I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 911

911 We have to stall for time and protect boss Qin

Qin Lin signed the experimental file and returned it to Li Kai.

no matter what, he would be a fool if he didn’t earn free research funding.

After that, he chatted with Li Kai about the three-colored watermelon before Li Kai left the manor.

The next day.

Qin Lin also left the manor and went to you city.

The people of you city were getting happier and the reason was simple, it was because of Linlin company.

It was a magical thing for a company to make the people of a city happy.

But that was the truth.

After all, they were often the first to buy and use the things that everyone on the internet wanted to use but couldn’t buy. If that wasn’t happiness, what was?

For example, the purification grass had not been sold in other places. linlin’s laboratory only occasionally placed a batch on the internet for people to order.

Their you city had been living in the purification grass for a long time.

for example, linlin leisure tea and linlin medicinal liquid, which could only be bought offline in many areas in the north. how long had they been drinking it?

Another example was the Linlin dog food this time. It wasn’t sold offline in other places, but their you city great conditioner was already on the shelves.

Wasn’t this happiness for those who could buy Linlin dog food offline in advance?

In an office of the Grand hairdressers.

manager chen thanked qin lin with a respectful face, ” “President Qin, thank you so much!”

Director Chu (Chapter 31) also chimed in,”Indeed, if it wasn’t for President Qin, our supermarket wouldn’t have been able to sell Linlin pet food so quickly!”

The two of them were actually very emotional. They didn’t expect that their fate with the okra would give them the opportunity to become friends with the boss behind Linlin company.

It must be known that the public did not even know that the young man in front of them was the boss of Linlin company.

Qin Lin also smiled and replied, ” you two don’t have to thank me. I’ll give you a phone number. In the future, if Linlin has any problems with his products, you can directly look for President Deng of the food company. I’ll give him an explanation.

he did have some history with these two. although they only knew each other for profit, he had earned his first pot of gold from big hair salon. moreover, they did give him free outdoor screen advertising time when they opened at linlin villa.

Therefore, when the other party made a rare call to place an order for Linlin’s pet food, he would give them face.

However, he would come once or twice. Even if it was to settle their past relationship, if she kept calling him, he would naturally ignore her.

Therefore, he gave Deng Guang’s phone number. If they had any business dealings in the future, he would let the two of them talk to Deng Guang.

After all, these two were not his friends. They were just a Branch Manager and a purchasing manager of a supermarket. He couldn’t even talk to them now.

Director Chu and manager Chen naturally understood the meaning behind Qin ran’s words and immediately expressed their understanding.

they weren’t fools, and they didn’t think that they could keep looking for this chairman qin just because they had a little friendship with him.

That’s called not knowing your own limitations.

Now that he could get CEO Deng’s phone number from this Chairman Qin, he was better than the others.

a moment later, qin lin also came out of the hair salon. when he came to the square outside, he saw many people carrying lin lin’s pet food.

It had just been put on sale on darunfa, but so many people had already bought it. It seemed that Linlin pet food had been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Qin Lin even saw a couple opening a pack of Linlin couple dog food on a long bench in the square. A dog was also eating Linlin couple dog food at their feet.

Qin ran found it interesting. This might be normal in the future.

“Wuwuwu!” The dog’s barking suddenly sounded.

Qin Lin then realized that the dog seemed to be barking at him. It kept staring at him, as if it had noticed his gaze.

Even the couple who was eating the Linlin couple’s dog food was looking at him.

“Ran ran.” Qin Lin immediately felt embarrassed and hurriedly walked out of the square.

“Was that the internet celebrity little Qin?”

I don’t think so. That little Qin has a girlfriend. Just now, she kept staring at our dog’s dog food. She’s a punctual single dog, but she’s too embarrassed to buy Linlin’s single dog food.

“Hubby, you’re right.”

ran ran. Qin Lin still heard this. He only wanted to say, ” reasonable my ass.

after getting into the car and returning to the manor, linlin found that the three academicians, academician zhu, academician fei, and academician sun, were packing up the equipment they had brought.

When the three of them saw Qin Lin return, they also went forward to welcome him.

“Boss Qin, I’ve really troubled you during this period of time.”

“Yeah, we didn’t want to come to boss Qin’s place before we came. Now that we’re here, we can’t even bear to leave.”

“Haha, I admire boss Qin for being able to create a place like the Linlin Manor.”

The three academicians spoke with sincerity. After living here for a while, they felt the good things about this Manor.

“You three, are you going back?” Qin Lin asked, puzzled.

Academician Zhu nodded and said, ” we’ve gained some insight here. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has already entered the physical test phase. Also, the physical rocket is almost ready. We have to go back and take charge of the overall situation. When Minister Lu comes tomorrow, we’ll go back together.

maybe it won’t be long before boss Qin sees the news of our country’s successful launch. academician sun also said.

“The three academicians have to inform me to watch the news.” Qin Lin was naturally very happy to hear this news.

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