I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 915

915 60 million Yuan worth of wine! The ceiling of hidden wine!_1

Qin Lin smiled when he heard President Bao’s words. “President Bao, you can try it for yourself!”

President Bao’s heart beat faster when he saw Qin Lin’s confident look.

This was the truth.

Otherwise, how could boss Qin be so confident?

Besides, boss Qin had no reason to lie to him.

President Bao, ” Li Qing said without hesitation. since Qin Lin asked us to taste it, we’ll just try it.

His words were full of anticipation. He had directly counted himself in and turned it into them.

as he spoke, he took a wine ladle from the side, opened a barrel of 50-year-old maotai, and took out a ladle.

He immediately put it in his mouth and tasted it. With just one mouthful, he revealed an intoxicated expression.”this taste, this rich fragrance”

As he spoke, he handed the wine spoon to President Bao. “President Bao, try it!”

president bao had long been shocked when he saw those years. how could he hold back his curiosity now? he took the wine ladle and put the wine into his mouth to taste it.

In an instant, the mellow fragrance and delicate taste of a 50-year-old Maotai entered his throat like thin threads.

“The real hou is really over 50 years old!” President Bao was completely stunned when he tasted the year.

Li Qing had already taken back the spoon and opened the 60-year-old Maotai. He took another spoonful and tasted it. The 60-year-old Maotai made him even more intoxicated.

when he passed the wine spoon to president bao, president bao’s expression became even more unsettled after he tasted it again.

It really was a 60-year-old Maotai.

He had only tasted a small cup of this wine when he was young. He had tasted it from a great wine collector.

The other party only had a small bottle. After that, he had not seen any Maotai that was over 60 years old.

li qing, who was an alcoholic, didn’t care about this. he took the spoon again and began to taste the wine barrel by barrel. after he finished tasting it, he would pass it to president bao to taste.

In the end, President Bao gradually became numb.

He even felt like he was dreaming. These wines were all real, and they were all so many years old.

“Boss Qin, how did you get these wines?” In the end, President Bao couldn’t hold back his curiosity and finally asked.

The Maotai liquor company did not have any records of these years. At that time, the winery’s production was not regulated at all. Even the production date of the liquor was not recorded.

Therefore, it was impossible to identify the wine from that period, let alone distinguish whether it was real or fake. It could only be distinguished by tasting.

There was no doubt that boss Qin’s wine was real.

“I don’t know the specific source of these wines,” Qin Lin explained.”They were all inherited from a senior. As for the others, I can’t say much.”

When Li Qing heard this, he immediately put on a ‘I already knew’ attitude and said, ” “qin lin, old chen and i have already guessed it. your wine-making and wine-soaking skills were also taught by that senior, right? otherwise, the linlin medicinal wine is not something that anyone can make.”

president bao didn’t doubt li qing’s words. instead, he felt a little emotional. the senior that boss qin was talking about must be a very impressive hermit expert.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have left behind so many good wines that people in the wine industry were envious and even crazy about.

President Bao didn’t forget what he was here for. He said, ” boss Qin, please sell some aged wines to our Association. With these wines, we will definitely be able to rectify the name of baijiu in this international alcohol exchange.

He was the president of the Chinese white wine Association. He knew that for this International Wine trade exchange, the foreign wine Chamber of Commerce had brought a batch of special foreign wine from a famous Palace.

That batch of wine was very old and well preserved. It was better than the wine that had been brought out in previous international exchanges.

the other party was planning to take advantage of this opportunity to give their domestic liquor a hard blow. at that time, they would wantonly promote that white liquor was not as good as their foreign liquor and occupy more of the market.

Therefore, this time, the 50-year-old liquor might be a little uncertain. A 60-year-old liquor was definitely enough, and a 70-year-old liquor was definitely a bully.

As long as boss Qin was willing to sell him some 70-year-old white wine, whether it was Maotai or Fen, or even other types of wine, the foreign wine merchants ‘goal would be in vain.

Qin Lin laughed when he heard this. I can sell you some vintage wine, President Bao. But it’s not Maotai or Fenjiu. It’s Linlin wine. President Bao, follow me.

president bao and li qing were both stunned by this.

Didn’t Linlin wine just come out a while ago?

Especially Li Qing, who knew when Linlin wine was released.

However, the two of them weren’t fools. They immediately thought of it.

This Linlin wine was not brewed by Qin Lin, but by that senior. It might not even be brewed by that senior, but by that senior’s master.

In the past, this wine was not called Linlin wine. Now that it was in Qin Lin’s hands, it was called Linlin wine if he wanted to.

President Bao and Li Qing followed Qin Lin to another corner, where there were also several barrels of wine. On them were written Linlin wine and the year it was made.

“50 years, 60 years, 70 years!” Even though Li Qing had already guessed it, he was still surprised when he saw that there was a 70-year-old Linlin wine.

Under the temptation of the liquor worm, he also took the wine spoon and opened the 70 year Linlin wine. He filled the spoon and tasted it.

” this wine! ” li qing subconsciously handed the spoon to president bao.

President Bao saw that there was something wrong with Li Qing’s face. He took the wine spoon in confusion and tasted it. He was also surprised.”This wine is even more mellow, tastes better, and tastes better than Maotai and Fenjiu!”

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