.

Han Shuo shook his head and let out a sigh. But shortly after, a thought crossed his mind and he revealed an evil smile. He thought, Isn’t this a great opportunity for me? If I use it well, not only could I get a place in the War Demon Valley, I could even subdue the both of them at once.

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