I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 920

920 The seed’s predicament!

[ Linlin eggplant: quality 1! ]

After the production of the seeds increased, the quality did not change. The radishes and cilantro were grown with ordinary seeds, so they were still of ordinary quality.

The Linlin eggplant’s yield was increased by three times, and it was planted with a quality 1 seed, so the fruit was of a quality 1.

After reading the message, Qin Lin walked out of the office and went to the living room. He saw academician li reading the news with a serious expression.

Academician li even said, ” “damn it, the starstrip empire is determined to destroy me!”

“Academician li, what’s wrong?” Qin Lin stepped forward and asked doubtfully. don’t let this old senior get angry.

Academician li held the remote control and frowned as he played the video. He said, ” “Boss Qin, take a look at this news!”

‘The Star-Spangled Kingdom’s Meng Sandu seed company will suspend the import of seeds to us and restrict us from continuing to plant seeds related to the gene fragments of Meng Sandu.’

Willis seed company of the Star-Spangled nation announces that they will no longer supply seeds.

Western seed company, Qianqian ”

Qin Lin immediately frowned.

This is the video about the seeds. It seems that the Western seed company wants to sanction us and not sell us seeds.

“Something big is going to happen.” Academician Li said angrily.

they had already guessed that such a problem would arise, and they had indeed started to use this matter as a document again.

“Academician li, is this bad?” Qin Lin asked, puzzled.

Academician li nodded. when this news came out, the internet was probably in chaos. Some people should be talking about it now. Go and take a look!

Obviously, academician li didn’t want to talk about this topic; he was really angry.

Qin Lin could only frown and take out his phone. He logged into mouyin, and sure enough, the news was all about this seed.

After watching a few videos, including two popular science videos, he finally understood what was going on.

Even now, when we’re strong, there are still many things that are controlled by others.

It’s not just technology that we’re stuck at, but also farming.

For example, shouguan in the Eastern Province was the largest vegetable distribution center in the country. The export of agricultural products here reached 155 billion Yuan, accounting for 22% of the country.

It could be said that in the North, six out of ten people ate the dishes of the pass of longevity. However, behind this powerful vegetable-growing force, the lifeline of the pass of longevity’s seeds was in the hands of foreign countries, especially some countries led by the Seijo nation.

Among the thousands of vegetable species in shouguan, more than 80% were foreign seeds, which had been suppressed for a long time.

The predicament of the longevity pass was only a microcosm of it. The current state of agriculture in the country was mostly like this.

although we are a big agricultural country, our crop seeds are almost all controlled by foreign companies, which is ridiculous.

For example, the patents for common seeds such as broccoli, eggplant, celery, coriander, big red tomato, white radish, sweet chili, and so on are not ours. The foreign wage workers have long applied for gene fragment patents.

The Starstreak country was the largest export country of seeds and a technological powerhouse.

The sales of all 5800 seed companies in our country added together are not even as good as the dream mountain Capital seed company in the stargazing state in the news. It’s even less than one-third.

Seeds, on the other hand, were at the forefront of the agricultural industry chain and one of the fundamental driving forces for agricultural production increase. However, seeds in this area had been monopolized, and even the right to supply and price were in the hands of others.

Our entire agriculture industry was stuck at the throat, and it was almost difficult to breathe.

Therefore, the price of these foreign seeds was far higher than that of domestic seeds. Some seeds could even be dozens of times higher.

Perhaps some people would ask why they had to use others ‘seeds. Couldn’t they buy their own seeds?

This was related to the production, because the production of other people’s patented seeds was far higher than that of domestic seeds, which was an indisputable fact.

The production of one grain is equivalent to 10 grains of yours, so how do you choose?

if he used domestic seeds, he would have to pay ten times the price to grow the same yield. he had no choice but to choose other people’s seeds.

To a certain extent, being held back in this aspect was even worse than being held back in terms of technology.

Qin Lin finally understood why academician Li said something big was going to happen.

If that was the case, this was indeed not a small matter, and it could even shake up the entire farming industry.

However, the other party had done such a thing, so their goal was definitely not simple. If they had no goal, they would not be at the mercy of others now. The other party’s loss would not make up for the gains.

At this moment.


At the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Minister Lu was also in a terrible fix. He had seen the news, so he tried his best to stall for time, but in the end, he had no choice.

Up until now, there was no news from any laboratory that there was a breakthrough in the seed growth experiment.

of course, he knew that the other party was flipping the table. the seed punishment was not their goal. they just wanted to use this method to get what they wanted from boss qin.

At this moment, Minister Lu’s phone rang. He looked at the number and quickly answered it. Hello, leader!

The other party immediately said, ” the other party is already dissatisfied. We can’t drag this on any longer. Otherwise, there will be a very bad problem. Go to the other party immediately to discuss with them. If it doesn’t work * let them see boss Qin *

“Alright, leader!” minister lu hung up the phone helplessly, got up, and left his office.

Sometimes, being controlled by others was just so uncomfortable.

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