I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 916

916 60 million Yuan worth of wine! The ceiling of hidden wine (2)

He was a Master of Wine like Li Qing, so he could naturally taste 70-year-old wine. This Linlin wine was good for a long time.

This was for sure!

After all, this Linlin wine was brewed from the grade 2 Xiangshui tribute rice, and it already had the attributes of +2 deliciousness and +2 taste.

Moreover, after 70 years of cellaring, Li Qing could not taste the ingredients in the wine, let alone know that this was the batch of wine he had brewed.

Of course, even though they were all 70-year-old wines, Maotai and Fen were far inferior to Linlin wine.

After President Bao recovered from his surprise, he also hurriedly said to Qin ran, ” “Boss Qin, please sell us a batch of this 70 year old Linlin wine!”

“Alright!” Qin Lin nodded. He had this intention all along.

“Thank you, boss Qin!” President Bao didn’t hesitate. He took out his phone and made a call immediately. The Association had to fork out money to buy the wine.

Therefore, the money should be used by the members of the Association.

After hanging up the phone, President Bao looked at the 70-year-old Linlin wine in surprise again and said, ” “boss qin, this 70 year old linlin wine should be the best wine in this cellar, right?”

Before Qin Lin could answer this question, Li Qing said, ” President Bao, you’re wrong. Boss Qin’s good wine is in the middle of the wine cellar.

When President Bao heard this, he looked towards the center of the wine cellar in disbelief. He saw that the wine racks were filled with wooden bottles of wine, and there were even golden bottles of wine. Moreover, in the middle, there was something like a safe. There were two types of wine inside.

Looking at the wine, he was in disbelief.

This 70 year old Linlin wine and all kinds of older white wines could make all the wine collectors in the country feel ashamed.

Now, he was actually telling him that these wines were only a foil in this wine cellar?

Then how good would the wine in the middle be?

President Bao was filled with curiosity, but in the end, he sighed. He had already achieved his goal, so no matter how curious he was, he did not ask any further.

He understood the ways of the world.

When Qin Lin came out of the wine cellar with President Bao and Li Qing, Li Qing was already holding two bottles of wine in his hands, his face full of smiles.

qin lin was still a good friend. every time she entered his wine cellar, she would get a full harvest.

President Bao was also holding three bottles of wine in his hand. The top was a special oak Bottle of year 70 Linlin wine.

He would also take these three bottles of wine back to the International Wine industry exchange.

Moreover, the white wine Association had also spent a huge sum of money on these three bottles of wine.

After a while, President Bao received a call and smiled at Qin ran. “Boss Qin, the money will be transferred to your account immediately!”

Sure enough, not long after President Bao’s flowers fell, Qin Lin’s phone also rang with a text message.

” your last digit” has earned 60,000,000.00 yuan ”

60 million!

This was the price that the baijiu Association had set for the three bottles of 70-year-old Linlin medicinal wine.

This price was based on the highest price of the bottle of aged white wine, Lai Mao wine, which was 10.7 million Yuan.

10.7 million Yuan a bottle was also the highest price in the country.

This 70-year-old Linlin wine’s taste, aroma, and taste were definitely far better than the 60-year-old Lai Mao wine. Therefore, it was definitely not a problem to offer 20 million for a bottle.

On this issue, the people from the baijiu Association would not be ambiguous or deliberately give a low price. Instead, they would give a higher price.

If he gave a low price, it would be depreciating the entire Chinese liquor industry. If he gave a high price, then when Linlin medicinal wine defeated those foreign wines at the International liquor exchange, it would be equivalent to pulling up the entire Chinese liquor industry.

Naturally, by that time, the 70 year old Linlin wine would also be renowned all over the world, and the price would be far more than 20 million.

One must know that the most expensive Western wines were frighteningly expensive. The most expensive one, amaffey Supreme liquos, was 44 million US dollars (about 300 million!) Per bottle.

this was probably the most expensive bottle of wine in the world. although the wine was gone, the record was still there.

Therefore, when Linlin wine became famous all over the world, the price of this 70 year old Linlin wine would be even higher.

At that time, the brand Linlin wine would also be extremely glorious, and even have more collectible value than Maotai.

Even if the Linlin medicinal wine was stored in a bronze bottle, it could no longer be bought for a few hundred thousand Yuan.

however, after president bao and li qing left qin lin’s wine cellar and were arranged to stay in the manor, they still couldn’t calm down.

Even at his age, he couldn’t help but take a picture of the three bottles of 70-year-old Linlin wine like a young man and post a title:

three bottles of wine worth 60 million yuan, and a visit to the private wine cellar of the boss of linlin company was truly shocking! Only then did I know what the ceiling of alcohol is!”

As the president of the white wine Association, President Bao naturally knew a lot of people in the wine industry, and many of them were big shots.

Li Qing was the first to like it.

Ding Maotai: ” three bottles of 70-year-old wine worth 60 million Yuan. I really want to try it. But my private wine cellar is not bad either!

This was the owner of Maotai, a very famous private wine cellar.

“Haha, old Bao, I wonder how the Linlin company’s owner’s wine cellar is compared to my private wine cellar?”

This was the owner of Fenjiu, and he had the largest private wine cellar!

Drunkard Master Chen: ” old man Bao! Are you exaggerating? ”

This Master Chen was definitely the number one wine collector in the country. No one could compare to his collection of aged wines.

Many comments appeared. They were all famous alcohol collectors in the country who had their own wine cellars. When they heard President Bao praise the wine cellar of the boss of Linlin company, they naturally felt a little more confident.

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