I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 914

914 The jaw-dropping Linlin wine cellar

“Those foreign wines can be found all over the world. Even the top-class Chinese wines like Maotai and Fenjiu, which are very famous in the country, can’t go out of the country.

“In recent years, foreign wine has been becoming more and more popular in China, and it has been invading the white wine market.”

“En!” Qin Lin knew about this.

After all, he had his own Linlin wine factory and he had done some research on it.

According to the latest liquor sales report, white liquor occupied only 42% of the market, foreign liquor occupied 28%, and wine occupied 14%.

In the past few years, the market share of white wine was far more than this. Now, foreign wine was even more covetous of white wine, and all kinds of publicity were emerging one after another.

Even in the mainstream places for alcohol consumption such as KTVs, bars, and nightclubs, foreign wine was becoming more and more common, and white wine was no longer seen.

This happened in a very short period of time. From the invasion to the establishment of the foreign wine, they had already snatched away such a large market.

Qin Lin didn’t know the reason for this. After all, he didn’t like wine, nor did he know much about it.

in fact, on the whole, our white liquor is not worse than foreign liquor, ” said Li Qing. even among distilled liquors, our white liquor is the king.

President Bao nodded. generally speaking, that’s true. However, in terms of publicity, and even what outsiders see, they are always the best.

Li Qing agreed. that’s true. It’s like a beauty contest. They will definitely send the most beautiful woman. Once a beauty from a place wins, even if that place only has these few beauties, others will still say that the beauty from that place is the most beautiful.

President Bao continued. now, the domestic liquor industry is facing such a predicament. Because of that special era, the entire liquor industry fell into a chasm. It wasn’t until ten years later that it began to recover.

that’s why 30 and 40-year-old liquor is very rare in China, especially those top-class liquor. Foreign liquor has an absolute advantage in this regard. Many people should have heard of 82 Lafite and 70-year-old whiskey.

” at the international wine industry exchange meeting, they brought out these top-class wines, and we were at a disadvantage. so, foreign wine suppressed white wine by drinking white wine with its taste, spiciness, and other aspects. ”

“The main reason is that the aged Chinese liquor hasn’t been stored for long enough. The mellow fragrance and taste can’t be fully exerted yet. Naturally, it can’t be compared with the top international liquor industry.”

even if some people have collected some aged white wine, they are not willing to take it out to exchange for free.

“If in another ten years or so, there’ll be a batch of white spirits that have been stored in the cellar for a long time, then the situation will be a little off,” Li Qing said with emotion.

but the biggest problem is that we don’t have that much time. Once the wine is promoted, some of the perceptions will become a fixed impression, and the market will be in their hands.

among the younger generation, more and more people have the inherent consciousness that foreign wine is better than white wine. So, this time, President Bao is here to ask boss Qin for some old white wine from your wine cellar.

In the end, Li Qing also helped President Bao state his purpose.

He had visited Qin Lin’s wine cellar before and knew how terrifying Qin Lin’s wine collection was.

As long as those aged wines could be brought out, even if they brought out 82-year Lafite, 70-year whiskey, or even older sample wines, the aroma and taste would be able to crush those foreign wines.

president bao saw that li qing had spoken up for him, so he hurriedly asked, ” “Boss Qin, please do us a favor. We will purchase them at market price.”

“Since it’s for the sake of the entire liquor industry, I have no reason to refuse.” qin lin nodded in agreement.

Although he didn’t like wine, he didn’t want his country’s wine to be overshadowed by foreign wine.

Moreover, he owned Linlin wine factory.

if linlin wine could get the top spot in the international exchange, it would mean that his linlin wine was the best wine in the world. it would be good for him.

“Let’s go to my wine cellar!” Qin Lin also stood up and extended an invitation to Li Qing and President Bao.

Li Qing’s face immediately revealed a look of excitement.

She could enter Qin Lin’s wine cellar again.

To a wine lover like him, even if he could only look at the wine, it was a form of enjoyment.

Qin Lin rarely entered the wine cellar himself unless it was absolutely necessary. However, as more and more wine was stored in the cellar, it was inevitable that there would be a fragrance of wine.

Moreover, the wine in the wine cellar had been stored in the game. Not only were they old, but they were also medicinal wine made from game materials, so the wine fragrance was stronger, more mellow, and more intoxicating.

As soon as President Bao entered, he was intoxicated by the wine fragrance.

Li Qing was also attracted by the scene in the wine cellar. He had been to Qin Lin’s wine cellar before, so he knew that the wine rack in Qin Lin’s wine cellar was filled with Linlin’s medicinal wine and old wine.

But this time, he found that the Linlin medicinal wine on the wine rack was actually in silver bottles, and even bottles of wine with special wooden shells.

The bronze bottles of wine that were placed in the middle had been placed in the corners.

He knew that Qin Lin’s medicinal wine was in silver bottles rather than bronze bottles, and the aged wooden bottles were more expensive than silver bottles.

then, the highest was the golden bottle, which contained an astonishing hundred-year-old wine.

This time, he actually saw a wine rack in the middle. The entire rack was filled with golden bottles of wine.

He was dumbfounded.

That was a medicinal wine that was over a hundred years old?

One must know that a bottle of this year’s medicinal wine could not be found in the outside world. Qin Lin’s wine was like free.

He and old Chen had long guessed that Qin Lin had a very mysterious medicinal wine inheritance, and even a secret wine cellar that they did not know about.

From the looks of it, not only was there a hidden wine cellar, the inheritance was even more terrifying.

Otherwise, the wine wouldn’t have appeared out of nowhere.

President Bao, this way, please. All the White spirits are over here! Qin Lin brought President Bao and Li Qing to a corner of the wine cellar.

There were barrels of wine made of oak.

Naturally, it was filled with all kinds of white wine.

there were all kinds of products on the market, including the linlin wine made from xiangshui tribute rice.

Naturally, these wines had been placed in the game before they were taken out, and they were all very old.

“boss qin, may i know the year of these wines? in order to beat those foreign wines in the international alcohol trade, we need at least 50 years old white wine.” President Bao was a little stunned when he saw the barrels of wine.

He felt that these wines wouldn’t help him. 30-year-old wines were rare on the market, and 40-year-old ones were even rarer. Even if there were people collecting 50-year-old wines, they would only be sold by bottle.

Even if boss Qin was as powerful as Li Qing said, he couldn’t possibly charge a barrel of wine of this year, right?

If that was the case, wine of this year would not be so rare in the outside world.

“The year of the wine has been engraved on the barrel. You can take a look at it yourself, President Bao,” Qin Lin said.

President Bao immediately went forward and found that the year was engraved on the wine barrel. However, he was dumbfounded when he saw the number on it.

” 50 years old maotai, 60 years old maotai, 70 years old maotai, 50 years old fenjiu, 60 years old fenjiu, 70 years old fenjiu hehe, ” president bao muttered to himself and subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

How could there be so many years of Maotai and Fenjiu in Xuanji?

Moreover, the other types of wine also had such an age.

but that was impossible.

If the wine was real, then how terrifying was boss Qin’s wine cellar? Even the combined wine cellar of all the wine Masters in the country could not compare to this one.

One had to know that Maotai and Fenjiu didn’t have any wine of this year in their secret wine cellars. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have just sat by and watched as the foreign wine continued to occupy their share.

Currently, Maotai and Fenjiu didn’t even have such aged wine, and boss Qin was using barrels to calculate?

How exciting was this?

If the bosses of Maotai and Fenjiu knew about this, they would probably go crazy.

“Boss Qin, is this ‘the year of these wines’ true?” When President Bao asked this, he was so nervous that his tongue was trembling.

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