I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 918

918 The seed’s predicament!

Time flew! Another period of time passed.

With the change of seasons, many plants began to enter the influence of the seasons, which could not be adjusted. Some plants began to grow madly, while others began to wither.

they all had their own seasons.

However, many tourists also realized that this law of nature did not seem to have much effect on the triangular plum blossom sea of Linlin villa, the duckweed in the floating bridge Scenic Area, and the pasture of Linlin Ranch.

The treatment room in Linlin Manor was a little busy today because Tang Wan had moved in by herself. She should be giving birth soon.

As the person-in-charge of the treatment room and professor Li Kai’s fiancée, Ling ran and the nurses did not dare to be negligent.

The recovery room in the manor already had specialized pre-examination equipment and a room for pregnant women.

Lin Fen was worried about Zhao moyin, so she asked Qin Lin to buy it. Ling ran and the nurse could do the pregnancy test. As for the child after that, they could just invite a professional doctor.

After all, it was normal for doctors to be invited to treat patients in other hospitals. Naturally, those who were invited were the top doctors with excellent medical skills, especially those professors.

this was considered an extra income for doctors.

If Linlin Manor’s recovery room wanted to invite a doctor to the manor to help with childbirth, there would be many people who would fight to come. No matter how skilled the doctor was, he could be invited.

It could be said that this Manor’s treatment room was becoming more and more formal. At least, it was equipped with all kinds of examination equipment, and even the equipment was better than some hospitals.

However, before Zhao moyin could experience it, Tang Wan had already.

With Qin Lin and Li Kai’s relationship, everything was fine now that Li Kai had spoken.

In the recovery room.

Not only had Li Kai come, but even Lin Fen and Zhao Moyu had come.

Lin Fen was naturally here to check out the situation. In the future, her daughter-in-law, Zhao mochen, would also be giving birth here.

“how’s the bed? is it comfortable?” Lin Fen asked as she looked at Tang Wan lying down. She was naturally asking on behalf of Zhao mochen. If it wasn’t comfortable lying down, she would ask her son to buy a new bed.

His daughter-in-law was the most important thing right now.

“auntie, it’s very comfortable to lie down.” Tang Wan answered with a smile.

“that’s good, that’s good!” Lin Fen smiled and nodded.

Zhao Mo smiled as she watched from the side. In fact, she was a little nervous in her heart. After all, it was her first time pregnant.

Dr. Tang’s pregnancy test was normal, but according to her condition, she should be giving birth soon. The fertility doctor Who was invited came in with the test report and said.

“Okay, thank you, doctor.” Li Kai thanked her. After Tang Wan’s check-up, he was completely relieved.

After that, Tang Wan and Zhao mochen went to talk about things to take note of for pregnant women. Qin Lin also invited Li Kai to the office to make tea.

After they sat down, Li Kai started talking about business.”The Chinese Academy of Sciences approved us to help in the research of seed production. Over the past month, I’ve been working on it with my people, but the progress hasn’t been great. The seed production problem can’t be solved in a short time.”

In this regard, he could do nothing about it. Thinking back to the time when the country supported rice production to increase production, how much time did it take to achieve the present results?

as li kai was thinking, there was a knock on the office door.

Yu Shui came in with a face full of surprise and reported, ” Chairman Qin, good news. The seeds that we planted before, the radishes, eggplants, and cilantro, can be harvested, but the yield is incredible.

qin lin laughed when he heard the news.

Under normal circumstances, it would be difficult to increase the production of seeds. However, he had a seed processing machine. After processing the seeds, he could increase the production and shorten the growth time.

Looking at the time, some of the faster growing crops should have matured by now.

Although Qin Lin knew this in his heart, he still pretended not to know and asked, ” “What’s wrong with the production?”

Yu Shui explained in a hurry, ” Chairman Qin, let’s not talk about the eggplants. I’ve asked someone to weigh them. The production is three times the normal output. The production of the White radishes and coriander has also doubled.

“What?” When Li Kai heard this news, he stood up in shock. His face even had an expression that said, ” are you kidding me? ”

He had been studying in the laboratory for a while, but he had not gained anything in increasing the production of seeds.

Who knew that Linlin Manor’s plantation Department had grown crops that had increased production by two or three times?

What kind of joke was this?

They were professionals, not as good as laymen.

“Manager Yu, quickly take me and Brother Qin to take a look.” Li Kai said to Yu Shui anxiously. Under such circumstances, he naturally wanted to see the specific crops as soon as possible.

Yu Shui immediately nodded and led Li Kai and Qin Lin out of the manor. Then, they went to the plantation area that had been specially isolated.

There were already many employees of the plantation Department waiting there, all of them looking very surprised.

Most of these employees came from the countryside and used to be farmers. They were naturally familiar with crops like white radishes, coriander, and eggplants, and knew their production.

Now, the mature crops really surprised them.

They had never seen an eggplant that could produce so many fruits.

Li Kai, Qin Lin, and Yu Shui soon arrived. He crawled to the plantation area and asked Yu Shui, ” “Are these the eggplants, coriander, and radishes?” he asked.

yes, professor li, ” Yu Shui quickly nodded. these are the seeds you’ve researched.

“???”When Li Kai heard this, he was stunned.

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