I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 907

907 A new processing machine for single dogs and couples

To be honest, this was something he was very proud of.

After all, in this era of internet traffic, as long as you had popular fans, even if you were an internet celebrity, even if you were ridiculed as an internet beggar, you could still spend money to get celebrities to serve as your foil.

Even if the celebrity was your idol when you were young.

brother yi had just finished washing up and walked out of the room when he saw his assistant running over in a hurry. brother Yi, it’s not good. Look at mouyin. Linlin company’s dog food is on the hot search.

what??? ” Brother Yi was suddenly a little confused.

That was why he had spent so much money on brother Zhao. If the profits weren’t good, wouldn’t he lose money?

He said in disbelief,’a dog food can be on the top of the search rankings? Are you kidding me? Could it be that there’s someone who’s eating this dog food to attract people’s attention?”

The assistant had a strange expression on his face. brother Yi, that dog food man can really eat. Moreover, there are many people eating steamed buns.

“???”Yi ge frowned. He took out his phone and opened a certain voice channel to watch some videos. He was really dumbfounded. There were really many popular videos of many people eating dog food.

were they all f * cking crazy?

Inexplicably, yi ge felt that there was something wrong with this world.

The key was that Linlin company had strangely become the top search.

However, the popularity on the internet would not stop just because of the complaints of these internet celebrities and celebrities. A dog food was actually more delicious than the food that most people had eaten. This would indeed make people go crazy.

No one had ever eaten such delicious food before, and now the dog was lucky enough to eat it first.

The point was, this dog food was so delicious that anyone could eat it, so why did Linlin company sell it as dog food?

Soon, another video made it to the top of the search list, and in a short time, it stunned everyone. It was a video posted by a research-loving blogger:

because of the popularity of Linlin’s dog food, I posted this video about it. I admit that I did it to gain popularity.

the video I posted might be different from others because I planned to examine this Linlin dog food. I also spent a lot of time examining this dog food.

the test results of this dog food are definitely surprising. This dog food doesn’t contain any harmful substances to the human body, but it is rich in nutrients that are beneficial to the growth and health of animals.

that’s not the point. The most important thing is that the nutrients are beneficial to humans, so Linlin’s dog food can indeed be given to humans.

As soon as this video was released, many people who had eaten Linlin’s dog food began to feel resentful.

it could really be eaten.

Then why did Linlin company sell it as dog food? Now that they had no choice but to fight for dog food with their own dogs, they felt that they were a little perverted.

At this time, Kong Lin asked the people of Linlin pet food company to take the opportunity to launch other varieties of pet food.

after all, they didn’t just sell dog food.

This action quickly attracted the attention of the vast number of netizens, and many reminders and shared videos appeared on the internet one after another:

“Come to Linlin pet food company!”

don’t blame me for not reminding you. Look at the new product launched by Linlin Pet Company!

The videos that suddenly appeared were seen by many people, and more and more people went to the official website of Linlin pet food company. Then, many people found that Linlin pet food company had launched many types of pet food at once.

This made the netizens even more resentful.

Why did he always give food to animals when he didn’t have any food to eat?

Yu Lin and his girlfriend were also paying attention to the new product launched by Linlin pet food company.

Pig food, cat food, Fox food, single dog food

Wait a minute!

Yu Lin suddenly froze.

Linlin-single dog!

This product was completely different from the previous dog food and dog food. It didn’t write any food, only three words: single dog.

What did he mean by single? It literally meant a dog, but there was already dog food, so it was definitely not a dog.

Therefore, the meaning of being single was obvious.

“linlin’s single dog, linlin’s couple!” Yu Lin saw the other product behind Linlin-single dog, Linlin-couple!

Was this for people to eat?

Indeed, this was for people to eat. Because people could eat it, there was no reason not to sell it to people. After all, there were 1.4 billion people in the country.

Naturally, the original name was Linlin’s single dog-dog food! However, in order to avoid being labeled as an insult to his customers, Kong Lin and the others had a meeting and removed the word ” dog food.

Just Linlin-single dog!

If he wanted to pull this off, he could do it however he wanted.

And this alone was enough for everyone to understand what he meant.

This was dog food for single dogs.

Linlin-couple, that’s a couple’s dog food. A couple holding this thing and eating it, it’s really a display of dog food.

Yu Lin and his girlfriend understood, but they naturally wouldn’t buy this single dog food. They directly bought 10 packs of couple food.

it was good that someone was eating such delicious food. he wouldn’t have to fight with the dog for food.

The netizens on the internet also discovered the two types of dog food that people ate, and it became lively.

thanks to Linlin pet food company for remembering me, a single dog.

haha, I can finally show my girlfriend true affection!

“I’m really honored to be remembered as a single dog!”

“I’m finally getting the same treatment as my dog. I’m very happy!”

that’s right. Otherwise, why doesn’t such delicious food belong to a dog like me, a single dog? ”

It could be said that Linlin pet food company became popular immediately, and the craze swept through the internet. In the next few days, Linlin pet food became the mainstream of the entire internet.

Short Video platforms and WeChat moments were almost all about Linlin’s pet food. Naturally, the two products, Linlin single dog and Linlin couple, appeared the most frequently.

it was either self-pity for a single dog or a couple showing off their affection!

Moreover, with these two types of dog food for people to eat, it was much better psychologically than snatching food from dogs.

Naturally, this was followed by countless orders.


Linlin Manor.

Kong Lin and Deng Guang went to Linlin’s office early in the morning to report the latest situation of Linlin pet food company. Chairman Qin, the factory is already working overtime. Also, we might need to increase the production in the new factory in the future.

in this short period of time, we haven’t even found a distributor yet, but the online orders alone have already reached 500 million.

Deng Guang also laughed. I didn’t expect that the subsidiary company would have such results from the beginning. I’m afraid that in a few days, the head company will earn back the 1 billion we invested.

Qin Lin nodded.

The momentum of this Linlin pet food was indeed surprising.

Although the current order was related to the popularity on the internet, he believed that the future orders would not be bad since he had made a name for himself and the products were indeed delicious.

Moreover, with this product alone, Linlin pet food company could become a well-known company in the country.

After all, the current scale of the pet food market in our country has reached more than 200 billion Yuan. Moreover, the pet food company also has two products for people to eat, Linlin-single dog and Linlin-couple.

These two types of dog food would probably become the mainstream snacks for most people in the future.

Kong Lin and Deng Guang also left after reporting.

After that, Qin Lin sat down and looked at the screen in his mind again. Then, he controlled his game character to go to the warehouse where the yellow Rosewood was stored.

Zhao Moyu’s office had been moved to the manor, and he had also planned to use these things to build something for Zhao Moyu’s office.

However, when he controlled his game character to go to the processing machine experience bar, he was surprised to find that there was an additional processing machine in the processing machine experience Hall.

The processing machine was green in color, and there was an icon that looked like a seed printed on it.

Qin Lin hurriedly controlled his game character to go to the processing machine and immediately saw the name of the machine: Seed processing machine model 03!

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