I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 904

904 The evil Linlin company can’t let people eat dog food?

Bebe was a dog, and he had to regularly order dog food for him.

“I know.” Yu Lin nodded, put down the watering can, and opened the refrigerator. There was Linlin tomato sauce, Linlin leisure tea, Linlin medicinal drink, and Linlin hot spring powder.

He and his girlfriend were now loyal customers of Linlin company. After taking a bottle of Linlin leisure tea, he sat on the sofa and prepared to go online to buy dog food.

As soon as he took out his phone, Yu Lin saw a notification pop up on the screen: the linlin manor you’re following has an update.

There was a new video on the official account of Linlin villa.

As a loyal customer, he naturally put the matter of buying dog food aside. He first opened mouyin and checked the official account of Linlin villa.

Sure enough, a video was updated, and the video surprised him. He saw a dog eating dog food happily.

This dog was Linlin villa’s internet celebrity dog, Wang Cai.

One could see that Wang Cai was happily eating the dog food in the basin. Even its eyes were squinted. It could be seen how much the dog was enjoying it.

To Yu Lin’s surprise, after wangcai finished the plate of dog food, it ran to the side and opened a cabinet. It bit out a bag of dog food and handed it to the person who recorded the video, apparently to let him open it.

The person who recorded the video naturally opened the dog food and poured the new dog food into the bowl. Wangcai started to eat happily.

At this moment, a slogan popped up on the video: wangcai personally tasted the dog food that it likes. It’s honest with the old and young.

“did wangcai accept the dog food advertisement?” Yu Lin was surprised.

The internet had already said that wangcai had 25 million fans. Many dog food businessmen wanted to hire wangcai to endorse their products, but Linlin villa had rejected them.

He didn’t expect that Linlin villa would still accept the endorsement for wangcai.

“Something’s wrong!” Yu Lin took a closer look and clearly saw the words on the bag of dog food: Linlin-dog food!

It turned out to be Linlin company’s own dog food?

Linlin company was producing dog food?

This was a shocking discovery.

This was the brilliance of this advertisement.

When Kong Lin found Lin Lanzi, she deliberately didn’t say that this was Linlin-dog food in the video so that the person watching would discover it for themselves and be surprised. Only then would they remember it deeply.

With this discovery, Yu Lin shouted to his girlfriend as if showing off, ” “Honey, Linlin company is selling dog food. Let’s buy some dog food from Linlin company for Beibei!”

Upon hearing this, a slim woman walked out from inside. “Let me see.”

She sat next to Yu Lin and was also very surprised to see the video. She immediately said, ” “Then buy it. What are you waiting for? see how wangcai is eating?”

Yu Lin didn’t hesitate. He immediately clicked on the video and began to order online.

on the internet.

Many people, like Yu Lin, had seen the video of Wang Cai and dog food. Some of them were official accounts with more than 30 million fans from Linlin villa, while some were dog accounts with more than 25 million fans from Wang Cai.

This attracted the attention of many people.

Firstly, Wang Cai was a famous dog.

secondly, linlin villa was more famous, and linlin drifting’s popularity had just passed.

Third, Linlin company’s products had always been high-end. This time, they suddenly released a dog food, so it was difficult not to attract attention.

Therefore, as soon as the video of the dog eating dog food and endorsing dog food came out, it became a hot topic in a short time. Moreover, as the number of followers increased, more and more dog owners tried to order Linlin-dog food, and the video quickly became a hot search.

with the hot search, more and more people paid attention to it, and they couldn’t help but be curious about linlin-dog food. after all, everything in linlin’s company was never simple.

At an internet celebrity company.

Brother Yi finished signing a contract and picked up his phone with a smile.

He was in charge of bringing in goods to sell clothes. Previously, he had already started preparing for a batch of clothes to bring in goods. They were all cheap clothes made by the factory he had contracted.

However, these cheap clothes that were sold for more than 30 miles could be sold for more than 300 miles in the live broadcast room.

to be honest, this was definitely a huge profit.

This delivery was supposed to take place a week ago, but Linlin drifting’s popularity was outrageous. If he were to engage in an on-behalf purchase at this time, the popularity and traffic would definitely be suppressed.

That was why he was dragging things out. Now that Lin Lin drifting’s popularity had dropped, it was time to start.

For this reason, he even invited a martial arts star, brother Zhao * Zhuo, to shoot a video with him. This could increase the popularity and attract traffic.

Now, he just needed to find brother Zhao and shoot a video together. Then, he could start the live broadcast.

After brother Yi took his phone and sat down, he started to scroll through some audio and video. As an internet celebrity, he should pay attention to the hot news on the internet.

He had only watched two videos before he saw the video of Wang Cai and dog food posted on the official account of Linlin villa. Moreover, the video was very popular, with more than 500000 likes.

After two more videos, he saw a video from wangcai’s private account, which was still about dog food.

“what the hell?” Brother Yi frowned. He was a little jealous as he watched the video. After all, he had so many fans for a dog. The key was that half of his fans were actually paid for.

But this wasn’t important. What was important was that this dog food wouldn’t also explode the traffic pool and dominate the screen, right?

He had just spent a large sum of money to hire brother Zhao.

“Impossible, it’s just dog food, not something for people to eat.” Brother Yi hurriedly shook his head.

Linlin company was awesome, but if their dog food could dominate the screen, he would f * cking quit the internet.

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