I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 910

910 Magical effect! Increase production! Shorten growth time!_3

After hanging up the phone, he thought for a while and entered the game again. He took out half a bag of special soil and put it on the ground.

There had to be a reason for the sudden increase in the production of these seeds, so he decided to push it to this special soil.

yu shui arrived not long after. his boss called him personally, so he naturally didn’t dare to dawdle.

“Chairman Qin, do you have any orders?” Yu Shui asked respectfully as soon as she entered.

Qin Lin pointed to the seeds on the table and asked Yu Shui to bring the seeds and special soil. Then, they left the manor together.

Yu Shui didn’t ask much. She just had to follow her boss’s instructions.

This was what he learned from manager Chen.

linlin villa had initially contracted 5000 mu of land for the expansion of the villa and the ranch. the rest of the land was used for planting.

Later on, because of the increase in quality 1 crops, the villa and you Cheng contracted 10000 mu of land as a planting area.

You Cheng naturally gave the best location to Linlin villa at the first opportunity when Qin Lin, a big taxpayer, a big job provider, and a famous big client applied for a contract.

Now, the entire planting area was in the shape of a fan, surrounding Linlin Manor. Looking from the sky, it was a lush and magnificent sight.

It could be said that the total area of Linlin villa, Linlin pasture, and these planting areas would not be smaller than any 5A scenic area.

For this reason, the plantation Department and the security Department had recruited a lot of people. The plantation Department had to maintain the plantation area, and the security Department had to patrol the plantation area.

Even if a wall had been built, they still had to prevent some disgusting things from happening.

When they arrived at the new planting area, Qin Lin asked Yu Shui and her people to specially isolate an area. Then, when they turned the ground, they mixed the special soil in and finally planted the seeds.

Yu Shui immediately took action with his men and planted the seeds seriously. He didn’t know how big of a stir the seeds he had planted would cause.

Qin Lin watched as Yu Shui and the others finished planting the seeds before returning to the manor. As soon as he reached the office, he saw Li Kai. As soon as he entered the door, he told him the good news, ” Brother Qin, let me tell you two pieces of good news. That three-colored watermelon can be used for low-temperature genetic technology. When I brought people to experiment with it, the fusion between the low-temperature gene and the three-colored watermelon was very successful. In this case, as long as we perform a puplification, we can develop a seedless three-colored watermelon that is not limited by the seasons.

This was indeed good news.

The three-colored watermelon would definitely become very popular in the future. This way, they could protect the source. Otherwise, once the three-colored watermelon was released, someone would be able to get the seeds. Then, wouldn’t they become the wronged seeds?

“Brother li, what’s the other piece of good news?” Qin Lin asked.

li kai took out a document and handed it to qin lin, saying, ” “The higher-ups are going to send money to our laboratory.”

“The higher-ups are giving us money?” Qin Lin was puzzled.

I don’t know what happened, ” Li Kai explained. the higher-ups suddenly issued a notice to our Crop Research laboratories to assist in experiments. The research direction is to increase the production of some crop seeds. Also, every laboratory will issue a lot of research funds wholesale.

there’s a group of researchers in our laboratory who are specialized in researching quality 1 seeds. Although they didn’t find anything useful from the quality 1 seeds, with the reference of the quality 1 seeds, they can still increase the production of ordinary seeds by about 15%.

in other words, with this money approved, even if our laboratory doesn’t do anything, as long as we post the data, we will earn it for nothing.

“You can make money from the laboratory like this?” Qin Lin couldn’t help but feel a little surprised. After all, he had just gotten the seed processing machine, and the seeds that were processed would increase production.

” this isn’t really making money, ” li kai explained. ” after all, we’ve spent a lot of money and energy on our previous research. it’s just a offset. ”

however, with such a large scale announcement, something big might be happening. Furthermore, it might have a huge impact and it’s related to the production of seeds.

otherwise, the higher-ups wouldn’t make such an urgent announcement. Of course, our laboratory needs your signature on the research assistance documents.

Qin Lin also took the research document and read it. However, he was stunned when he saw the request to study the seeds to increase production.

broccoli, corn, cilantro

He seemed to have processed all these seeds.

Moreover, if he remembered correctly, these seeds seemed to be imported!

This matter did not seem simple, but he would not investigate it. No matter how big the matter was, it had nothing to do with him.

Qin Lin finally signed his name on the document, but he would never have thought that he was directly involved in this matter.

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